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  1. Here is a photo of the lens cover in question... I need one of these too for my '70! This photo was taken at the ROA meet in Lexington and it's from the interior of Pat Curran's unrestored '69. Sadly, the car has left the U.S. and is now overseas. If someone were willing to let us borrow an original, they could be reproduced. I would love love to find one also to complete my car...
  2. Thanks to all for the nice comments about my midnight blue '65 GS and coral mist '64. In addition to these cars, Cheryl and I also have a very nice triple black '70 that will be at the meet in Overland Park. Hope to see you all there!
  3. Thanks for posting Kaber!
  4. 64 Riviera Wildcat Questions

    Helpful advice here, but remember guys 1964 Riviera Wildcat indicated that she "knows next to nothing about cars." An explanation of what a sending unit is/does would be helpful for someone with very little experience. I'll leave that one up to RivNut...
  5. Barrett Jackson Auction

    This one?
  6. Fastback Riv

    My first reaction was it looks like an early Barracuda with a '65 Riv front end...

    Found this one in a Craigslist ad this summer from a guy trying to sell his LeSabre...
  8. A Couple of Nice '64s on Ebay

    Sold for $35,000 at Mecum's Houston auction in 2013...
  9. Rivs in Glendale, Queens, NY

    Looks like those photos are from 2013 . I'm sure Harold will submit some photos and a brief write-up of the event to Ray for inclusion on the web site...

    Glad to have you in the Association Mr. Earl!
  11. 73 GS package

    A '73 with the stage 1 engine would also have a "Stage 1" emblem in the grille...
  12. Ed: If you crack a beer at 10:30 am I may join you at the social... Lol
  13. Agreed, appears to have been a good deal. Congratulations Ed.
  14. Not mine, but looks like one to check out. Nice color combo, low miles, cheap price... Appears it would be a good car for someone!
  15. Awesome Tony! Thank you for posting. Wish I could have joined you!