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  1. Where did you find the comb I have a nice original mirror that needs one
  2. Listing this for a friend it's nice solid car with a straight body and rebuilt engine with only a few miles 3spd transmission with overdrive,rebuilt brake system,undercoated under carriage and new interior,the car is located near San Diego, ) California
  3. Looking for the inside adjustable glare shade any condition is welcome of course nice is better.
  4. In your last picture I'm pretty sure the top one is for early 40's Cadillac, the second one is for a mid 40's Pontiac and the bottom one is 40-41 Lincoln zephyr.
  5. Also they came with a built in parking light and a dummy and were an aftermarket addon headlight.
  6. That is a factory option 1949 early 1950 Chevrolet sunvisor this style doesn't take mounting clamps/brackets
  7. I'm looking for a set of bucket seats with mounting hardware that were on some coupes and 2dr sedans and deliveries.
  8. I've got one but it's for a sedan but I have seen the hardtop ends on Ebay every now and then.
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