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  1. Thanks, I have not checked the spout so that's my next job. Many thanks for your help. The axle nut was tight locked by the lock washer.
  2. There is a vast amount of free play between the shaft and bearing race in your photo number 3, I only have about 10 thou but that is where the oil is coming from and getting into the bearing and mixing with the grease. It slowly leaks out through the hub cap and splatters over the tire. Thanks for the photos which are exactly the area in question.
  3. That's good to hear but I do have an issue of oil seeping through which is why I thought it might be a seal.
  4. Yes, just the half axle shaft protruding out of the axle casing
  5. After removing my real wheel on my 29-25 I noticed that the axle shaft had a lot of free play in all directions. can anyone tell me if the bronze coloured insert is a seal or a bronze bush? Also how is the bearing race removed? there appears to be either a rivet or bolt in the centre attaching it to the axle casing.
  6. Does anyone know of a modern equivalent for the drive shaft universal joint drawing number 20490/20495 I have looked through the clubs Q&A and also this forum and not found any details.
  7. I'm confused Mike, I paid you $125 to ship via FedEx but you used USPS. Why? Oh and the tracking number doesn't work.
  8. I am looking for some good 19" tire lock(snap) rings for my 1930 Franklin that has wooden spoked demountable wheels. I'm not worried about the finish but must be solid with no cracks. I believe drawing number 26481 is correct but using specs for 34768. Would need to be shipped to the UK 26481 TIRE RETAINING RING TAPERED FOR 32X4 RIM.PDF
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