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  1. They all; look very fit and slim. They obviously needed to be light weight as they only had a thumping big 337 CUI 200HP eight, ha ha.
  2. I think you will find this is not a President radiator and shell. A 29 President does not have a hole in the side of the shell for the headlight wiring. An easy way to tell is the President shell measures from front to back approx. 5 1/8" It is probably a Dictator, if it is, the lower radiator outlets are on from memory on opposite sides, I think the eight is on the left side of the car. John.
  3. Hi Richard Good to see you out and about. John
  4. Hi Richard Good luck from Australia. Hope you recovery is quick, thank God for 21st Century medical science. John
  5. Your best chance is to acquire another instrument panel. It does not have to be in good condition as you only need the glass.
  6. Thanks Bill I am aware the 1929 cars had chrome, but not everything was necessarily chromed.
  7. Can anyone tell me if 1929 FH President wheel nuts should be nickel plated or chrome plated.
  8. Thanks, Straight Eight. How much do you want for the hubcap. If anyone has up to 5 good hubcaps for a 29 FH or Fe State President, I'm interested. John
  9. I am also looking for hubcaps for a 1929 FE or FH President with wire wheels, I need up to 5.
  10. Thank you Robert Kapteyn for the photos of interior lights The lights in your photo are not the ones I need. but I may be able to use them. Are they complete lights, can you please tell me the size, length and width and also how much do yo want for a pair. Also do you have any headlight switches. I looked you up in the ASC members list, but you don't have an email address listed, do you have one. Regards John.
  11. Thankyou No they're, but I may be able to use then. Are they complete lights, can you please tell me the size, length and width and also how much do yo want for a pair. Regards John
  12. Hi The wheel nut part number is 174970 Do you have the interior lights that are located either side of the rear window for a 1929 FE President, Regards John
  13. Thanks for your reply. I need a side rear ashtray, good exterior door handles for a tourer (phaeton). Also left hand wheel nuts for a 35 Commander Eight/ President.
  14. Thankyou , much appreciated If you can let me know what parts you have for 29 Commanders, as I also have a 29 Commander 8
  15. Looking closer at the photos, it appears that they are Commander Eight engines as the fan pulley support has three attaching bolts, and upon checking my cars the Commander has three bolts and the President has four bolts. I still would like one for my 29 Commander Eight.
  16. I found this on The Historical Studebaker of Australasia's Facebook. The Studebaker President engine assembly line, 1930. Just one of those brand new engines would be good to have for my 29 President.
  17. Hi Andy According to the Historical Studebaker Register there are 7 1928s, 9 1929s and 4 1930s, various body styles Not all of these would be on the road. You should join the Historical Studebaker Register. Subscription is very cheap. Contact Dave Pink to join, you will find his details on Google. The brake drums were a long time ago, these are the details from 20 years ago. Neville Pearce Phone 03 5998 5407, Fax 03 59985318, 1910 Ballarto Road Clyde 3978, (finned cast-iron brake drums). I have a contact that can supply you a 28 radiator and shell, bonnet and cowl. email or phone me if you want details. John
  18. Hi Andy I'm in NSW, a friend of mine is thinking of building a replica Indy cay, but at this point in time has not done anything. I have a 1929 President Eight Brooklands Sports Tourer recreation. See attached photo. It's been 20 years since I built my car. I had cast iron brake drums and splined hubs made and wheels with Jaguar wheel centres. It's been a long time, but I may be able to find the supplier, if you are interested. Do you have anymore of the 28 President. I'm looking for the interior lights that are located either side of the rear window. Please contact me by email or phone, I am the Vice President of the NSW branch of the Studebaker Car Club of Australia. My details are in the Historical Studebaker Register of Australia membership list or the Studebaker Car Club of Australia membership list. or magazine. Regards John Grant
  19. I'm recently bought some fabric disc from Stephen Munts. I don't know if he still has stock.
  20. Hi Hadhec Where are you located, send me an email. I will keep my eyes open for an engine. I recently found two EU engines for a friend, just by word of mouth. Sometimes you have keep repeating the ad in Rotating Spokes until the right person sees it. John Grant Email,
  21. Hi I see you are in Australia, There should be plenty of engines available in Australia. Are you in the Pre-War Studebaker Register. You can advertise for parts in there news letter in Rotating Spokes. Contact the editor Dave Pink;>