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  1. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    I found a pic of one of my heads in process. There is little room between the valves so any greater than normal intake valve upsizing might be accomplished with a smaller exhaust valve. The black outline is the cylinder bore and the chamber actually extends slightly beyond the cylinder by the intake valve. Those file marks are my interpretation of Singh grooves I just noticed the spark plugs are my interpretation of an improvement: the side electrode is ground back and sort of pointed to expose more spark on simple Autolite copper core plugs.
  2. fiber optics

    Yes, just the one from the red/white light in the lower door up to the key lock ring.
  3. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    I just tried a feeler gauge between the valves and .060" fits loosely, but .080" will not go, so what I mentioned before is pretty accurate. I don't believe the small 3.8" bore would be any issue at these sizes.
  4. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    I am pretty sure 1.78", maybe 1.80", is about all that will fit without moving the guides and re-machining the seats. Stock is 1.71". GN valves are the same size and chamber are very similar, as well as overall valve length. I picked up over 30cfm with basic port cleanup, reshaping the guides and some work in the bowls with new stock size valves. Peak is about 192-195 cfm at .450" lift @ 28"wc. Just for reference, the Buick uses a 10* valve angle and are pretty efficient.
  5. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    The odds of a kit being developed for a 30ish year old car are probably slim. The closest thing there is to a plug and play is the SC3800. The ECM changes are already known and has been done many times. Dave is 100% right that Daniel has done the most modern swap, and hopefully he will chime in. If you could figure out how to lighten the car down to around 3000#, it would be equivalent to adding 25hp
  6. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    Barney is correct, the 5.3LS, brothers under the skin, but the 4.8-6.0 are dimensionally similar, so... I guess my only suggestion is, if going to a lot of work, try something really original. A boosted, modern aluminum V6, or even a 4-cyl, would seem like a good fit and lighten up that heavy front end at the same time.
  7. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    I suspect the baby LS (4.8?) might fit as was done in the later full size fwd GM cars, but something equated with Chevrolet in a Buick just curdles my blood. JMHO
  8. Please welcome your new Moderator

    There goes the neighborhood It sounds good to me, congratulations.
  9. 1989 Transmission Lag

    I am not sure what the touch screen models show when in diagnostics but I am pretty sure it will indicate what gear it's in and if the TCC is being commanded to lock up or not while driving which may narrow the actual transmission mode where it acts up.
  10. 1989 Transmission Lag

    The Delco coil pack and module does have demonstrably greater potential output than the Magnavox setup and is relatively inexpensive if sourced from a pick and pull, much more expensive if purchased new. Most likely the ICM below the coils is what is failing, and needs to be separated from the coils to confirm. It's really a personal choice. I still use the Magnavox style even with a slightly boosted engine and cannot speak directly to any actual improvement from personal experience. I do run a reduced spark plug gap of .050" which decreases the load on the coils. Just my observation from watching others experience with the two systems is the coils fail more often with the Delco than the Magnavox but are replaceable individually. Conversely, the Magnavox has more failures of the ICM. Too bad they are not a mix and match. Most seem to report a smoother running engine when switching to the Delco.
  11. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Ronnie is right, the next thing to check is the filter. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but it sounds like you installed the additive and did a full throttle test from a cold start? I hope that I didn't get that right?
  12. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Is the fluid dark and smell burned at all? Is the fluid level correct? Before going to the trouble of a fluid and filter change, try adding Seafoam or Lucas transmission additive. The other thing that may sound counterintuitive is an ignition misfire. This will show up under load, such as when it goes into high gear and the TCC locks up under moderate throttle. Take a close look at the ignition coil pack and the ICM module under the coils to see if there are signs of overheating such as soft or leaking potting material in the module. Pull the line from the vacuum modulator at the top front of the transaxle and check for fluid present in the vacuum line. Check the throttle valve cable for proper adjustment at the throttle linkage. It may indeed be the transaxle is getting tired, but I would check other items first which cost little or nothing.
  13. unusual Reatta

    Where did it spend its previous life? Must have been a pretty mild area and regular servicing.
  14. Extra remote oil filter systems

    I am somewhat unclear on the purpose? I have an oil cooler on my '90 and it uses an adapter sandwiched between the filter and the mount on the engine. This could just as easily be to a remote filter but the one thing I do not like about it is; it locates the stock filter lower and even the short stock filter is partially below the crossmember. A typical application would be an adapter to a remote dual filter setup, which eliminates the low hanging filter and adds capacity if desired.
  15. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    Some time ago there was a thread about using the switch that Ford used for the Teves system on the turbo coupes. I would believe it would have a Ford part number if it was the same one but the pinout looks similar to what I remember.