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Found 19 results

  1. I need to replace some tires on my '48 Chrysler Windsor and I am not sure how to safely remove the white trim rings from the wheel before I take the rims to the shop. Also, as a matter of curiosity, I was wondering if someone might know if the stainless rings were originally an option for the Windsor or if they were only for the T&C, etc. I have also seen pictures of cars with the rings a color that matches the body (including a couple of Canadian Chrysler ads). Was that a factory option in the states?
  2. Wanting to purchase one 16" artillery style wheel as found on 34 Studebaker. 5 x 5-1/2" lug pattern. I have three 17" wheels I would consider selling or trading in exchange for one last 16" I require. Any help would be appreciated. E-mail for more dimensions or photos please. dusty1313@cox.net .
  3. Ok - I searched both the Pre War and Post War forums on this subject. So the Dante Red was an engine color for 1 year (I forget which - late 40's), and it's a wheel color for numerous years. As such Hirsch sells this color. I would appreciate if anyone who has some of the Hirsch paint could send me a sample, ideally sprayed over some primer or maybe on white paper or card stock (or a scrap of tape or masking paper, etc.). My purpose is to have a sample to use to get as close to this color as possible with powder coat at my local powder coat shop for the wheels on my '51 76R. I had the wheels powder coated for my '51 41D, but for that one I just picked a red from the "in stock" colors. From photos, it appears as though it came out somewhat too bright / light / to the orange side. But since I'm not doing a per-original restoration on the 41D, I'm not really worried about it. And now, with the hubcaps on, there's only the little ring of red that shows anyway, which looks good enough for what that car is. I did do a little extra that someone on here suggested and had the tire shop use the stick-on internal weights so there's no hammer-on weights visible. But for the 76R, I'd like to get closer to the original color. If this works out, I'll publish the powder coat info (as close as I can do by eye with picking a non-custom-mix "catalog" color from the powder coater). Thanks!
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181437692672?item=181437692672&viewitem=&vxp=mtr I have for sale a Banjo wheel front what seems to be a Buick Super 8. It is a part that one of my customers ( I own an antique boat shop) gave me in a box of "extra parts". I know many boat enthusiasts use these as steering wheels, but a lot of interest has faded in the antique boat world, so here it is for the antique car world! I have this posted on eBay for what I think seems to be a fair starting price, but if any of you want to clue me in on the true value Id be very appreciative!
  5. So my GS is a pretty low mile original, but it was not stored well for many years. It now runs like a top and my dad did a pretty darn good driveway paint job on it, but there is just light surface rust on many of the surfaces in the engine bay. I am in no position to handle a frame off restore on the car, besides, it runs and drives to well as it is.....most of what it needs is only cosmetic so I'm going to be handling all of this I can as a frame-on refreshing. I've removed the passenger front wheel and hub and am cleaning it and installing new inner and outer bearings. I pressure washed the inside of the wheel well to remove the old 50% gone, 100% cracked and peeling underlayment. I removed the Antenna access plate and replaced the original broken antenna with a spare I had. Removed all the passenger side engine bay accessories, pressure washed the sheet metal and low pressure washed around the motor along with a pick, screwdriver and toothbrush. Then a gentle degrease and rinse, prime and paint. I'll reassemble the wheel and well, then clean and replace the accessories. It came with an old set of aluminum AllState air horns that I may attempt to restore and replace although the original horns work fine. Here are some pictures: I'll post more pics as I progress. Trying to be done with the engine bay and both front wheels and wells by the end of the weekend. I know it's wishful thinking.
  6. Looking for replacement lug bolt for wood wheels. The bolt is approximately 3" long, about 7/16" diameter. The top of the head has one half of it bent up to clamp onto the wheel. My husband got a little strong tightening back on the wheels and snapped two off. Looking for a source to purchase these?
  7. L.S. I am working on a publication about the archaeological stuff found in a filled in canal in Amsterdam (Netherlands). At the moment we're focussing on the automobile finds. One of them is a Ford-wheel. Propably out ot the twenties. Is there someone who knows to what Ford model it belonged. And in what year these type of wheels were produced. AACA-member Sambarn thought it was a '29-'31 Model A wood (artillery-style) wheel. But he of she wasn't quite sure (thanks! Sambarn). Fanta Voogd - Amsterdam
  8. :confused: Two weeks ago I jumped into a thread (my first time on this forum) posted a year or so ago about help identifying the car to which a "Sheller #2" banjo wheel belongs. That one had the center of the hub cut out. I also have a "Sheller #2, in pretty nice shape, but in talking to many people, both in wheel restoration and antique boats (and here, on this forum), I am still waiting for someone to give me a positive id. (Mine is not a Ford--it doesn't have a keyway). In the meantime, a friend said he recently saw an article in one of the old car magazines about nothing but antique steering wheels. Anyone out there know when and where this article was published? Or who wrote it? Many thanks for any tips. David
  9. Could someone who has stainless steel trim rings for a postwar Chrysler (mine is a '48 Windsor Sedan) help me? I'm trying to find trim rings for my driver, but I find the people on eBay often are not sure what they have. I need to know the dimensions of the trim rings that fit my 15" wheels ( 7.60x15 tires) with 11" hub caps (in other words, I need the outer diameter of the trim ring and the diameter of the center opening where the hubcap goes). I know Chrysler made a 10" hubcap because I have one (came with the car) though it doesn't fit anything I have. I'm guessing there are Chrysler trim rings out there that fit some wheel (14"?) with a 10" hubcap. I do not want to pay money for what will not fit. I see on eBay a set of trim rings the guy thinks fit a postwar Chrysler, but he descibes them as 15" outside diameter and 9 3/4" inside opening. My 15" wheels are actually about 16 3/8" in diameter, so I'm guessing these are for a smaller wheel and a smaller hubcap ( maybe the 10"). I am only guessing, though, because I do not have a trim ring to measure. Could someone actually measure their 15" wheel's stainless steel trim rings outside diameter and inside opening?
  10. I already have 2, just need 2 more (15x7 JJ). Thxs
  11. Do wheels that fit a 89 Le Baron fit a 89 TC?:confused:
  12. I have a 62 Special Wagon 4 lug , and looking for a 13" steel wheel If you have one, can you email me with detais price etc.. Im in Az, thanks motorsport_svx@yahoo.com
  13. I'm going to be looking for some spoke wheels in the near future to fit a '64 / '65 Riv. I've seen pictures of these on the early Rivs and I really like the look. Where is the best place to look for these? Thanks, -BEPNewt
  14. Hello All, Quick question…how do you remove the steering wheel lock from the column in 1936 Buick Series 40. The wheel is not locked. (Lost the keys when bought). The little nut that is supposed to have the twist off head is still there!! No drilling. The lock has a little hole that looks like you can put a paper clip in there. OR BETTER YET. Can I take out the glove box lock and have a lock smith make me a key somehow…It would be easier and cheaper, plus I would have one key to do the doors, truck, ign and glove box. (just like my 49 buick) Thanks Robert
  15. I've been lucky enough to come upon an original 1964 Pontiac GTO Steering Wheel. This wheel was an option available only for one year. The wheel has been stored indoors, out of the harmful sunlight, and is in great condition. The only real flaws are on the horn button, which is usual as it's made from low quality material. The horn button and Pontiac logo are a cheap replacement. Personally, I like the button as it's original and has the part/model number in it and is solid, unlike the replacement parts. I'm asking for $1,100, which covers shipping. I've seen cracked and damaged wheels of this model go for this much on Ebay. I have a craigslist ad up located here: 1964 Pontiac GTO Steering Wheel (Original Option) You can also contact me by email or phone with any questions or offers. koniferus@gmail.com 1.304.997.2760 Also, if I've broken any forum rules in this post, let me know so I can edit.
  16. Picked up a 1935 dodge or desoto wheel...is there any way to tell the difference? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. After cleaning the garage out, I've put these two rims on ebay: 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556391713 end time Oct-30-10 12:21:17 PDT) 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556390787 end time Oct-30-10 12:18:52 PDT) Note they both have a buy-it-now for $60 and specified that, if a bid has not been made yet, I've reserved the right to cancel the auction. If any AACA member is interested in them, I'll let them go for $50 a piece with actual shipping cost (which will likely be around $20). I'm in CT, if you want to come pick them up and save on shipping costs. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com (203) 526-3763
  18. I need a spanner wrench for #5 Buffalo wire wheels on my 1927 LaSalle. please email me if you have one or know where I can get one. Thanks, John Micciche
  19. I recently bought some parts for a 1952 pilothouse. The deal came with both piece of corner glass. These are some of the more harder parts to find for these trucks. I will be using the other part but already have spare glass so don't really need these. Would anyone here like to to trade my glass for your spare 16" Dodge wheel of similar vintage? I'm looking to use stock hubcap's so it will need to have the dodge particular clips. And, in case you don't need my glass but are willing to part with your spare Dodge wheel, let me know. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com
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