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  1. Just came across this thread, so please forgive the late response. First off..BEAUTIFUL '65GS!! I hope you're still enjoying it. As the owner of a very nice, unrestored non- GS, I track values regularly and yours is EXACTLY the car I'd like to own. Nothing against the frame off resto cars, and my preference would be original patina, coz they're only original once. You asked for opinions, and though it may be irrelevant at this late date, personally, in my mid America area market, I'd ballpark it @ $70k currently. By the way, I admire and respect your desire to try to get it to someone who will appreciate what it is. Art
  2. 60........'65 highly optioned, "one repaint survivor" Art
  3. My wife does a remarkably good job at this. Although she IS "removable" at car shows, initial cost and ongoing maintenace can be prohibitive. TPFIC Art ROA#12350
  4. GM starters are notorious for this problem, and the cold water test, as Ed suggested, should confirm it. Had the same problem with mine, and a professionally rebuilt starter solved the problem for good. Art ROA#12350
  5. Is only one cv rebuild kit needed? I'm in the middle of rebuilding my driveshaft, though I think the carrier bearing and support are the only "broken" parts, I figure I may as well do it all, while I've got the shaft out. My local drivetrain "speciaist" is wanting to replace the entire unit by replacing the differential yoke and building a one piece replacement shaft. has anyone else gone this route? I'd prefer to stay "original" if practical, but the shop is insisting the one piece is the BETTER and CHEAPER way to go. I have my doubts. Art ROA#12350
  6. WOW!! Very nice color! Then I noticed the building in the background. My band used to play in the rotating club on the top floor. Ive got a white '65 that I drive around town quite a bit. Drop me a line at my email below when you get a chance. Art ROA#12350 bluzharp4u@yahoo.com
  7. WTG Ed!!! RivNut to the rescue!!! As a side note I thought others might find helpful........From my experience, I've found that The chain parts stores, NAPA, Auto Zone, O'Reillys, etc.,often show that they don't stock different parts like water pumps, starters, etc, or they give you the wrong part(usually for a later model 400) when you specify the 401 engine. I've had much better luck locating these items if I specify the 425, since all the accessory items are the same on both engines. Anyone else experience the same thing? Art Bohn ROA#12350
  8. My '65 was ordered "tilt delete" even though it is heavily optioned, including power vent windows, so it wasn't a matter of someone being too "cheap" to order it. Being a relatively new feature, the thought of a moving steering wheel, with the possibility of it malfunctioning, was not something everyone was excited about having. I can tell you from my experience in the car business, that "new" technology isn't always warmly received. The best fairly recent example I can think of was early ABS brakes which a LOT of people HATED the feel of and didn't trust the technology. I do have a tilt column and steering box for a '65, if anyone is interested, I'd consider selling them. Art Bohn ROA#12350
  9. Can anyone direct me to a suitable, over the counter, engine paint for a '65 401? It's kind of a light turquoise in it's present original condition. Im having the timing chain and gears, and water pump replaced and would like to match as close to original as possible. Thanks! Art ROA#12350
  10. I know of a couple of guys who have installed the Vintage Air Gen IV units in first generation Rivieras. It really cleans up the engine compartment as well. When I get to my computer at home, I'll post a couple of pictures if you'd like to see what a Vintage Air installation looks like. Ed Yes Ed, I'd be interested in seeing the pictures. I considered going this way, but my car is original except for a 12yr old repaint, carpet, and headliner, so I thought I'd try to stay as close to original as practical. Wish I had the $$$ and time to do a custom, but only on a car that needed extensive work and I'd definately go the Vintage Air route on it, or one without factory A/C. Believe me, I'd LOVE NOTHING BETTER than to eliminate the needlessly complex vacuum controls, hoses, and reservoirs. Art
  11. Thanks to all for responses to my A/C questions. There seems to be some conflicting opinions (What a Suprise!)) I've ordered an evaporator from Old Air Products in Ft. Worth, have a new expansion valve, dbl groove A6, drier, and have contacted Joel Haffner in St. Louis about rebuilding the hoses. Still trying to locate a condensor and muffler, and waiting on response from Classic Auto Air in Tampa, but my past experience with them has been VERY long turnaround time. Anyone else had this experience with them, or maybe I was just unlucky?? Im going to go ahead and replace the water pump and timing chain and sprockets while I've got the radiator and condensor out of the way. I understand you can eliminate the muffler, but it will be noisy without it. Also been told that there are filters that can be installed in-line to prevent contaminant damage to compressor, expansion valve, and evaporator. Anyone have any experience with these filters? I've already done the STV "update" Thanks Again!! Art
  12. Can anyone direct me to a source for new replacement a/c condensor and evaporator? My system has been "open" for an unknown period of time and the shop I'm using says there appears to be "scaling" and contamination of the whole system. I apparently also need a "muffler" The only item I've been able to track down is the condensor, at Old Air Products, Ft Worth, and also Classic Auto Air in Tampa. $290, $250 respectively. Any opinions on cleaning/flushing the evaporator? It's in good external condition, with no leaks. Can the "muffler" be cleaned/re-conditioned? Thanks! Art
  13. No kidding! The "30 days out of round" makes me a little nervous as well. As I said, I'm a longhaul truckdriver, usually out 12-13 days, then home 3 or 4. 30 days would be about 50-100 miles on my Riv at most. Some warranty! They looked GREAT on my white 66 Caprice though, and would look even better on the Riv. All personal taste I guess. Art Bohn
  14. Thanks for the link Ed! Unfortunately, as you can see by their info, they aren't offering the 5x5" pattern. Too bad, because I think they'd be ideal on my white '65. Art (ROA#12350)
  15. I had a set of 30 spoke Starwires on a 66 Caprice I owned and thought they looked GREAT! Wish I could find another set for my white '65 Riv. I like the "Beefy" look of the 30 spokes. My factory Rallys are going to need a re-chrome before long if I can find a decent chromer near me, and it would give me a good excuse to change. Chrome plating is getting to be a lost art what with all the EPA regs and such. Art
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