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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can purchased the windshield frame corners that fit in the lower left and right side, of the windshield frame on 29-30 President sedans. I have emailed Steve Munts, '', but the email came back. Does anyone know his current email address.
  2. Perhaps your handbrake cable is stretched.
  3. Can anyone tell me the sizes of the rubber trunk seal an FH Victoria, I have included a photo of what's left of mine. also the cowl air vent seal.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated. John
  5. Thanks John Yes I have come to the conclusion, that it is not part of my President. John
  6. Yes it is definitely an engine plate, but it's not for FH or FE Presidents. I think it's probably off a six cylinder Studebaker from the time Studebaker painted their engines green.
  7. It is too thick for those applications, about 1/8" thick. It may not suppose to be painted.
  8. This plate came with my 29 FH President. Does anyone know what it is and where it goes. I thought it fitted in behind the timing gears, but the bolt holes don't appear to line up. John
  9. The 1925-6 Studebakers with the hydraulic brake option, had disc wheels, the frame has had wire wheels. I believe the hydraulic brake option was mechanical brakes with rods, boosted hydraulically.
  10. Can you please tell me the size of 20161 and how much you would want for a complete pair.
  11. I need a pair. unfortunately they are not a pair, either would have been OK if they were a matching pair.
  12. If it's in the 20s, it is not a Studebaker, as Studebaker didn't get hydraulic brakes until 1935. It a most likely a Chrysler, as there were few other cars in the 20s with hydraulic brakes.
  13. Do you have any front brake drums for 29 FH-FE wire wheel car. I need 1 pair (2)? President 1928-30 rear interior corner lights, see photo. I need 1 pair (2)?
  14. Try using Rainex and you won't need to use your wipers, I'm not sure if it is available in the US.
  15. Thanks Rex, that's good to know about the 7-1 head. It's still a mystery about the color of the 6-1 head.
  16. Hi Mark My head no longer has any paint on it. It is a 6-1 head. All the literature I have, quotes the cylinder head colors as 5-1 head engine color. 5.5-1 head orange and the 6.5-1 is sky blue. I can't find any info on the 6.1 head, the casting number is 157858
  17. This is odd as the 5-1 head is engine color. 5.5-1 head is orange and the 6.5-1 is sky blue. Surely the 6-1 head is not the same color as the engine block.
  18. Can anyone tell me what color the 6.00 -1, 157858 cylinder head should be on the 29 FE FH Presidents.
  19. I am looking for a pair of FE President State Sedan rear corner lights, see pic. I'm in Australia, but I only need them shipped to Anaheim.
  20. Do you have the two interior lights that fit either side of the rear window.
  21. The drums are only used on wire wheel models. 15" diameter 5 studs.
  22. Gary Ash, unfortunately your drums are not suitable as my car has wire wheels. which I didn't think to mention. As for shipping to Australia, I just need them shipped to Anaheim. The condition of your drums is exactly what I want. So if anyone has a pair of 29 FE FH front brake drums for a wire wheel President and can have them shipped to Anaheim at a reasonable price. I am interested.