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  1. A quick thanks to the group on this and other threads. My pull down motor housing cracked but with the help from the forum and the latest issue of the TC America newsletter I had it fixed in no time. AutoZone part number 747-001 fit the bill perfectly.
  2. Putting my 1989 16V up for sale and wanted to spread the word on the forum for anyone interested. Exotic Red exterior with Ginger interior and black soft top. Low miles (44k); babied its entire life. Original owner had it 8 years and drove 37k miles, then was purchased by a Florida Chrysler dealer in 1997, who maintained it at the dealership regularly and babied it, driving it only occasionally, 5k miles through 2013 when I acquired it and brought it to Michigan. It ran great at that time, but to be certain I had a professional shop check it out and replace key engine wear items using parts from RDI Performance (all belts, plugs, wires, timing belt, valley seal, valve cover gasket, cam seals, fuel hoses) and brakes (accumulator, rubber lines, pads, rotors). I have also added a few modern touches like the 7 spoke chrome rims, new tires, all new speakers and power amp using tips from the forum. Has great quality original paint and interior, only a few minor imperfections in the paint and only the driver seat and console leather show signs of interior wear. I've had it 6 years and put on only another 2k miles of summer only driving. Car comes with many expected items and a few extras: - both tops in perfect condition - have the original TC stock wheels and Michelin tires - Blue (1989 5spd version) Service Manual - Owners manual and other original documents - original TC rolling storage rack for the hardtop - original Mopar custom sewn car cover fitted specifically for the TC - Pewter Desk Model (4" length) - Original engraved placard and glove box placard - circa 1999 Chrysler Infinity IV stereo with CD/Cassette updated by Classic Auto Radio with Aux input for phone/Ipod/MP3 player - if desired have 2 framed TC 24"x36" original Chrysler advertising photos - original Chrysler dealer Data Book showing all TC options and accessories - original Chrysler dealer Sales Reference Manual Plus: The TC drives perfectly, idles great, accelerates smoothly, and the turbo spools up on demand. A fun car to drive!! Located in the Detroit area. Minus: Missing the umbrella. Slight oil drip. AC not charged. Console wear. Everything else works. More photos on Dropbox. Send me a message for the link. I realize most TCs sell for under $10k. But not many around in this condition, color combo, and 16V. Looking for $15k OBO.
  3. It definitely is not possible with just fingers. You gotta man up! Some good pressure on channel locks did it for me.
  4. 202172 1989 April-89 Exotic Red Ginger Black DOHC 43,500 miles Had a great time at the Woodward Dream Cruise last weekend, but didn't see any other TCs.
  5. Yes that took a bit of work with a pick but finally got it right and the headlight switch came off without damaging anything. Then it was a breeze to remove the tweeters. Will search for some new ones that fit. Thanks. I plan on installing everything later this week.
  6. Hi folks, I think I've read all the past postings about speakers and wiring, thanks very much to all. I've also gone through the wiring diagrams in the service manual and verified in the car. This is my first car audio redo, and I had a few questions for the experts. My plans are: - Want to keep the Infinity Stereo for the appearance and I mostly want to listen to MP3 player not the radio or CDs too often - My TC actually has an Inifinity IV stereo date code 2299 with CD/cassette and it seems to work fine; a former owner of the car was a Chrysler dealer and had this upgrade put in back in ~2002. - I want decent affordable sound for me with the top up or down but don't need to shake the concrete - I currently connect to my phone/MP3 via a cheapo cassette adaptor from the 1990s! Hoping to install an Audiovox UnistreamOne Bluetooth adaptor - If I end up needing a new head unit will pick one up later - Only 1 speaker works of the 8; I've tested all the 5.25" with a AA battery and the other 5 are no good. - Have tried to get at the tweeters but am giving up; I can't get the cluster off due to that tricky headlight switch and I am afraid of breaking the woodgrain facing. - I am planning to abandon the tweeters in place as it seems others have done reading the posts. - It seems beyond my ability and patience to repair the speakers/amps as suggested by the AllPar article, so I am going with new 5.25" speakers. - I appreciate the info on speakers and components by Jspartanburg and am going with Pioneers too, likely TS-G520 coaxials - Plan on a Pioneer GM-D1004 four channel amp - Not going to put in subwoofers at this time; could be a future adder in the trunk maybe, it seems beyond my ability to put them in the cargo area like Jspartanburg did - I am also going with the XTC speaker protectors for the door speakers suggested by Moparite. - Was hoping to make it easy and re-use the factory speaker wiring, just use the Green/Black as Digger noted in a past post. I assume I can just cut and tape over the red +12 amp wires at each speaker, or cut the supply wire way back at the outlet of the speaker relay. - I'd like to put the amp under the dash so the speaker wiring is easier, splicing into the factory wires based on the wiring diagram Sound good so far? Questions: - jspartanburg put component speakers in the doors with new tweeters up front. I was hoping to put coaxial in the doors and abandon the dash tweeters. How does this sound? - can I power the amp off of the +12V that comes off the speaker relay? This wire (X13 16DG) already feeds the in-speaker amps, so does it have enough power to run a new separate four channel amp? Or should I run a new 10 gauge wire from the battery to the amp? - I see on the wiring diagrams that the Infinity +12V power to the in-speaker amps goes through a choke (one for the door, one for the rears). Do I need a choke with a new amp and speakers arrangement? I don't really know what a choke does except what I read online about filtering out some undesirable frequencies? - anybody want the six 5.25" speakers? no charge just shipping. message me. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Hemi, could you please send me the same info to fix a difficult 4th to 5th shift? Happes to me about 1/4 of the time going to 5th. Thanks
  8. My 16V VIN is 202172 build date 4/89. Red/Ginger/Black top. 42k miles. Pretty sure I'm the 3rd owner - started in MN, then to FL, now in MI.
  9. Thanks much. Picked up two bushings 3799089 at the dealer today and the install was not too hard. Definitely needed channel locks to squeeze them on. Took Budtee's advice and did both sides. With a few adjustments to position, both wipers are now working beautifully.
  10. I am dealing with the same issue - passenger side wiper not working, driver side is fine. I removed the wipers and the plastic cover but can barely fit my hand into the access hole where the passenger linkage is. Is there a trick to reconnecting the bushing to the linkage and pivot assembly? Do I need to remove the pivot assembly ("View in Circle Y" of blue service manual page 8K-5)? Do I need to remove the motor too? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have been driving my 16V TC regularly this summer here in southeast Michigan. Red/ginger with 42k miles. I'm a TC club member so it should be in the registry. Just put on new rims for a bit sportier look. A few more repairs (radio which only has 1 speaker working and a linkage issue with the right wiper) and it will be perfect.
  12. Hi, I'm also looking for the driver side seat belt protector that is located at the floor mounts on the outside of the seat if you still have one. I just sat on mine and cracked it ? Also looking for a center console lid in very good condition. Thanks, Rob
  13. Thought I'd follow up on my old post - with some patience and a slightly scraped knuckle I got the fuel pressure regulator out and back in from below without removing any other components. Just needed the right tools particularly a flexible socket extension due to the awkward angle of the nuts. Used new one from Rock Auto. Well the TC is running like a champ. No more wandering idle, RPM stays steady with no dips, and no stuttering when accelerating. Ready for Dream Cruise in 2 weeks. Thanks to all for the input.
  14. I have 202179 in Michigan. 1989 April-89 Exotic Red Ginger Black DOHC 16V 5 spd 42,000 miles
  15. Hi all, been reading the past posts on this topic, but could use some more advice. Getting Fault codes 13 and 52, and fuel dripped out of the vacuum line to the Baro/MAP sensor, so points toward a leak in the fuel pressure regulator. The TC Service Manual shows some great images of the regulator and plumbing for the 2.2 engine, but not for the 16V, where the regulator seems to be buried under the intake manifold. - any advice on how to remove and replace the regulator, what other parts have to be removed to gain access, etc, would be much appreciated. - I have to admit I'm kind of a novice mechanic, so I certainly appreciate detailed info from the experts out there - any input on where to get a replacement regulator for 16V? I see a match on Rockauto (part 4306015) and O'Reilly's (part 22823). Anyone else use these and can confirm they are correct? Thanks much,