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  1. Robert G. Smits

    trailer weight question

    I think that those of us who tow with one ton Dually's may become complacent because of the inherent stability afforded by the heavy springs and dual rear wheels. Before switching to a Gooseneck trailer I always used a equalizer hitches along with anti sway bar. To this day I always practice coming to a complete stop using only the trailer brakes before I pull on the Interstate. I will never forget hitting "black Ice" in Michigan while towing a 34 Pontiac parts car back to Iowa during Christmas vacation. The Suburban and trailer did a complete 180 before coming to rest in the median but did not jack knife and there was no physical damage. YOU CAN'T BE TOO SAFE. Bob Smits
  2. Robert G. Smits

    Steering wheel feels Tacky

    Thank you for the replies. I was sure others had experienced this also. I'm not used to working on cars this new. Bob Smits
  3. Robert G. Smits

    Steering wheel feels Tacky

    73 Buick Centurion conv with 66K miles. Last driven in 2005. Steering wheel feels very tacky. Is there a solution other than using a cover? Also is there any downside to removing the emissions air pump? I checked with my inspection people and they could care less on cars over 25 years old. Thanks, Bob Smits
  4. Robert G. Smits

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Matt, I have been retired from medicine for 18 years but your post made me smile. These people are everywhere, especially in plastic surgery. When I encountered a patient with unrealistic expectations seeking a perfect result from a face lift or nose job I would quietly state that one of my pre-operative requirements was that they see a Phychiatrist before scheduling surgery. They would walk out never to be seen again. Bob Smits
  5. Robert G. Smits

    What is the downside of using SM oil in a 2014 Auto?

    Carl, I appreciate your comments. The oil is SAE 5W-20 along with several gal on SAE 10W-30. Also the oil is FREE as he needs to move it out of inventory. Spinneyhill I didn't realize that Mobil 1 was cheap. The engine in my Ford has been used for years. You are asking me to believe that in 2010 they changed the engineering so SM oil will destroy it. Carl I do use Amsoil in my tow vehicle and tractors. Again thanks to all who have replied. Bob Smits
  6. Growing up on a Iowa farm I started driving tractors about age 9. At age 12 I was grounded for practicing drifting with our 47 Ford PU. That same summer I changed the engine in the Alice Chalmers WD. Moving to cars came naturally. I enhanced my 53 OLDS by installing a used 57 J-2 engine mated to a 37 LaSalle 3 speed transmission. Unfortunately I didn't change the rear end ratio so it was a little slow off the line but you didn't have to make the 2-3 shift until around 90mph. In College and Medical SchooI I had neither the time or money to persue the hobby. Shortly after moving to Des Moines I became friends Al Edmond and Howard Scotland. It has been downhill ever since. As I reflect back it is the friends not the cars that are important. Bob Smits
  7. Robert G. Smits

    What is the downside of using SM oil in a 2014 Auto?

    Spinneyhill, the graphs you refer to are for current Mobil 1 SN rated oils. The product i was offered is 5-20 Mobil 1 with a SM API rating. My owners manual recommends using SN oil. I will probably go ahead and use the SM rated oil as I think a full synthetic SM probably beats a non synthetic SN. We won't know for another 100K Thanks to all who replied. Bob Smits
  8. Oil jobber friend just offered me 50 gal of Mobile 1 API rated SM. What is the downside of using it in a 2014 auto that is out if warranty. My research suggests the major difference is mileage additives. Thanks, Bob Smits
  9. Robert G. Smits

    Rusty Gas Tank

    I have had 3 tanks done by Gas Tank RENU out of Waller, TX with excellent results. The oldest one 15 years ago. 936 372 9107. I think this is a national franchise but have heard that results vary. About $400 per tank. Bob Smits
  10. Robert G. Smits

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Rusty I like your idea of putting put out a collection box for visitors. We will add this next year. Because of fund raising events our club is able to donate $5-10K each year split between Hospice and a local home for "at risk" children. When I moved to College Station nine years ago I was attracted to this club because they "do something" other than drive to a local hamburger joint once a month. Like many of you I do not enjoy sitting in a lawn chair behind my car for 5-6 hours but would be happy to donate $20 at a free show. Xander, I love you cars, will you be on the Glidden this year?
  11. Robert G. Smits

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Our local club puts on a show each spring. Forty dollar entry fee and we had 160 cars two weeks ago. Site rental is $1500, Insurance $400, Disk Jockey $250, door prizes $500 plus the grand prize this year was a plasma cutter at $400, First and second place trophies for each class were $400. Add another $250 for miscellaneous expenses. I realize that not all shows are as classy as ours but we have been drawing 150-200 entries for the past 15 years. Car owners come back because they have a great time and get something for their entry fee. When they sign in each entrant receives a "Goody Bag" that may contain oil, filters, cleaning supplies or car wax. We always feel happy when we break even and do it for fun. Without the entry fee there would be no show. Just my TCW. Bob Smits
  12. Robert G. Smits

    1932 Packard 902 5-passenger (Victoria) Coupe

    Most of us couldn't agree more. I have heard that investors are wrecking the hobby since I purchased my first car in 1976. I now have 26 and the hobby still appears healthy to me. None of them including my V-16's were investments. I am not sure that the increase in valve isn't mainly devaluation of the Dollar. Bob Smits
  13. Robert G. Smits

    What Oil and What Coolant?

    Your statement "of course my surgeon wants to replace my knees" bothers me. YOU should be the only one who decides when to have elective surgery. If you feel you are able to tour this summer your knees are certainly not an emergency. Your surgeon may be making his decision based on his priorities, not yours. Remember that today medicine operates more like a business than a profession. If your condition meets the governments minimum requirements surgery will be recommended. How many of you have had your Eye Doctor tell you that "you are now eligible to have your cataracts removed". Four years ago I was told I needed knee replacement and I am still able to do 20 minutes on the elliptical five days a week pain free. Bob Smits, retired surgeon.
  14. Robert G. Smits

    I miss the DFers!

    Thanks for starting this post Wayne. Bringing up the Old Timers names makes me smile. I never got involved in AACA politics but Al Edmond was my best friend in Des Moines and introduced me to AACA. I knew Howard for over 30 years and he was instrumental in helping me acquire Ron Van Geldrens 38 V16 with automatic transmission. When the Glidden was held in Texas a few years ago I emailed Howard inviting him to ride with me. His response was that he wanted to drive his 41 on one more tour before he died. Little did I know that he wasn't kidding. I am 78 and still work on cars six days a week but realize this won't last forever. Like most of you I am thankful for the many friendships AACA has brought into my life.
  15. Robert G. Smits

    Convert slides to digital?

    I was told by a IT consultant years ago to never trust a CD or DVD for long term storage. My photos are stored in the Cloud (which I don't really trust long term) and on a back up solid state drive kept in my safe deposit box and backed up periodically.