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  1. 1989 2.2L SOHC. Driver side door will not usually unlock completely with key but you can open it from the inside without any problem. Part # is 4336-377. There are 3 available on Ebay but they look in very bad condition. If anyone has one please leave price and shipping info. I will do Paypal or however you want. Thanks.
  2. Thanks again Hemi. This makes me feel better regarding cost of repair.
  3. Thanks, this is exactly the type of information I needed. Will the engine need to be pulled? Also I was previously told the passenger side motor mount is broken. Can you help me with a part number and/or source. Thanks again.
  4. I want to preface this with the information that I am not an auto mechanic but do know how to tighten and loosen screws and nuts. I have a 1989 2.2L SOHC TC with 80000 miles. Parked it in the garage last night and everything was just fine. Pulled out this morning and my wife started yelling. I got out and found a football sized oil puddle where I had been parked. This area was clean the day before. I checked the oil and it was about 1/2 quart low. I was able to put the car up on ramps and found a lot of oil all over where the pulley that attaches to the camshaft is and in a lot of other places. While I was under there it was not leaking. I got the car down and added 1/2 quart of oil. I drove it approximately miles and stopped on a parking lot. Looking under the car I could see oil dripping in several areas. I went home and let the car set for awhile and there was another accumulation of oil under the same area. When I again checked the oil it was slightly less than 1/2 quart low. I will be taking the car to a Chrysler mechanic who is a former TC owner (how lucky can I get) Monday. If the seal is the problem what will this repair entail and also what other items should I have checked/replaced at the same time. Your help and advise is greatly appreciated.
  5. I had thought about circuit but I don't want to take a chance on blowing a fuse. I had not even thought about the rear window defrost wiring but that sounds like the perfect way to go. It is even switchable from the front. Thanks.
  6. I thought pull down motor switch is hot all the time? I need something that is only hot when ignition is on.
  7. 1989 2.2 L. I am looking to install wifi backup camera and want to hook it up to an ignition controlled power supply rather than brake light control. I will use my Android phone as the monitor and there is a 30 seconds delay if hooked up to the backup light but I only want to power the camera when the ignition switch is on. I really don't want to run power all the way from under the dash.
  8. Pretty sure that it was O.K. but for the $20 oil pressure tester from Harbor Freight it was comforting to see what the actual pressure was.
  9. PIcked up oil pressure tester from Harbor Freight. At idle (900 rpm) had 54 psi. At 3000 rpm had 65 psi. Much relieved. Replaced sending unit. Now showing mid range on gauge with minimal increase upon acceleration. Another happy customer. Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks both of you. Sorry I didn't say. Yes it is a 1989 2.2L. engine. I have owned the car for 4 years and it has done this since I bought it. I will look for a loose or or sloppy wire connection. If not that I will check actual pressure with a gauge.
  11. My oil pressure drops when I start to drive. It would seem that the pressure should raise if anything. At idle it sets above the second large mark on the gauge and then when I accelerate even while setting it drops below the second large mark. Any ideas would be helpful. I don't even know where to start.
  12. I have made a windscreen for my TC and am interested in the TC logo only in the first picture. If it is available please let me know how much. Thanks.
  13. I am interest in purchasing a pair of headlight covers for my TC. Also if anyone has clear, detailed pictures I would like these. I would like to see if some company could manufacturer these for us at a reasonable price.
  14. Your directions were right on. Unfortunately I was unable to separate the lens from the reflector on my broken headlamp so rather than risking the replacement I sent it back. Obviously this means I am still in the market for a driver side headlight. Thanks again for your assistance.
  15. Thanks, I do have a good lens, but the material holding it and the broken one in place seems rather hard. There are also some screws that look like they are holding things together. Any secrets on how to separate the lens from the reflector? Thanks.
  16. My 1989 TC driver side headlight is broken. Do I need to replace the complete headlight or just the lens? If I can replace the lens how is it done? Also, does anyone have these parts. Thanks
  17. I need the strut tower caps. Please send me total price and your information and I will send a check. My email is raymcbride@prodigy.net. Thanks
  18. I am specifically looking for any advertising posters or brochures. What are some of the items you have.
  19. I have been trying to locate any of the original Chrysler Plymouth dealers that had been approved to sell the TC in the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin area that are still in business. I have not had any luck. I am trying to locate any sales/promotional material they may have hiding in the attic. Anyone have ideas how to find them. I contacted Chrysler and they said it was proprietary information.
  20. Just had this car for 2 months. 89 203942, 8 valve SOHC auto factory cd. Yellow,ginger, black.
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