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  1. Greeting from NC! I have just added this 1941 180 touring sedan to our collection. I am the process of cleaning and evaluating the car. So, the door seals/ rubbers are an absolute running gooey dripping mess! I know someone out there "has been there done that" and has a great and simple solution for cleaning and preparing for new seals. . What a mess, the rear door where actually suck shut and i have puddles of rubber on the running boards from the door seals. HELP! LOL Thanks in advance. ja ps- i know you Guy's like to see photos so i attached a few for you viewing pleasure. also- i need a teardrop shaped cowl mount antenna- holes are already there...
  2. jwa

    Packard club

    I have not been able to view ads and such for several months - thought it was just me. And i am a member...
  3. Jack, Thanks for the reply. Any idea where this car is located now? Do you know who the Coach builder was? Where there any signs of it ever having the sightseer glasses in the roof? We know that Smoky Mountain Tours had more the one Chrysler- i would love to know the history on this car. Thanks again! Jerry
  4. Can you share any info or photos from that Portland sale? I'd love to see the details. br-549
  5. This is what we believe to be the same vehicle at the Biltmore House in the mid 60's.
  6. Greetings, I'm slow but sure! LOL I finally received permission to post these photos from the owner of the vehicle. We are fairly certain that this Chrysler was once a Smoky Mountain Tours (vehicle #20) . SMT operated out of Asheville NC. They had a very unique fleet including 3 axle Packard' s and vintage Flxible buses just to name a few. We have a Facebook page" Smoky Mountain Tours Company" feel free to join our page and see the items we have found to date! All leads, photos and picture appreciated! We have a vintage photo of a "like" Chrysler in front of the Biltmore House in Asheville NC Anyone have knowledge of this cars past? Any guess on the Coachbuilder? Thanks, br-549
  7. Let me contact the owner and check on the status of the car and ask permission to post photos. JWA
  8. jwa

    Early Packard A/C?

    Wow, Thanks HH56! I'd never seen that before. A great detail item. I appreciate you sharing ! Jerry
  9. jwa

    Early Packard A/C?

    My bad, yes 1940-1942.
  10. jwa

    Early Packard A/C?

    Greetings, So i assume that an early Packard A/C unit would need R-12 Freon? Does anyone have info/ experience on adding a clutch to an original A/C compressor? Who has a working unit? Thanks, Jerry
  11. Greetings, I will have a small collection of various HUDSON parts at Hershey. C4X 32-33-34 Please stop by and see what you need and share this with your Hudson friends! Thanks. btw- no sun visor- sorry
  12. Greetings, I will be at Hershey C4X 32-33 with a decent PA grill. A PA Society badge and some Society Club magazines. I will attempt to attach a photo of this grill or you my contact me by email for photos. Feel free to share with me the correct fitment. I am not a PA person so please bare with me. .
  13. Thanks for your reply. This is not my car ( yet) so i am rather reluctant to post any photos. This is more of what i would consider to be an "airporter" or sightee'r limo w/o a divider. Your car is awesome. I saw photos on another thread. I may post photos later if the current owner tells me it's ok. ja
  14. Please assist with deciphering this cowl tag and VIN from a 1956 New Yorker limo. The VIN / vehicle no on the door post is N5618274 Thanks in advance, Jerry
  15. I am needing a correct 1940-1942 Packard A/C compressor. My car is actually a 1941. I understand these where mfg by Bishop & Babcock? Please contact me with what you have for sale or any leads. I will be in Hershey C4X 32-33 Thanks in advance.
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