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  1. Thank you for all your input, it's just so hard to find time to get out in the garage and actually work on it.
  2. I am getting air out of the bleeder on the rear wheel, but the more I try to bleed it the less I get. The brake drums have not been apart since it was last driving 2 years ago. So.. I am going to have to check them out, but is it normal for the master cylinder to be sucking back in just about as much as it puts out?
  3. No, I did not adjust the shoes, I will look into that. Would I have to fill the lines before trying to bleed them?
  4. Hello everyone! I was just out in the garage the other day trying to bleed the brakes on my 29' 75 and I couldn't get fluid to the rear wheel cylinders. After a little investigation I noticed the master cylinder does create pressure when the pedal is pushed, but when it is allowed to return to the realised position it sucks back in fluid from the line. So... Am I missing something? I need your expert advice
  5. I have one from my car, it needs switched out to mph. Any leads on the thermostat? I might be needing one too
  6. Found a picture that looks like it would be the same. Going to start laying it out
  7. It's been raining the last 2 days and I'm waiting for parts and pieces I have ordered. So I went down into my basement and started messing with the chrome for the phaeton. I have all the coachwork and panels for the 2nd cowl, so I thought I would try and figure out the windshields. The front one was pretty easy, found lots of pictures of those. But the 2nd one is a little tricky, I was told it had a door in the divider glass, but I can't find any pictures to figure out the puzzle. Might anyone have any leads?
  8. I have been doing some reading and it looks like there are 3 models of Sedans for the 75 series, royal, crown and town. So what are the differences between these three models?
  9. Thank you for the pictures Sasha, but as for the water jackets, I was just curious. I have 2 engines, one with steel and one with copper. But I have a broken tee handle , I might have to order one
  10. Thank you spinney, now is there a trick to mounting the shocks? Seems like I can't get the arm down far enough to reach the strap from the axel .
  11. Ok question, the plates covering the cooling passages on the driver's side of the engine, are those plates originally steel or copper? One engine is steel and the other is copper.
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