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  1. Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    Marty, thanks for the tip several years ago about the tire changing ramp. On a trip from Texas to Florida a few weeks ago my TPM indicated a drivers side trailer tire losing air. I was able to pull off the interstate into a gas station instead of changing it on the interstate. Using the ramp I was back on the road in 14 minutes and it was raining. The TPM saved me $200 as I wouldn't have known there was a problem until the tire blew. Ed, thanks for the tire tip. I am currently using E rated 14 plies but not with the load ratings you show. You can solve your gas station problems with a auxiliary fuel tank. With my 90 gal tank I can tow to Florida without stopping for gas which saves me 45-60 minutes on the trip.
  2. Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    A lot of good advice here. Specify tire pressure monitors on your trailer. This allows you to spot a problem before the BLOWOUT. It is nice to have options on where to change a tire that is losing air pressure. If I were going to haul heavy classics I would go with the 17.5 tires/rims rather than 16 inch..I have towed over a quarter million miles and if I never have to change a tire along the interstate at night again it will be too soon. Just my TCW. Bob Smits
  3. Bringing a car to the states from canada

    Earlier this year I used US Canada Auto Transport who provided a Customs Broker. Customs and transportation to Texas was flawless. Dealing with the Texas DMV was a different story. I took me 90 days to get a Texas title. Check with the manager of your local DMV and get a flow sheet of the forms required. You will need a stamped CF7501 from customs. Make sure your transporter provides this form when your car is delivered. You will probably be required to have the car inspected to determine that it is not stolen. Texas required a stamped HS7 which is a Dot form concerning emissions. If a individual transports the car this form is provided, however common carriers are allowed to complete the form digitally and there is NO copy. I even called customs at the port of entry and they told me I should have been provided a HS7. They were obviously clueless about their own rules. I finally had to get the Broker's legal firm to provide a letter to the DMV who then charged me a $50 penalty for not transferring the title within 30 days. If possible get the seller to transport the car to a US site and you will save about 30% on shipping. Bob Smits
  4. Car Lift experience and recommendations?

    540K, I just spoke to a independent lift installer in Fort Worth. When I told him what lift i was purchasing he stated that this is the best 4 post on the market today. Before he retired he worked for Rotary.
  5. Great effort Marty but I think it is too late. I have several in my car building that arrived a week ago. See my post under "Hurricane"
  6. Hurricane

    Right now I do not think there is any access into or out of Houston as all roads are blocked and both airports are shut down. We have had 29-30 inches of rain in College Station since Friday night and parts of Houston could get another 20 inches. If you wish to do something I would suggest donating money to the RED CROSS which is doing heroic work from all over Texas. They expect to house over 30000 individuals in shelters before this is over.
  7. Car Lift experience and recommendations?

    540K, thank you for starting this thread and doing all the research for me.. I have had a 12K two post for over 10 years love it for restoration work but need a movable lift for the small jobs, especially when the other lift is in use. Getting the arms correct for a 30 minute oil change is a pain. When the dually is on the lift it always worries me because of the movement and I also use hoist jack stand now.. Thanks again. Bob Smits
  8. My God man, what have you done?

    Marty did you have to mention the Oysters and make me homesick. Matt, you avoid those "looks" by just going to hot rod shows. Bob Smits
  9. Rich Marsh has been released from the hospital following a near fatal auto accident 9 days ago and is recovering at home. We pray for a speedy recovery without complications. If you would like to send him a card his address is: 575 Paulownia Dr, China Grove, NC 28023
  10. Member with Bad Reputation

    Reminds me it the old saying:. It is hard to soar like a eagle when one is surrounded by turkeys. Just my TCW
  11. Tow vehicle for sale Chevy Duramax

    Before you buy a Duramax I suggest you spend some time googling Duramax problems. A good thread is 10 most frequent problems with the LBZ on As you travel to shows you will notice that 49 out of 50 flatbed haulers drive a Ram or Power Stroke. There is a reason. I purchased my 07 new. At 93K I have spent over $10K on non covered repairs and now need a new turbo at a cost of $4500. You haven't lived until you experience "Limp home mode" at midnight on a two lane in MO on a rainy night and have to travel at 25 to 30 mph for the next hour. Google code P2563. BTW I thought it was the best truck I had ever owned at 75 K miles. Just my TCW. Bob Smits
  12. restore finned drums?

    I would contact Les Kasten @ 651 280 9681. He is the Eight Lug Tech Advisor for the Pontiac Club. The late Ron Panzer did a series of articles on this subject which I think are available through the Pontiac Oakland Club.
  13. Any Interest in Old Wiring Diagrams?

    TerryB I for one would like to at least allow you to get your investment back. Have you contacted the library yet, if not I would be happy too. They are inline to receive my extensive library when I canno longer use it. I know the kids will just send it to the landfill. Bob Smits
  14. Any Interest in Old Wiring Diagrams?

    Put a price for the lot and let's see if we can get it donated to the AACA. I would be willing to contribute. Bob Smits