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  1. Hello all I have decided that this project should continue with someone else. Dedicating time to my family and other interests come before this so it is for sale. included in the sale is all and everything relating to this project including spare parts and literature. Only some pictured here in this thread the price is $3500AUD ONO Large parts are Studebaker President chassis sandblasted and primed with id tag x1 (comes with chassis stand) studebaker president 8 engines x2 studebaker 8 (later engine) x1 president gearbox disassembled x1 President diff disassembled and all bolts/parts individually bagged x1 later studebaker diff x 1 President front end including original brakes x1 chev brakes to suit front end x2 President steering column x1 Radiator x1 Wheels and hubs can be sold seperate upon negation. kind regards Andy Copeland
  2. @Touts Hi Frank congratulations on your purchase do you mind me asking how much you paid? I haven't really looked for any engine builders yet. Where i can i'll do all other mechanical work myself. If you go down the path of engine rebuilding I'd be very keen to know where you soured your engine parts. I know i will need new pistons, rings, all new bearings, timing wheels and a distributor. keep in touch!
  3. Thanks would you mind sharing a picture of it? I anticipated water jet cutting one from thick steel.
  4. I have been unable to find any studebaker president drums i have purchased what what I think is a early (42) chev truck front end. Anyone know what it’s specifically from. The brakes are 5 lug with a internal id of 14”. They are hydraulic two shoe. I antisipate using everything except the axle and hubs. Using the king pin and some thicker bushes in the spindle it might fit the studebaker front end.
  5. My immediate challenge is to fit front brakes and modify to hydraulic. the car came with all brakes and rear drums but missing front drums. I am having a very difficult time finding front drums to suit! I was optimistic I would be able to find new truck drums close to size and machine to suit but have been unable to find anything close to the 13.6” internal diameter. i am now considering buying large diameter hydraulic 1940’s front truck drums and spindles. Option 1, fit the spindle to the studebaker axles Option 2, modify the brake backing plate to suit the studebaker spindle. Gary Ash your pictures on this method are encouraging. Any recommendations for commonly avaliable big brakes. I’m currently looking at chev maple leaf trucks & ford 2 tonne trucks. or do you know of some studebaker president front drums and hubs?
  6. After I taking a extended break I am now back into the studebaker. I have now spent my time cleaning all diff brake and wheel components so I can assess the parts and plan the next move This is is the first time using molasses and am very pleased with the results allowing 1 week to soak, blast with high pressure water and a wire brush. Here are some before shots:
  7. Thanks they do appear to be too small. The measure I’m looking for is from inside diameter
  8. Do the drums look similar to these? Internal measure about 13.7”? I’m looking to buy studebaker drums only.
  9. Wanted to buy. studebaker president drum brake wheel shoes & hubs. should measure about 13.7” internal diameter. I will consider any drum drum about this size as I could adapt to suit. Do you know of any new brake drum measuring around 13.7” ID? Pictured are rears. Fronts should be the same with different center. i am in Australia but can organise shipping all my end to avoid any hassle for you kind regards Andy
  10. Do you do this often? Im currently looking for studebaker president 1928 parts.
  11. Could be Oakland. Here is a Oakland diff, similar but not identical.
  12. Complete diff in Victoria, Australia i am not sure what it suits. Please let me know if you know what this is from. Brake internals are all there. All linkages move and function. Axles turn and diff center appears to be in good condition. I am in Ferntree Gully. Happy to send this interstate & worldwide. Price- $200.
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