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  1. Lower price $190.00 + shipping
  2. If anyone wants this need to act soon. Thanks Dan
  3. I have an early 50’s Chevy 6 cly head and empty block for sale. Casting # on head is 3835848 GM 6. No crank, no rods. Just head with valves and block with caps. $50.00 picked up in zip 35173. Email me at address in pictures. Also I can email pictures if you are serious. Goes to scrap in few weeks unless plans are made . Thanks Dan
  4. If you have not done so you should list this on the MTFCA site. Lot more T people there. Good luck. Dan
  5. C to C mounting bolts is 2 5/8”. Outlet bore is 1 3/8”. Thanks Dan.
  6. Here is a OX-2 Carb. You know as much about it as I do. Came out of a barn in North MS. I will take $225.00 + shipping. You can what car it was used on from tag in pictures. Email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
  7. Check this out. Hope it helps. https://www.finishing.com/1600-1799/1605.shtml Dan
  8. I will have some 40's, 50's Ford NOS parts at Hershey. Along with a lot of Model T parts. Spaces CR33-38, light pole 68. Stop by and see what is there. Thanks, Dan
  9. I have bunch of NOS Ford Speedometer cables from the 30's on to the 60's. Here are 2 of the part numbers I have O11-17262 40-47 Truck and 42-47 Com (number is from the package and the Ford parts book) 78-17262 38-39 Pass and Com These are still in the paper packages. The cables are a little rusty, but still serviceable. $7.50 each + shipping. Or I can bring some to Hershey Spaces CR33-38. I have many others, just no way to tell what number fits what right now. If you have your part number send it and I will see what I have. I can send pictures if you wan
  10. I have one piece of the Fiberglass wood trim for the Pass side front fender for a 1973 Grand Torino Squire Wagon. I would like to sell to someone that can use it. Looks to be either NOS or early take off. Most of the clips are there. It looks good, just a little dirty. I do not have pictures, but I can get some if needed. I will bring to Hershey if someone wants it. $50.00 del to Hershey. I will not bring it if no one contacts me. So if you want it contact me ASAP. NO SHIPPING. Thanks, Dan.
  11. Here are a pair of 52-54 FORD, Lincoln, Mer heater dampers. They are NOS, Rubber on the dampers is fine. See the pictures. $30.00 for pair+ shipping. Or I can bring to Hershey. Pm me for more info. Thanks, Dan.
  12. I think these are 42 /48 FORD front brake drums. I checked them by a Ford parts catalog and they match 42-48 Pass front. Rusty from just laying around. $50.00 for the pair. I can bring them to Hershey, spaces CR33-38. Let me know if you want them, or I will not bring them. Thanks, Dan
  13. Tried to post pictures? Do not know what I am doing wrong. I can email them if you want. I will try and find out what I did wrong. Thanks, Dan
  14. I have an American Watch and Tool Company Carb for sale. Told these fit a Metz??? Looks like an early Holley. It is all there, Choke spring is good, Mixture knob has little to no wear. Have not looked inside. Is made out of Alum. Throttle shaft has little to no wear. $150.00 + shipping. PM me for more info. Thanks, Dan.
  15. Got a Jeep engine made into a air compressor, 2 outside run 2 inside pump air. Like a Gordon Smith Model A but with a jeep engine. NOT homemade, has the name General Supply on it. Does anyone have any interest in it? PM me if you do. Ran a few years ago, been under cover. I am going to get it out and get it running in a few weeks. Thanks, Dan
  16. Both Cranks , rods and pistons are gone. If you need anything from these engines PM NOW or you can buy them in the form of a new China tool from HF. Thanks, Dan
  17. I am parting out a 27 and a 28 Chevy 4 cly engines, If you need any parts from these, PM me ASAP. Sorry the heads are GONE. I am in ZIP 35173. Thanks, Dan.
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