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  1. 2seater

    knock sensor

    I am not sure if there is such a thing as a new Memcal available but I got a good used one from Jim Finn. Part of the unit is reprogrammable but the majority is not, and I am guessing that part contains the knock system. I understand the desire to have a replacement part available, but the car will run and work successfully with the ECM hanging loose, so it would not really be out of service if reseating the chip and ECM connectors doesn't work.
  2. Let me know and we will have a little ceremony.
  3. 2seater

    Temp Sensor Location

    On the three LN3 manifolds I have, the coolant temperature sensor is below and slightly to the rear of the throttle body. It points slightly upwards and toward the rear. It is a two wire sensor.
  4. 2seater

    Code E041

    With larger injectors, the mixture will be a little fat when in open loop, like cold or at full throttle. The expected injector flow rate is adjustable in the chip if desired. Regarding the knock counts, I had a similar issue where it would not register any knock when testing. I replaced the Memcal with one from Jim and the problem went away. I would at least try disconnecting and reinstalling the harness connections at the ECM and the Memcal itself.
  5. 2seater

    Code E041

    I would not expect the integrator and block earn to be at exactly 128 unless the engine is cold and the O2 sensor isn't functioning. The integrator should indicate above and below the 128 number as the O2 sensor keeps the fuel mixture at the target value. If the injectors are indeed larger than stock, the block learn "should" be a substantially lower number, maybe 110-115 as it is making a gross adjustment to get the integrator in the ballpark.
  6. 2seater

    Code E041

    Correct on the size and rating of both the stock Reatta injectors and the Multec's. I can't imagine how the injectors, working or not, would affect the 041 code, but if it's gone, that's great. Take a look at the integrator, E019 and block learn, E020 to see that the ecm has properly adjusted for the greater flow. I would expect the integrator to circle around the 128 number and the block learn to drop down to the low 100's to compensate. Are the Multec's gray with a rather fat body? This is not meant as a criticism, but the Multec's don't have a sterling reputation for reliability with ethanol in the fuel. I also have a set which ran successfully for some time but I did have one fail.
  7. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    Without data, we are lost. Just for reference (although my chip is not stock), I checked a few readings while driving to my cottage. This is at 65 mph on relatively flat highway: spark advance: 40*-45*, O2 cross counts: 8-24, Integrator: 124-132, Block learn: 119. I would consider all of that normal. Block learn is a little low so I must have calculated the 24# injectors slightly low, but well within tolerance for the ECM. Everything else boringly normal as well.
  8. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    It is curious. Likely not fuel delivery since it apparently has no issue with speed or acceleration. We really need actual sensor readings when it acts up, like a snapshot of everything. Short of that, watching each individual ECM data output to see if it suddenly changes in the trouble zone. If it isn't a sensor acting up, then the ECM or Prom are suspect. Without more data, it's just guessing.
  9. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    I do not know if there is a difference between the 89 and 90 regarding temperature sensors, but the '90 only uses one. I do not know if the '89 has selectable F* and C* for the display, but the '90 displays in C* only, which would be about 230*F. Perhaps someone with more experience with the touch screen could enlighten. Any luck on the rest of the readings or snapshot?
  10. 2seater

    Headlight experts. Need advice please. 1988

    The screw and locknut set the endplay of the motor shaft and worm gear, which looks like it may have been loosened about the thickness of the nut. The white gear has a flange, or non-machined portion on the inside edge that requires a pretty good tug to get past. Many people remove a portion of that non-machined area to allow the worm to slip past for assembly. The arm still looks pretty serviceable from the photo as long as the nut that holds it is good an tight. I have found setting the end play on the adjustment screw to 1/16" or less helps the door open more smoothly. You can check the end play with the manual adjuster knob near the middle of travel and pull in and out on the knob.
  11. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    I know the knock sensor behavior has been our focus, but just out of curiosity, are the fuel integrator and block learn, ED19 & 20, stuck on 128 by chance? If I read the touchscreen indicator correctly, it was in open loop, warmed up and cruising. Once beyond a certain TPS voltage value, the ECM goes into power enrichment, which may be masking some other issue. What coolant temperature is indicated?
  12. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    Multiple values at the same time are helpful as Padgett mentioned. In the absence of a scanner, you could try a snapshot of the readings when it acts up. It may show where something is amiss, but the update rate isn't that fast and may miss something, but worth a try. Interesting that it seems normal at full throttle. The knock sensor is still active under those conditions and should indicate if you are seeing high knock counts, which will trigger the spark retard. The O2 should certainly be active at cruise and moderate throttle. As far as I know, the O2 will still give actual output voltage under full throttle but is ignored by the ECM and reverts to the base programming values. I do not know if a dead O2 sensor will give the odd behavior. I would think at the least, mileage would be pretty bad. It is never a bad idea to install a new O2, especially if the history of the present one is unknown. I don't have as much experience with the touchscreen, but as pointed out, it looks like not in lockup and in open loop, which would not allow lockup?
  13. 2seater

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    The name "spark angle" is sort of a misnomer. It is the spark retard ordered by the ECM in response to knock. I don't know of a reason a standard naturally aspirated engine should ever indicate spark retard, although it is not impossible. Under ordinary driving, it should never indicate spark retard, that will really cause drivability issues. It is not unusual to get some knock counts, ED17, especially on startup or under some high stress situations, but it takes a lot of knock counts to get the ECM to retard the spark, in other words, some knock counts are expected. The number should not stick in one place and stay there. You can usually trigger the knock sensor to indicate knock counts by rapping sharply on the rear engine lift bracket while idling. You may even be able to get the engine to stumble. If the knock counts don't change after doing this, then I would suspect the knock sensor or connection first, or a flaw in the EPROM. If the knock sensor is tightened excessively, it may become overly sensitive. The ED08 reading is about right for warm idle, and will likely jump up a few degrees when idling in gear. While driving, the spark timing will vary all over the place and is normal, although it should stay somewhat constant under constant speed and load. You need to watch that ED16 while driving in that zone that is giving you fits. I think Daniel is on the right track. I don't know what the conditions were for the O2 sensor readings. The sensor must warm up before it will become active and a cold start or prolonged slow idle will not keep the sensor hot enough. It is best to watch it while driving for a bit. If the cross counts stay at zero, it's either the sensor or connection. A good active sensor will likely be in the teens for cross counts while cruising, essentially more is generally better.
  14. 2seater

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    X2 on checking the reservoir tank. I just checked mine by pulling the line from it and it held some amount of vacuum after sitting for six hours, so it would seem the controller should hold reasonable vacuum also if tested separately.
  15. 2seater

    E021 TPS over voltage error, time to replace

    You can read the voltage for adjustment in diagnostics, and a helper would make that easier. The TPS is in an awkward position, so if you try to change it on the car, place a rag or something underneath to catch the screws if dropped. They are stainless steel and non-magnetic.