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  1. I'm looking for interior corner lights to suit FE Studebaker President 1928-1930. Other model Studebakers or other makes of cars may be similar, see pic. I'm not fussed if they are not the same as the one in the pic. John
  2. I'm looking for interior corner lights to suit FE Studebaker President 1928-1930. Other model Studebakers or other makes of cars may be similar, see pic. I'm not fussed if they are not the same as the one in the pic. John
  3. Demountable would be bolt on wheels eg, wire, not wood.
  4. The Houdale shocks with the dog bone links appear to be mid to late thirties.
  5. You should check with an oil company. They should be able to tell you the quantity and also the type. I don't know what GL5 means, but you should not use modern oil in old cars as the chemicals damage some of the surfaces. As far as I know it should be a straight 90 gear oil, but check with the manufacturer,
  6. Dave Pattern in New Zealand may be able to make them. He would need a sample. If you are interested, I can give you his details.
  7. Frank has found a cam shaft, but still needs a water jacket cover, think the FB cover is the same as an FE. I'm not sure if he needs a fiber timing gear.
  8. As you are starting from scratch, you have the choice of a trunk as it was originally, or you can convert it yo a rumble seat.
  9. The pans were probably left off when the cars got older All my cars have come with engine pans I left them off my Brooklands President and have no trouble with the cooling, my 35 Commander has them and I will be keeping them on my 29 President Victoria. John
  10. Hi Rex You have a matching pair. You certainly have the market cornered on 35 President Roadsters. John
  11. Hi Rex I'm sure I've seen this car on the net over the years, I think I may have corresponded with the owner in the seventies. Also is that the car Ford Stoecker owned. I like the maroon wheels. This is my President double Twelve Brooklands car. It all started when I bought a book that had a photo of one .
  12. Hi Rex Wow that's a beautiful car. Some picas of my Australian bodied 35 Commander.
  13. Hi Rex Thanks Rex Yes I understand what you say. I have the same trouble. Do you still have your 4 seasons President Roadster. We don't have any in Australia, so I have never seen one. We did get 28 and 29 roadster, but once the depression hit, there were no more Presidents. I have two 29 President's, a Sports Tourer (recently on the front cover of The ASC Review) and a Victoria. Also I have a friend looking for a hubcap in any condition, to suit a wire wheel FA President. Please let me know if you have one. If you ever come to Australia, I would love to meet you. Regards John Grant.
  14. This would be a nice car with the correct headlights and a set of six wire wheels.
  15. Thanks Rex for your prompt reply. Is that yes to both questions. Regards John Grant.
  16. Thanks Rex Will it fit my car, my car being an FH which of cause has an FE engine number. Have you received my email about rear corner lights. Regards John
  17. I am Still looking a for a pair of rear interior lights to suit an FE President or something similar from another model.
  18. Can anybody help me with information on FH President oil pumps? My pump is different to what is shown in the parts book, it has a one piece cast iron body (casting number 159401) with a plate on the bottom with the strainer separate to the pump body, connected with a brass pipe the body. This style strainer and pipe is shown on page 35 of my parts book, but the one piece pump is not shown on page 34 with the other style pumps. Is this pump correct for an FE/FH President.
  19. As far as I know the vendor has it wrong. It is actually 1932 to 34. but many people put them on 31s
  20. If you need my details, they are in the ASC roster and in the HSRA membership list. It should not be too hard to find me. Brooklands Studebaker. Where are you located, country, state. John.
  21. To Flackmaster I am located in Sydney. Are these for Douglas's President Four Seasons Roadster and his son's President sedan? Steve Hood in Kingaroy Queensland makes rims he is currently making a set of six 20" for my 29 President Victoria. See pic of my Brooklands President, these rims are well-base type, but he also will make the split ring type, which he is currently making for my Victoria. vintagerimsaus@gmail.com If you need hubcaps for the 29 President, Dave Pattern in NZ will make these. He has just made a set for me. Dave Patten <dave.patten28@gmail.com> John
  22. Touts is busy at the moment, with some house/garage building. He has been active searching for parts, which he has had some success. Much work is continuing on the car. Frank also post on The Antique Studebaker Forum. John
  23. I am currently having a set of 6 wheels made for my 29 Victoria President in Queensland Australia., I supplied my original wheel centers, President spokes are not welded. Unfortunately shipping to the US, would be expensive. I am also having 11 hubcaps made for my two 29 FH Presidents in New Zealand. I can supply details if necessary. John
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