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  1. I should have updated the add from 2017. but the car has been sold. I'm not sure what the current owners plans are for the car but it is his car and he can do what he wants with it. I personally like to keep them original especially if they were in the condition that this one was. Today's current market a ho rod or street rodded car would proably bring a little more money and sell a little quicker than a stock 32. the value of both of them have dropped a fair amount in the last few years.
  2. Going through the same thing right now, working on a 51'. I found a guy reproducing the head in the U.K. not cheap but what are you going to do otherwise? Life is tough with orphan cars.
  3. 1932 5 window 17,000 obothe unchopped body includes the garnish moldings, dash all the latches and hardware, windshield frame, and firewall. The wood in the car is in good condition. the deck lid is fiberglass. the subframe could be replaced with one from Upac. It has some fiberglass repair done at one point in time. I am listing this for a friend, if you have any questions or want some more info or details please let me know.The frame is sold.Rex Rogersrex@bornintheforge.com970 685 1477
  4. 1932 3 window full fendered 55,000 oboSoldThis is a very nice 32 3 window that would be a great project to either restore of hot rod. complete stock 32 frame that is in very nice shape, the overall body is probably one of the nicest 3 window body that i have seen. 25 louver hood. I am listing this for a friend if you have any questions or want any more photos please let me know.Formerly of the Jim Lowry collection and pictured in Art of the Hot Rod by Ken Gross with photography by Peter Harholdt.* Clear Kansas 1932 Ford title.* Available for purchase as is or our shop will complete the car for
  5. I'm glad the sedan made it there safe and sound.
  6. The differential cover was o the car. the rubber matting came from restoration supply in Arizona. The shifter / brake cover as well as the pedal cove came from Steel rubber products. The parts looked great but after test fitting them we did have to enlarge the holes and elongate a few others to get it to fit correctly. The top speed was 72mph the car runs comfortable at 55mph. Due to a wiring mishap the tac is currently out for service and i couldn't give you an exact rpms but at 55mph it doesn't feel like the motor is over working itself. When the roadster first came in we couldn't maintai
  7. It was sad day here at the shop we said goodbye to the Model 75 project. We started the mechanical and drivetrain restoration on the car in October. Our head Mechanic Lance was able to log 350 miles on the car before the car headed home. We were tasked with prepping the car for the MIllia Miglia later this year. The engine rebuild with the high compression Red Head produced 76.6 hp on the engine dyno. New springs and a few other Parts were made for the car.The car does have a few items that are not exactly stock we added the additional head light to the front spreader bar in order to aid the d
  8. I haven't had any luck finding a replacement hub for our 29 roadster project, the die cast one crumbles with every touch. We do have a sedan with a different wheel if nothing else we will use that. Another option will be to machine a new mount.
  9. I am on the lookout for a 29 chrysler steering wheel hub. The one we had on the roadster had a few fractures in it and has now completely fell apart. If all else fails we can machine a new one.
  10. I get a few calls a year to go look at cars that someone has listed on ebay and evaluate the car before the buyer purchase the car. If they want just a quick once over and my opinion on the car then i usually don't charge anything but if they need a full on evaluation of the car then a small fee to cover my time. If you can't justify flying out or viewing the car in person then it is worth finding a local restoration shop in and having them go inspect the vehicle. You are still taking a chance what i might perceive as repairable or not a major issue might be different than your idea of what y
  11. I will have to dig around for the engine mount photos.
  12. We are doing a mechanical restoration on a 29 roadster now and we have a 29 sedan in the shop as well if you need any specific photos let me know.
  13. rexrogers

    1928 Model A Phaeton

    1928 Model A Phaeton
  14. Has anyone run dual updrafts on the model 75. I'm just wondering how much of an improvement it would make on an updraft system. We are working on a roadster to run the Milia miglia this year and have toyed around with the dual updraft idea.
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