Andy Copeland

Studebaker President Speedster Build

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Hi Andy


 I'm in NSW, a friend of mine is thinking of building a replica Indy cay, but at this point in time has not done anything.


I have a 1929 President Eight Brooklands Sports Tourer recreation. See attached photo.


It's been 20 years since I built my car. I had cast iron brake drums and splined hubs made and wheels with Jaguar wheel centres.


It's been a long time, but I may be able to find the supplier, if you are interested.


Do you have anymore of the 28 President. I'm looking for the interior lights that are located either side of the rear window.


 Please contact me by email or phone, I am the Vice President of the NSW branch of the Studebaker Car Club of Australia. My details are in the Historical  Studebaker Register of Australia membership list or the Studebaker Car Club of Australia membership list. or magazine.



John Grant


Copy of T291404061.JPG

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Hi John great to hear of other presidents in Australia. What is your estimate of registered presidents in Aus.  Yours looks really nice congratulations, I am going to paint mine red as well. I’ll be sure to look into the Aus register as its good to make contact with like minded people close by.  


I dont have have any other President parts, I only have limited running gear and a chassis.


Details for someone who could cast drums locally would be wonderfull.  If you have an opportunity please also share some photos of the front brakes. 


Cheers Andy 

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Hi Andy


According to the Historical Studebaker Register there are 7 1928s, 9 1929s and 4 1930s, various body styles 


Not all of these would be on the road. You should join the Historical Studebaker Register. Subscription is very cheap. Contact Dave Pink to join, you will find his details on Google.


The brake drums were a long time ago, these are the details from 20 years ago. Neville Pearce  Phone 03 5998 5407,  Fax 03 59985318, 1910 Ballarto Road Clyde 3978, (finned cast-iron brake drums).


I have a contact that can supply you a 28 radiator  and shell, bonnet and cowl. email or phone me if you want details.




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