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  1. I don't think the car in front is a 1905 - 6 Columbia. The radiator shape looks a lot like a 1905 Thomas Flyer, but I don't think that is what it is either. Attached is a picture of a 1906 Columbia. The radiator shape is totally different.
  2. I think the car on the right is a 1909 Locomobile based on the long drop edge and curve of the front fender, the many louvers in the hood side panel and the chain guard on the running board in front of the rear fender.
  3. I have compared the mystery car photo to a 1905 Pope Hartford and there are too many dissimilar features in my opinion. The hood and radiator on the mystery car are slightly rounded on the top with curved corners, the rear fenders are curved and the rear doors have smooth sides without a horizontal line across the door. The 1905 Pope Hartford has a sharper peak to the hood and radiator, the rear fenders are flat and there is a horizontal line across the middle of the rear doors following the body lines. The Pope also has a "box" in front of the rear fenders for possibly a step plate or chai
  4. Attached is a picture of the 1904 St. Louis engine. Nice size four cylinder for 1904. This would be an excellent car for the London to Brighton run.
  5. Attached is a picture of a 1904 St. Louis that I photographed at the Amelia Island Concours in 2012. It is a beautiful vehicle and very impressive for 1904.
  6. It looks like a 1909 - 1910 Peerless based on the shape of the radiator.
  7. The hubcaps on both cars are identical. I think the mystery car is an Oldsmobile.
  8. That is a huge car with a long wheelbase! I think it may be a Pierce Arrow. The vertical hood panel on the car directly behind the unfinished chassis in the foreground looks like a Pierce Arrow. I'm assuming all of the cars are of the same make.
  9. The "White on the left set up for daylight-only use" is actually a Selden automobile. Look close and you'll see the radiator is shaped differently from a White.
  10. Thanks for the information. I had not looked at the on-line calendar. I had looked in the AACA magazine, but there was no information there. Thanks for your help.
  11. Can someone post information on where the 2012 Reliability Tour will be held? Thanks
  12. It looks like a Model A Ford fender that has been modified. It looks like the inside edge on the top of the fender where it meets the body has been cut off. Also, the mounting holes on the skirt have been elongated.
  13. I agree with Layden B. that the car is a Chalmers. The sweep of the front fenders does not match that era Cadillac. Notice also the body “tag” behind the firewall on the side of the body below the floorboard riser. That tag is showing in both pictures.
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