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  1. When you crank the engine over long enough do you have oil pressure?

    If yes the timing chain and cam drive gear are OK.

    If the distributor still does not turn....

    .....distributor drive tang/shaft that fits into the oil pump is damaged.

    .....the correct distributor is not fully inserted down into the block hole and tightened down properly

    .....The 3/8" shorter Plymouth or Dodge distributor has been installed...won't reach the oil pump drive

    Maybe none of the above is even the issue.


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  2. You can drive these M-5/ M-6 transmissions just like a 4 speed if you use the "Shift-Rite" shift knob or set one up on the shifter cover and lever.

    No full throttle kick down required...smooth silent up down shifting when you want it.

    Makes these cars effortless to drive.

  3. I have kept up a 1948 NewYorker for a older man for over 30+ years.

    He loved that car...drove it to many many events over the years.

    It was black with a green plastic dash and seats.

    He recently passed away sadly.

    I own a 48 8 cylinder T&C I've had for over 40 years.

    Out on the open road is the sweet spot for these cars.

    Good luck and fun ahead with your car!


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  4. Is the fuse holder on the trans relay getting hot?

    You most likely have a short either in the relay...not likely or the small fuse insulator ( at the bottom of fuse socket) is missing.

    Or the red wire feeding the transmission solenoid and or the dash pot wire on top of the carb has come undone and shorted to ground.

    Just a few possibilities.

    But why did you need to have the trans relay rebuilt in the first place...?

    Usually the only problem with them is loss of voltage thru the fuse holder because of corrosion.

  5. Prices for rebuilding carburetors is ridiculous these days...especially on these Carter Ball and Ball 1 barrels.

    They use a brass float.

    Simple to adjust and check for failure.

    The vacuum operated step up piston can stick up off it's seat causing excessive fuel use...a fairly common issue.

    "My MoPar" site has all the original 1947-67  Chrysler Corp. technical service films you can watch online...including one on that Carter 1 barrel carburetor.

    Carter B&B Step Up System.JPG

    C38 Carter carb internal parts ID.JPG

  6. Why not just just pour the gear oil into the standard size suction gun. Same capacity as a grease gun.

    Then just one long push of the suction gun handle and all the gear oil is in the trans.

    These suction guns have a foot long hose on them.

    Buy a good one and it won't even leak like the cheap Chinese ones!

    Been doing it this way for years.

    suction gun.jpg

  7. All my photos all are stored correctly in my android photo gallery I use to post online.

    I post a correctly orientated photo say to here....ends up sideways or upside down.

    Yet at times I'll post that same picture on another site and all is well.

    I wish after I post a picture to a forum I could rotate it there if a problem but no.

    I have posted hundreds and hundreds of pictures to  online forums.

    Most with no issues.

    So frustrating that I give up and bail out like on this post.


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  8. 1 hour ago, mike6024 said:

    Discarded his picture apparently.

    My.pictures now load sideways or upside down.

    I rotate them....they rotate another way.

    So I'm too frustrated to post anymore pictures. Been thru this problem before.

    It stated about a month ago.

    Hate these kind of issues...searched for easy solutions via Google and others...too complicated for me.

  9. Intake manifold relationship to head machining issue.....vacuum leakage. 

    Take plenty of time to check manifold fit up to heads and block deck.

    A lot of info to read about this problem online.

    Use a engine hoist for easy controllable R&R of this boat anchor intake..

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