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  1. Here is a 1943 NY Tag topper. I am guessing this was used to turn a 42 tag into a 1943 tag. $25.00 + shipping. Email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
  2. Here is a CH Smiling Face lens for sale. Looks to be the small bead lens. Is marked CH logo. Not any cracks or chips I see. $40.00 + shipping. Email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
  3. Here is a set of mics for Tobin ARP TA14/15. These are for a 1.25 boring bar and are direct read. There are .050 per rev. See pictures. Do not send PM. Email me at address in pictures. $300.00 + shipping. Thanks Dan.
  4. I have a bare block and head for a 235. Can out of 54 truck. I am in Alabama. Dan
  5. Lower price $190.00 + shipping
  6. If anyone wants this need to act soon. Thanks Dan
  7. I have an early 50’s Chevy 6 cly head and empty block for sale. Casting # on head is 3835848 GM 6. No crank, no rods. Just head with valves and block with caps. $50.00 picked up in zip 35173. Email me at address in pictures. Also I can email pictures if you are serious. Goes to scrap in few weeks unless plans are made . Thanks Dan
  8. If you have not done so you should list this on the MTFCA site. Lot more T people there. Good luck. Dan
  9. C to C mounting bolts is 2 5/8”. Outlet bore is 1 3/8”. Thanks Dan.
  10. Here is a OX-2 Carb. You know as much about it as I do. Came out of a barn in North MS. I will take $225.00 + shipping. You can what car it was used on from tag in pictures. Email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
  11. Check this out. Hope it helps. https://www.finishing.com/1600-1799/1605.shtml Dan
  12. I will have some 40's, 50's Ford NOS parts at Hershey. Along with a lot of Model T parts. Spaces CR33-38, light pole 68. Stop by and see what is there. Thanks, Dan
  13. I have bunch of NOS Ford Speedometer cables from the 30's on to the 60's. Here are 2 of the part numbers I have O11-17262 40-47 Truck and 42-47 Com (number is from the package and the Ford parts book) 78-17262 38-39 Pass and Com These are still in the paper packages. The cables are a little rusty, but still serviceable. $7.50 each + shipping. Or I can bring some to Hershey Spaces CR33-38. I have many others, just no way to tell what number fits what right now. If you have your part number send it and I will see what I have. I can send pictures if you wan
  14. I have one piece of the Fiberglass wood trim for the Pass side front fender for a 1973 Grand Torino Squire Wagon. I would like to sell to someone that can use it. Looks to be either NOS or early take off. Most of the clips are there. It looks good, just a little dirty. I do not have pictures, but I can get some if needed. I will bring to Hershey if someone wants it. $50.00 del to Hershey. I will not bring it if no one contacts me. So if you want it contact me ASAP. NO SHIPPING. Thanks, Dan.
  15. Here are a pair of 52-54 FORD, Lincoln, Mer heater dampers. They are NOS, Rubber on the dampers is fine. See the pictures. $30.00 for pair+ shipping. Or I can bring to Hershey. Pm me for more info. Thanks, Dan.
  16. I think these are 42 /48 FORD front brake drums. I checked them by a Ford parts catalog and they match 42-48 Pass front. Rusty from just laying around. $50.00 for the pair. I can bring them to Hershey, spaces CR33-38. Let me know if you want them, or I will not bring them. Thanks, Dan
  17. Tried to post pictures? Do not know what I am doing wrong. I can email them if you want. I will try and find out what I did wrong. Thanks, Dan
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