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  1. What is the oldest production date you would accept when buying new tires? How quickly do tires age if just being stored (not on the car) in a cool protected enviroment?
  2. How wide is too wide? Do you think that 235 is too wide?
  3. And what size do you use if not the stock size?
  4. Thanks. A-Resto answered my question this morning. They said their parts are their own production made in Taiwan and or India. So they handle quality control, apparently. How good that is I don't know.
  5. 1963 Riviera. Are the rear control arm bushings for the 63' and the 64' the same?
  6. A-Resto Parts aka Andersen Restoration aka A/M. Suspension/steering parts Their prices seem good but they don't say who the suppliers are. Don't know about the quality. I e-mailed them asking who the manufacturers are but no reply yet to that question. https://stores.a-resto-parts.com/
  7. Anyone have any experience with Proforged brand?
  8. Anybody know which brand of ball joints and steering components is the best quality?
  9. Anybody know who sells a new sender for a reasonable price?
  10. The glove box door is made of aluminum. Is this correct? Constant pulling up on the lower left corner bends up that corner? Has any one had success in returning their door to straight condition?
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