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  1. I have three that are running but like button only registered one
  2. Thanks Hemi, will check with them, next thing is getting the broken end of the gear out of the gear box,
  3. Does anyone know where I can get the Speedometer drive gear that goes in the 5-speed gear box.
  4. I could use at least three, one for each of my 16 valves
  5. I have five TC's, my two five speeds are on the list #203945 and #205895 but the other three are not (all automatics) so here they are: #201392 Yellow-Ginger but now Exotic Red, no CD but yes on Fuzzy Speakers, #201488 Yellow-Ginger, no CD but yes on Fuzzy Speakers, #204481 Royal Cabernet-Bordeaux, no CD but yes on Fuzzy speakers. Thanks for all your work on this list - Mel
  6. I will take two one to replace the leaker on my 16valve and one for a spare. Thanks Mel
  7. Could you please send me the Odometer Gear replacement instructions, I have two 89's with busted odometers. My e-mail is m.farnaby@att.net Thanks Mel
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