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  1. Is Classic and Exotic Servicies still in business? They do not respond to emails. Dave
  2. Has anyone repaired the tank units of the King Seeley hydrostatic fuel gauges? Mine has developed pinholes in the fuel line and the air lines. Dave
  3. olympic

    hard starting

    Thanks for the responses. The battery is fully charged. There is no starter solenoid, there is just a cable running to a mechanical switch on top of the starter motor. This weekend I'll pull the battery cables off and give them a good clean. I tend to think this is a timing problem. Setting the timing is not an easy job on a Traction Avant. Dave
  4. olympic

    hard starting

    I have a hard starting 1954 Citroen Traction Avant. I thought I had the problem resolved last Sunday when I put a new coil on the car. It was starting on the first crank. Yesterday I had it out and it was starting fine. Late afternoon, it was time to put the car back into the garage and won't start! The starter cranks briefly and kicks out, the same problem as before. We gave it a shot of starting fluid. Nothing. Grandson arrive and we pushed the car into the garage. A half hour later I tried starting it again. Cranked right over and started! Most cars I've had, when you push the starter button, will keep cranking until the engine starts or you run the battery down. This one, when it acts up, cranks for a second and kicks out. Is it some component reacting to engine heat? Could it be the starter? Has anyone had a similar problem? The car does NOT have Lucas electric, by the way. Dave
  5. olympic

    Clean tyres with white wall

    I tried Bleche White on my 35 Ford and it discoloured the wire wheels. It will affect the paint on wheels. I use an SOS pad now. Save
  6. olympic

    vacuum tank problems

    The vacuum tank is on its way back to the rebuilder. I'll let everyone know what he finds out. I hope it is good news so we can get this Franklin back on the road. Dave
  7. olympic

    Vacuum tank problems

    The vacuum tank is on its' way back to the rebuilder. I'll let you know what he finds out. Dave
  8. olympic

    Vacuum tank problems

    Steve, the rebuilder has told us to ship the tank back to him and he'll figure out what the problem is. I hope it doesn't take 7 months. Dave
  9. olympic

    vacuum tank problems

    The rebuilder of the tank called us today. He said to send the tank back. Hopefully he can find the problem. Dave
  10. olympic

    Vacuum tank problems

    We sent Eddie's vacuum tank off to be rebuilt. It took 7 months but we finally got it back and it doesn't work properly. At first, we thought it was a leak at the Gascolator bowl because of the little bubbles but closer inspection revealed that the vacuum was not shutting off and fuel was still being drawn in from the gas tank. We contacted the rebuilder but he wanted to know what the engine vacuum measured. We did that yesterday and the 11A's reading was 16 inches of mercury. To be sure we measured vacuum on my 27 11B, it was the same. We have had all sorts of opinions from AACA members but I would like to hear from some Franklin members. I am guessing that the problem lies with the valve that shuts the vacuum off when the inner tank is full. We are getting gas into the windshield wiper hose and the vacuum line from the intake manifold. There shouldn't be any gas that high up in the vacuum tank. Any ideas? Dave Phillips
  11. olympic

    vacuum tank problems

    Thanks for all of the replies. I hate opening the tank because the rebuilder might say that I caused the problem. I have to send him a msg anyway, because he wanted the readings on the vacuum. I'll keep everyone posted. Dave
  12. olympic

    vacuum tank problems

    We just had the Stewart vacuum tank rebuilt for grandson's 25 Franklin. We put it back into the car and discovered that it is not working properly. When the inner tank is full, the vacuum is still drawing fuel into the tank. When there is still vacuum in the inner tank the lower valve is not opening properly and not enough gas is getting to the outer tank and thus to the carburetor. We contacted the rebuilder and he says that the tank was checked with fluids and was working properly when it was shipped back to us. Well, yes, it draws fuel properly, but it won't stop. Its like the brooms in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The rebuilder asked us the check engine vacuum. We did this today, The 25 checks out at 16 inches of mercury. To compare, we checked out the vacuum on my 27 Franklin and it was the same. We are getting gas in the vacuum line to the windshield wiper! I feel the problem is in the valve that shuts off vacuum when the inner tank is full. Has anyone had similar problems? Dave
  13. olympic

    36-37 cord mirror?

    That mirror looks a lot like the mirrors that were used on Lincoln Continentals. My 40 had right and left mirrors and those 2 screws attached to the exposed door hinge. Dave
  14. olympic

    Vacuum tank problems

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We still haven't figured out the problem, but close examination of the seats for the 2 valves in the tank top may be the problem. I have another top and I may swap that today. We've made new gaskets too. I'll let every one know what happens. Dave
  15. olympic

    Vacuum tank problems

    Eddie's 25 Franklin is having a vacuum tank problem It has baffled us for about 2 weeks. Here are some of the things we have checked. We checked for engine vacuum, plenty. We disconnected the fuel line at the Gascolator and blew through it. Clear. We hooked a vacuum pump to the gas line and drew gas through it, by the way, the tank is full. We took the tank apart and checked for pinholes in the inner tank. We have two inner tanks and both are fine.We checked the top section for cracks, none and not warped. There are 2 new springs in the top section and the 2 pins seem to be operating fine. I had Eddie remove the gas line and check for vacuum at that point, Nothing. When we put the inner and outer tanks back together, we used new gaskets. We had a suggestion to put gasket sealer around the outer edges of the tanks. Did not make a difference. We checked the float (we have two of them too). Both were fine. When we prime the tank, the car will start and run fine until it runs out of gas. We checked the line from tank to carb and the outlet valve at the tank. Everything checks out. It is apparent that the problem is lack of vacuum, but where is the gremlin that is causing the problem? I hate to see Eddie frustrated, he's 26 years old and loves his Franklin and his 26 T runabout. I've got to get this 25 running. Eddie says No electric fuel pump! Dave