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  1. Yes, same. The cleaner component of the process really has to be thorough for it to looks like it doesn’t have any residue. But once you get it there, it seems much more alive.
  2. Got mine this afternoon and began last night. All I can say so far is a) my seats are thirsty, and b) the difference already is astounding.
  3. 1989 Royal Cabernet, Bordeaux, Black ZC2FR1103KB204278, DOHC Thanks -
  4. Bob, thanks so much for the compliments. This was 30 year owned car until last month. I made a mistake and didn't post the porthole that was "cloudy", but here is an older picture. I see lots of porthole threads here so lots of info. I just ordered the Leatherique Rejuvenator and Pristeen Clean that Bill suggested and am very eager to get these seats hydrated.
  5. Wow, Bill, this is very, very helpful, thank you. I reached out and joined the TC club yesterday 👍 . I'm in Charlotte, NC. Other cars...let's see. My taste is pretty eclectic, and since you asked: 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition in Brown; 2002 Miata Special Edition; 2002 Mercedes SLK230, 1993 Nissan Figaro, 1992 Autozam AZ-1, 1993 and 2017 Corvette and Corvette Z06. 1984 Datsun 300ZX. And a 2004 Audi S4 (oops...bought it with the death rattle). -Ken Ken Sandifer
  6. Ah, I also have a cloudy porthole. Pics. By the way, my apologies if there's an obvious post out there already that answers my questions. I'll check that --
  7. I'm hooked. I received my 1989 16v Burgundy Burgundy TC on my birthday in September a few weeks ago, and I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this car. 23,500 miles, and just passed my mechanic's deep dive with only the power steering having a slight leak, speedometer/tachometer a bit erratic (and off 7mph), timing belt and others probably needing replacement, and the foam liner in my soft top disintegrating. Otherwise, it's beautiful with the walnut shifter. I am a small time collector with 9 other cars, and I'm the most pleased with owning one of these 501 in such great sha
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