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  1. Here are photos and further information about the car. A descendant of Helmke, who now lives on Mount Desert Island, Maine, is hoping to locate the car. Thank you for your interest. Roberto
  2. Trying to trace the current owner of this 1934 Studebaker President. Serial number 7045706. Was purchased from James Helmke by Joseph Ferraro in 1965. Any leads would be most appreciated. Roberto
  3. Trying to trace the current owner of this 1934 Studebaker President. Serial number 7045706. Was purchased from James Helmke by Joseph Ferraro in 1965. Any leads would be most appreciated. Roberto
  4. The photo shows what is purported to be an 1899 Serial No. 1 Locomobile (Stanley). The photo was taken in 1948 at the home of Edwin Battison in Windsor, Vermont. Yes, the car still exists as does an early Stanley that climbed Mount Washington on August 31, 1949, in 4 hours 40 minutes. Battison and his automobiles make for a fascinating read... https://www.battisonmuseum.org/copy-of-cast-of-character-part-1---mentoring I do hope his collection is saved. (Ed Battison was the founder of the American Precision Museum in Windsor, VT., where I ser
  5. With many thanks to all for your help... Confirmed, 1913 Studebaker. This research was for the Revelsoke (BC) Museum and Archives in response to this email message: "What can you tell me about this car? That is Hector McKinnon driving, and the boy in the middle is probably Archie McKinnon, who was born in 1907 or 1908. We are thinking of using this photo in our upcoming Mount Revelstoke exhibit." The Museum & Archives is delighted and sends its thanks. Cheers, Roberto
  6. That bulbous cowl is driving me crazy... I know I have seen a car with a cowl like this before but I can't remember what it is! Help with identifying the car, year, make, model would be most appreciated.
  7. Great provenance... Thought you would enjoy seeing these photos of the three owners of the 1917 Crane-Simplex at the Seal Cove Auto Museum. 1. The car parked in the portico of Tor Court, the home of its original owner Evaline Kimball Salisbury. 2. The car with its second owner Pauline Snook, on tour in Springfield, Massachusetts. 3. The car as it looks today since its acquisition by its third owner *Richard C. Paine Jr., for his Seal Cove Auto Museum. * Richard C. Paine Jr. Automobile Charitable Trust. The Crane-Simplex is in original, unrestored, conditio
  8. Here is the background on the VMCCA film. Thanks to Barbara Fox and the Seal Cove Auto Museum for having the original footage copied and made available. Northeast Historic Film PO Box 900 85 Main Street Bucksport, Maine 04416 Identifier 8996 Collection Bradley, Cameron Collection Date(s) 1939 Can Descriptions Amateur footage. Family's viewing notes as follows (reel titles in quotes are based on can/box notes, reel letters are NHF-assigned.) U. 'CB First Meet 1939.' Scene of the program guide for t
  9. Here are some more photos of the former Dundee, Giroux, 1910 White MM Steamer... Owner Rolan Giroux with the car on the 1965 cover of "The Steam Automobile." After the tragic death of Giroux's wife and son in an automobile accident, his White Steamers were put on sale as advertised in "The Steam Automobile." Richard C. paine Jr., would have acquired the MM at this time. The 1910 as it looks on display at the Seal Cove. (Richard C. Paine Jr. Automobile Charitable rust)
  10. Since the topic is "Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?" I can tell you that we display several gems at the Seal Cove Auto Museum that were once owned by pioneers of the old car hobby. James Melton: 1913 Peugeot Skiff with coachwork by Labourdette and Melton's 1909 Pierce Arrow. Bill Harrah: 1915 F.R.P. Henry Austin Clark Jr.'s:1904 Knox and 1912 Thomas Flyer. John Hebden (George Waterman): 1908 Model K Ford. Briggs Cunningham' (Larz Anderson): 1911 American Underslung. Dr. Samual Scher: 1904 Cadillac and 1905 Pierce Great Arrow. George Waterman,
  11. Happy to confirm that the ex-Rogers, ex-Finn, Stoddard Dayton is the same car as the one in the Seal Cove Auto Museum.
  12. Chris, I stand corrected, although it shares similarities to a Locomobile, it is indeed a Peerless. Well done!
  13. Looks like a Locomobile (Model 38, or 48) to me... The fender line looks early (1909-1912), but the headlight and cowl lights are electric... Most likely converted from carbide.
  14. Looking for rings and pistons for the Seal Cove Auto Museum's 1921 Series 5 Sporting Model Mercer. (Pictured above in my August 30, 2016 posting) Any leads would be most appreciated. You can contact me via my museum email... Curator@sealcoveautomuseum.org
  15. Chuck... Any recollections of doing a Rauch & Lang electric. As you may remember, we have a R&L that came from Dr. Scher who may have gotten it from Melton. (Photo shows it when Melton owned it)
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