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  1. Can this be fixed from the joystick itself or from the actual mirror assembly.? thx
  2. I had my driver door re-painted and when they delivered the car back to my shop I noticed that when I sat in the car I could not adjust the mirror down. I moved the adjustment around but the mirror points up and sideways and cannot get it to point downwards. My question is “ What could they have done wrong when they re-installed the mirror and remote wire to the door..and can I fix this myself or do I have to take the door apart. Your help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Looking for rally wheels for my car and came across these. Since the original 65 rally’s are impossible to find will these fit.?
  4. All done.. Thanks for all you comments and pics... what do you think?
  5. Thanks to both Seafoam and Bill for you pics. It's exactly what I needed to see. Now I can put it all together. I really like the way Bill attached the tire iron to the arm... How is it attached? Tape? Velcro?
  6. Asking for help...I want my tire jack to look correct in my trunk..I found the original hook and spring but don’t know how it’s put in place. Any photos of the correct setup would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Thank you very much. Just ordered one on Amazon. Hope it works...
  8. Hi All, want to remove the wire covers off my 65 Riv. I don't want to damage the covers with the wrong tool or procedure. Any help in doing this would be greatly appreciated... Devjas
  9. Hello to all the Riviera gang members. I want to introduce myself as a first time poster and member to this forum. I happen to be the person that purchased the Black 65 Riviera at Barrett Jackson last Friday, docket #971. My bid of 59K got me this beautiful car. It's as nice as the photos show. I flew down from Canada just to bid on this car and was not going home without it.. Look forward to this forum in the future. Hope this helps everyone with there 65 values in the future. I really feel that the 63-65 Rivs are the next big thing in the luxury collector car craze. Hope this answers the curiosity question of the Barrett Riv..... Thanks.....