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  1. Thanks Mike I will check it out and see if that will solve the problem.
  2. I am in the process of changing the hose.I know this was a problem in the 20s with the long hose and in mid year 25 they added the bridge pipe and the solved the problem.The strange thing is it doesn't do it all of the time.
  3. My 23 Buick model 50 has been sitting for a couple of months and I took both Buicks out for some exercise the other day and was warming them up and after about 15 minute at a medium fast idle the 23 started pouring it's radiator water out on the ground via the overflow pipe.I don't mean a little trickle it would have drained the whole system.When I put it back in the garage it continued to leak for over an hour.It was not running hot and the radiator was not overfilled.A week later I topped of all the fluids and drove it 10 miles and it did not leak a drop.I took it to an event last saturday night and had no trouble with it until I was warming it up after the event was over and a guy told me I must have blown a radiator hose and when I opened the hood it was pouring out of the overflow tube like before.The strange thing is it does not show any pattern in doing this.I did notice one thing the bottom hose appears to be very thin and flimsy and may be sucking closed at times.Does anyone think that this could be causing the problem?
  4. Thanks Brad, I haven't gotten it out on the road since I got them all installed but with a few of them in while I was sorting them out I didn't notice much wind noise but did get some noticeable glass rattle.Tomorrow night I plan to take it to a local cruise in and will get a better idea about the noise but with the thicker glass I am expecting it to be a lot quieter.
  5. Here are the pics of the Glass curtains installed.Note the little tab on the sixth picture of the drivers window so the driver could slide it to hand signal turns.
  6. I got the new Glass installed in the curtains and am happy as I can be.It was a little tricky getting the tiny wood screws down in the narrow channel and the wide glass has no room for the side packing so it has cushioning only on the bottom.I have them installed on the car and will have some pics on here of the finished project shortly.
  7. I have always used Autolite 3076 in mine and have been very happy with them.They are readily available from my local Napa store and they also fit good under the Spark Plug Cover.
  8. Has anyone received their latest Hemmings yet? I got mine this morning and in the buicks for sale section there is a 1925 Buick model 25 for sale for$16,000.It has a folding top and what appears to be Glass curtains.The car is located in Connecticut.This continues to get more confusing all the time.By the way the glass shop is finishing up my glass order to be picked up Friday Morning I am getting exited.
  9. When I bought my 25A in 2006 and got it home and tried to drive it the temperature rose up quickly to the boiling point.I removed it and took it to my radiator man and was told that it had a zig zag core and could not be rodded out.After vatting and flushing it was found that someone had epoxied the lower tank on and it actually came off during the vatting procedure.The radiator was also found to be totally rusted out and was useless.After severall months of looking for a usable radiator I called American Honey comb radiator in Bowdoin Maine.At the time the price was $3,000 to recore it and They also had a 1 year waiting list.That was a tough pill to swallow but they did a concours job on it and now I run a Gano filter on it so nothing but liquid enters the radiator.My car now runs perfectly cool even on the hottest summer days.
  10. If it turns out to be your switch Bob's has all of the parts and does a perfect rebuild of your switch however the only parts you can buy to rebuild it yourself are whats in their catalog.When I decided to rebuild mine I found out that someone had modified the housing and used parts other than original so even though I had bought all of the parts from Bob's that he was willing to sell I had to have them rebuild it.
  11. Thanks Larry that is a beautiful 25A now I am not feeling as lonely.I never noticed any back then in the directory I must have missed them Somehow.One thing I noticed about it at one time The Buick Club quit showing the A designation and I mentioned it To Pete Phillips and he was going to check on it at the time.The windows are a real important part of the 25A and I hope this car has them.
  12. Larry I am willing to bet it is not a real 25A.So if your's has the eyelets in the doors all of the doors are the same and could be used on either fixed top or folding top cars.I may have the only 25A in existence.At least the only running and driving one.They must not care much about that car except trying to make a killing on it at over 30 grand.I would love to know what model number is on the data plate.
  13. I disassembled the other windows to get glass to use as patterns and took the glasses to the glass shop.They told me that they don't have any glass that thin and that all their glass is now laminated.I was hoping to use laminated glass anyway but it is half again thicker.I got the glass cutter to cut me a sample so I could take it Home and see if it would work in the channels.He also has a thinner felt that comes by the foot in a big roll.You can cut it with a razor blade and I got a sample of that as well .It turns out that The channel can handle the thicker glass bearly with the thinner felt but still can slide perfectly.The thicker glass will cut down on the glass rattling. My only challenge is the thinner felt is not as formable as the thicker stuff and will be harder to get the wood screws back in.Also the thicker glass in the rear fixed window will not allow me to use the original bead to hold the glass in but the glass man said he could glue them in with a special glue that would work with these materials.He assured me that this would be a lot better than tacking them in.He is going to handle the installation on those and guarantees my satisfaction.I should be getting everything back by next Thursday and will get back to work on them.The rack is coming along too and will Have a roomy padded shelf For each one and the padding will allow me to place them in there leather side down so they can lay perfectly flat and protect the fragile glass. I am also including a compartment custom made for the summer wind wings while they are removed from the car to use the windows.The rack will also feature casters so it can be easily moved around the shop.
  14. Larry,If it is a real 25A it would not have a folding top unless he did what Leon did and converted it which I doubt it.Another thing is mine has snaps down the side for snap in curtains which are useless and I am wondering does Your car has the eyelet on top of the door? Since mine has unused snaps I thought maybe Buick built all of the doors alike to be used on different models.If that was the case someone might have bought a set of glass windows back when they were more available and put it on a folding top car.Hugh sent ma an email with his Name and number and my curiosity is peaking so I may have to try and contact Him
  15. Larry I remember about someone talking about glass window curtains on a another car on this forum several years ago. Hugh sent me a man's name and phone number if I remember right was in Connecticut that has a 25A and he also mentioned that you had spoken to him about the car.I am thinking of calling him and discuss his car.I would think that a 45A would be super rare and a 44A OR a 24A would be even rarer. I have never seen a dividing curtain like that before and I don't see a 25 49 A listed in the standard catalog of Buick. I did notice a model 26 49 enclosed Touring listed but it didn't have an A with it.I am thinking there must not be many of the glass curtain sets around anywhere. I have disassembled three so far and have an appointment with a glass specialist in the morning.I am hoping to replace the glass with safety glass if it is of the same width.If everything works out I am planning on changing all of the curtains with safety glass.I am hoping to find some kind of channel packing so I can replace the old worn out packing.The only place I checked with was restoration supply catalog and didn't see anything I can use.
  16. I have always wondered how rare these 25 A cars are since I never hear of any on this Forum and the Buick Club Roster never mentioned any other than mine.
  17. Ben they were a regular production in 25 designated as the 25A but weren't very successful and didn't return in 26.
  18. People complained to Buick about the convertible tops saying that they loved the surrey type tops in the summer but never cared to put the tops down and would freeze to death in the winter with the plastic curtains.Buick's answer was the enclosed touring which had a soft top just like the convertible but had solid runners and was not foldable and had these glass windows and a rear seat heater.They made a total of 4450 Tourings and 1725 enclosed Roadsters which 2000 Tourings and 1000 Roadsters were exported so these were rare even in 25. They were not the hit that Buick thought they would be and didn't return for 26. Brad you are right about traveling out with them as they do take up a lot of space and you can't change your mind.I have never had an interest in making the heater functional and I am missing the front floor lever and would like to put the lever in it and make it look like it works.My 23 Buick has the lever and it wouldn't be too hard to make one.
  19. Brad that was a mid year improvement because the hoses back in those days didn't have much support like what we have today and those long hoses would suck together and cause cooling problems. That support pipe fixed the problem but caused a head ache to the mechanic that replaced hoses on it.
  20. I thought it would be interesting to explain the installation and operation a little farther.If you look at the sixth picture you will see the slide rod that runs the length of the window .This lets the spring pin slide so the whole curtain can be moved forward or backward.Without this adjustability it would be a nightmare to install these and be able to open and close the doors.The triangle far rear window has to be installed first and tapped all the way back and has two eyelets on the bottom for two machine screws.Once these are in there is a lever at the top that you turn over and it locks in a slot.Then rear door glass can be installed.First you insert the rear spring pin in the hole on the top of the door and line up the front collar with the two tapped holes on the door and install a bolt on both sides.The front installs the same way as the back one does except it has to be snapped on the two pins on the back of the windshield frame and finally the windshield tilt wingbolt must be removed and inserted into the top hole and the wingbolts are then reinstalled.Also I forgot to mention that the wind wings have to be removed before installing these on the car.
  21. Brad once they are installed they open perfectly with the doors and have handles on each one to close the doors from the inside. Also the door glasses slide so they can be open or closed.By the way that casting I got from you came out perfect and is residing under the hood on the rebuilt engine.I can't thank you enough!
  22. Thanks Hugh, They are in real good shape and I designed a rolling rack to store them in when not in use that I am in process of building.On the rear one the glass is held in with a felt bead around it that is tacked in that makes it easier to install glass in as it can be its own template. My exploratory surgery on the rear of them will be easy to repair and made perfect.
  23. I think I got it figured out.The bottom window channel holds in both glasses and after removing the jute packing I found three wood screws that holds the channel in.After removing the screws the channel comes out from the rear with the glass with no damage to the unit.There were two wood screws on the lower rear panel and after removing the screws the panel has enough room for the channel to come by it.I am breathing easier since the 96 year old leather was left unscathed.
  24. I am a little nervous about fooling with these especially the original leather which is in good condition.I am using one as a Guinea Pig and am being very careful to peel back just enough leather to reveal the corners.You would think that even in 25 they would have put some type of screws in one end so you could remove one piece to replace replace the glass which I would think that was often with the plate glass.They did put a lot of thought in them as to the adjust ability and tight fit. Once they are in they are are quite water proof and you don't get a lot of wind noise but you do get some glass rattle.