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  1. 12 hours ago, Brett Hulen said:

    I spoke with Eleanor today regarding her 1958 Imperial and what a pleasure it was conversing with her!  One of the first things she asked me was why was I interested and how old I was.  I am a very young 71 and had previously owned a 1958 Crown Imperial 4 door sedan, and my father owned a 1957 Crown Imperial 4 door sedan as well.  I always kidded him that mine had 20 more horsepower!  I recall one day Dad and I were driving from Yreka, California to Bend, Oregon for the Oregon State Old Time Fiddling Contest.  I was driving Dad's 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 with the 312 Thunderbird Special engine.  A 1957 Imperial passed us and Dad said to me "Let's catch up to it as I want to look at it".  As a young man in my early 20's I was up for the chase! A long story short, we never could catch them and I had that little Ford wound up pretty tight to the extent Dad became a little concerned with our speed and reluctantly we gave up.  Those Imperials with the 392's would run forever.  The 392 in my opinion was one of the best engines ever built in the 50's and is a sentiment shared by Big Daddy Don Garlits.  I hope to drive up and take a look at her Imperial, now just need to see if I can make room in my garage.

    It would be worth it to see the car just to meet Eleanor!

    Do it!

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  2. I too sold a ton of Atlas parts at an Enco station in N. Seattle.

    Used to know the application for a lot of the part #'s.....not anymore!

    Better search ebay for a cheap Atlas parts book. If that's a possibility on ebay anymore.

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  3. 8 hours ago, caddy60s said:

    Can anybody tell me about a check valve in the gas tank & if it could get stuck and not allow fuel from the tank. Would there be a way of resolving the problem?




    No check valve in the tank. There is a pancake looking permanent oilite fuel filter in the tank... not 

    serviceable. It can plug up...easy enough to check that.

    Also there is a special 1/2" long brass bushing that goes into the tank fuel line fitting before the steel line is screwed to the fuel tank. It seals the external line to the internal fuel tank line. With out it you will have a partial suction leak and the pump cannot suck fuel out of the tank to capacity...IE fuel starvation.


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  4. There is a "oilite" tank filter.

    Not accessible. Some run a stiff wire thru it to bust it open.

    Others tank the tank to a pro to have the tank cleaned and the filter removed.

  5. On some B and B carbs that had no Squirt I pull the carb top off.

    Then make sure the fuel bowl is full of gas. Then grab the very top of the pump plunger and pull it up and release it watching for any signs of fuel bubbling up around the pump plunger leather cup ...if so meaning the pump leather cup has shrunk up. There is a small coil spring behind that leather cup which helps keep it expanded.

    I have many times used a pen point to re-flare outward the leather cup to temporarily fix a no squirt accelerator pump problem.

    Another very common reason for weak or no squirt is the pump jet where the fuel squirts out is plugged. With that issue I simply use a soft wire to clear it out. Might take a couple try's. I also sometimes quickly remove the aluminum plug net to it and unscrew the jet to clean it... always during a rebuild.

    Fill the bowl with fuel and make sure the pump plunger pushes a good strong squirt of fuel out the accelerator venturi jet to be sure after a rebuild or quick fix job.

    The middle picture is just showing a very dirty pump jet. The hole in it is not the one that plugs up. The hole that can plug up is at the end of the jet that is at the venturi wall.... bottom picture.

    C38 Carter carb internal parts ID.JPG

    Carter B and B Acceleraton passage Ball Plug (1).JPG


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  6. The carb should be a Carter Ball and Ball D6H2.

    ***The accelerator pump leather possibly has shrunk up..

    ***The accelerator pump jet located behind the aluminum plug is blocked with debris

    ***Or one of the check balls is stuck or missing.

    Simple carb to rebuild if you have done carbs before.


  7. On 2/14/2021 at 12:10 PM, Bob Barrett said:

    I occasionally see a post where folks bemoan the fact that people ask a question and then never follow up if/when they find an answer. So.......here's "the rest of the story".  These horns were apparently made by E.A. Laboratories in Brooklyn, NY. ca. 1940's. Some examples that I found had identifying decals on the relays which may well have worn off on my set. E.A. Laboratories was the leader in musical auto horns at that time, as well as supplying most of the major auto makers with a wide variety of horns, windshield wipers, heaters, etc.

    I found a history of the company on The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange forum:  thecabe.com/forum/threads/good-ea-laboratories-article.153493/  . It's an interesting piece of automobile industry history.

    Incidentally, these 5 trumpet sets seem to be difficult to find. The hours of research digging for information turned up a number of 3 and a few 4 trumpet sets. However, only 1 incomplete 5 trumpet set showed up (the only one I've found after many years of searching). Although I expect that there are more out there considering the size of the manufacturer.

    That's about it, but I would still welcome any additional facts.

    Thanks,  Bob

    I have been watching this thread for a long time...

    I thank you for your answer.

    I am the original poster.

    I have learned plenty from this thread.👍


  8. On 8/30/2020 at 1:05 PM, warren mcdonald said:

    Hi, I am very new to both this forum and to the 50 Desoto I have. So lots of questions to begin with.

    1.  All the wiring has been cut out, will it be better to rewire for 12 volts.

    2. Although I have the fluid drive trans, is there any standard trans that can be used in place of fluid drive

    3. Do I really want to do all this.

    Seems like you might need to find a car more to your liking.

    Too many things to remove and replace with non original parts.

    A twin stick Rambler would be nice.

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