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  1. 2seater

    Torque strut mount (dogbone)

    Lookin' good. I learned long ago in the theory of everything that Too Much Is Just Right.
  2. 2seater

    Rattling noise from crankshaft area

    It is a standard rotation bolt, righty-tighty, lefty-loosy😀 Engine rotates clockwise when viewed from the balancer end.
  3. 2seater

    Accumulator Grief

    Are you sure what you hear is the brake pump running and not the fuel pump? The ad doesn't mention the pre-charge or total volume, but starting from a new, empty ball that has been pumped down, I would expect the pump to run from 45sec to one minute on initial start.
  4. First ride this morning. No instrumentation save for watching the knock counts, after checking to be sure knock sensor is working. So far no big issues evident. It looks like the boost is under better control this time, intake manifold pressure rises to 5 psi at about 3500rpm under part throttle, and is stable with a little more throttle. No knock counts at all while driving but trying to be gentle while I feel it out. Darn thing feels good.
  5. I might need a laptop holder and will keep that in mind😎
  6. Engine installed and running. After replacement of A/C system components listed previously, system held vacuum for five days, so should be good to recharge. Now to start the tuning process.
  7. 2seater

    Accumulator Grief

    Sweet. I guess as you get older it is possible to hide your own Easter eggs, but at least I remembered I had some😎
  8. 2seater

    Accumulator Grief

    Wasn't there a thread a while back about another source that apparently worked. Less money than the Spinning Wheels Hydac, maybe a Wabco brand? I know I thought about buying one just to test, but never did.
  9. 2seater

    3800 v-6 engine

    The ratings are indeed the same for '88-'90, but there is some conflicting information. These are the power curves available online, and the rpm for the peak hp. is higher than stated. My experience with the vin C variants leads me to believe the '88 peaks at 5200 rpm, and the '89-'90 peak lower at 4800.
  10. Old engine on left, very low miles on it, but destined to get an '88 replacement cam. Original engine on right is fully turbocharged, in contrast to the half-turbo I just removed.
  11. 2seater

    Fan Speed for AC

    You are correct about the replacement tutorial but I was surprised there wasn't a write up on just the cleaning which has been discussed many times? That said, I just did this operation with the benefit of having the engine removed. Unbelievable how much easier to do standing on the ground in front of the heater box😎 Surprise, surprise, the interior was almost spotless, and I know it hasn't been done before. Photo of the plenum just after opening it up:
  12. 2seater

    Fan Speed for AC

    Odds are the evaporator is somewhat obstructed with debris on the ones with substandard airflow. Remove the heater blower assembly and the fan speed controller on top of the air plenum to see and access to clean inside. I thought there was a tutorial on ROJ but I could not find one?
  13. 2seater

    Code 41 Engine Control - Throttle Body Senssor

    The knock sensing is in the Memcal. When the ECM was swapped, did the original chip get swapped in?
  14. x3 Or Victor Reinz which is O.E. or closest to it.
  15. Just a follow-up since this is my first attempt at a/c repair. I knew I was on borrowed time with the a/c system and this should have been done last year but other things were higher priority. In any case, I couldn't get any oil to drain from the compressor, condenser or accumulator, so it was right on the verge of going very bad. I was hoping to install one of the new, improved temperature sensors for the expansion tube but alas that seems to have dried up, another consequence of my delay on doing this work😐