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  1. Option one - sell . Option two give them to my kids . Option Three the wall in the new garage. I not sure why the 1969 one will not sell or the Harley motors one..
  2. Make sure you take them apart. The will give 2.00 or 50.00 It you do not have mixed metals.. I saved my stuff but once the mice made a home in two of them. It was another run to the crusher..
  3. Thanks for the ID . I have a lot of the 1955 Packard, stuff. Still own the 55 Chev will need to go to the shop to id.. One matched up to a 53 Kaiser.. Now I need to look if it is original or J.C W order.
  4. Still cleaning up the shop.. Looking to ID them to sell. If some one could use them let me know.. Only one is marked 1955 Packard.
  5. I just look up my first house I bought.. I paid 55k for it with 20 percent down.. It was a great house built in 1917. I thing my payments were $232 or $323 a month.. I did park the kaiser Darrin and the 55 Chev at the house.. Will have to look for pictures someday.. The house had 27 rooms.. If you count every room in the house.. Boiler room, Coal room .. etc..
  6. Money and time. I like it. It looks like a project.. Here is one that I did..
  7. I had to change my password a few weeks ago.. This pop up?? Not sure what this is.. I live in Nebraska It told me a was logging in on the west coast.. I will look for the screen shot and post it..
  8. 1977 or 1978 Yamaha yz80 for sale .. Motor was rebuilt about 8 years ago.. Nick8086@hotmail.com It is not running at this time.. I have own the bike since I was 10 years old.. Price 1850.00 or obo Location near Omaha NE.. Motorcycle helmet sold separate..
  9. You were 2 hours away from us.. You could of taken a picture of some Kaisers..
  10. My sons house.. Just found out he is using my car trailer as a lift.. ??? It is open just ramps on it..
  11. Just got this out. It needs some detailing done to it.. Just started..
  12. My tool box is too small.. Maybe the walls in the new garage.
  13. Does any one collect them.. Looking to sell my fathers stuff.. I have more just a sample..
  14. I have a a few of them.. or a lot.. Just did know any one wanted them..
  15. Do you know anything about it? No.. I looked for two days I only found the Sinclair Clocks for sale.. With the same Marks, and no price.. Just another day or Christmas. It has a stamp of dieges & clust on the back.. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/sinclair-capacity-days-clock-1953-136610578
  16. I asked for info on Hershey. plan to go in 2022. No one called me back.. I wanted to take my kid to get him hooked.. Right now I may not do anything to get the young car collector hooked on this stuff.. My Dad got me hooked.. Now I am not so hooked.. I could list of few items. but will not do this.. Just a few car insurance sheets..
  17. Not sure if you want Flivverking pics or mine.. I will ebay them next month if they do not sell here.. I like to post an item here or Craigslist before ebay. I just do not know the price.. to list it at.. or the artist
  18. If I was 45 I would go get them frame and put them in my office.. Now closer to 60 .. I have too much art in boxes, not on the walls.. Time to have some else enjoy them..
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