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  1. I have three that are running but like button only registered one
  2. Thanks Hemi, will check with them, next thing is getting the broken end of the gear out of the gear box,
  3. Does anyone know where I can get the Speedometer drive gear that goes in the 5-speed gear box.
  4. They are available at Clips and fasteners .com on line.
  5. I am in SC and have TC's, do you know if they are Automatics or 5-Speeds and do they have clean titles, what colors are they.
  6. I would like to purchase these from you email: m.farnaby@att.net
  7. Try Dorman trunk motor Housing #747-001
  8. I could use at least three, one for each of my 16 valves
  9. I have five TC's, my two five speeds are on the list #203945 and #205895 but the other three are not (all automatics) so here they are: #201392 Yellow-Ginger but now Exotic Red, no CD but yes on Fuzzy Speakers, #201488 Yellow-Ginger, no CD but yes on Fuzzy Speakers, #204481 Royal Cabernet-Bordeaux, no CD but yes on Fuzzy speakers. Thanks for all your work on this list - Mel
  10. Hi Mike, This is Mel in Myrtle Beach, SC, I bought some more parts from you on E-Bay on Saturday and was looking for the Gas Cap release lever that is located on the floor at the drivers side of the vehicle, could you contact me at m.farnaby@att.net.
  11. I would be interested the interior: seats, console, door panels, speaker covers etc to go in my 90 tc (5) speed. Mel m.farnaby@att.net
  12. I will take two one to replace the leaker on my 16valve and one for a spare. Thanks Mel
  13. Anybody have any interior trim parts that are Royal Cabernet color, bought one with messed up interior and need carpet, seats, center console and door panels, don't see any on e-bay.
  14. I have changed a couple of these out on my TC's and found the easiest way was to remove the accumulator with the stem together from the pump body by using a wrench on the stalk, then get the stalk in a vise and a wrench on the bottom of the accumulator where the hex is and loosen it from the stem. Be careful when going back together not to cross thread the stem into the body and make sure the "O" ring is in place.
  15. Thanks I will check out the fuse and see if thats the culprit
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