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  1. Hey Pete I had a lamp like this one mounted on the sidecar fender of my 1924 H.D mine had a base to mount to the fender
  2. just can't seem to figure out how to make photo's smaller
  3. I have to agree with Keiser31 very nice bikes Lief I have a 1926 with the XS motor it took over 25 yr to get all the parts, can't wait to ride it this spring. I have tried to load a photo but its not working
  4. contact Coburn Benson he was friends with the owner of seal cove and might know more
  5. Hey Barry How's the winter treating you,good I hope.I got the history lesson for the on the 1937 Flathead when Dale did the resto last year, and I'm sure you know just how rare that mag having saved it just for the right bike way to go Barry glad you had the bug to collect things.see ya at oley
  6. Nice find, the bike on the right is a ultra rare 1937 hd with right hand shift to compete with Indian sales to the NYC PD they made a few of these
  7. yes it has matching numbers on the case's and the vin # have never been messed with, this motor came out of a bike that was involved in a auto accident both motor mounts where broke as well as the cam chest where the mag comes though. everything has been fixed and road tested.
  8. hello Robert a friend of mine owned a junk yard during the 60-90's and he gave me all his books to sell I will list what I have this weekend and will put it the web page on the same idea like Bens garage sale good luck on the search Billy
  9. I never tried this on a car engine but it works good on motorcycle engines ( H.D's1929 and before I.O.E engine's) after you disassemble the motor is to take out the top motor mount stud and pump grease into it, it will push the piston out,works the same as getting the pilot bushing out off the flywheel just more grease. I also have to agree with Dandy Dave about the mouse **** as I have beat piston's out with a block only to have it break up
  10. I watched Corburn Benson use a Stanley steam car on a old tractor that had been sitting out in a field for years,it didn't take to long at all,he just hooked up a line to the engine block in the tractor and let it fill with hot steam once the block heated up they got the crank to turn.I'll PM him and will see if he can add anything to this tread
  11. Hey Ben maybe its Time for a BIGGER vacuum (I have a powerful shop vac and I can make house calls)haha and whose got that Pierce stuck in a heated garage could it be you see you soon Billy Remember this is a Garage sale/clearance and this is the stuff the kerby rejected cheers, Ben (207)793-2800 cbenson1906@yahoo.com
  12. Just to set the record straight, this photo shown here is of Tracy in a very early Panhard et Levasseur. The photo of Tracy is on the motorcycle is the one that we would like to ID. Anyone is welcome to follow this link and see all of the photos on The Old Motor.... Joe Tracy and Friends 1900-1903 Not many manufacturers put the motor up on the front wheel to me it looks like it could be a 1901 Werner made in France I don't have a photo to load up but found one in The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of motorcycles pg 296 by Erwin Tragatsch
  13. I read about a guy in the hot rod mag that was a tempting a land speed record with a 32 Chrysler and he was re making stuff for the top speed I'm sure he took off all the good stuff to make go fast parts.the name of his shop is EDGY speed shop his name is earl edgerton I don't know if this will help but you seem to be at the end of your rope good luck on the search
  14. Thanks Keiser31 for the help I showed it to a hot rod guy and he pulled up a photo of a 1923 model T frame mines very close but looks a lot older didn't have the out side spring mounts. I have a friend that's into Fords from this era and will see if he wants it for a winter build.
  15. old car frame picked this out of the trash yesterday its 23 inches wide and 8'6" long still very solid.anyone need it ??? well sorry the photos wont load up will try later today