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  1. Paul White

    88 Reatta 150,000 mi Casa Grande, AZ $3,950

    Hi Do you have any further photographs cheers Paul
  2. Yes, it is a RHD Fisher body, didn't know they produced unpunched versions...Thanks for the heads up Shipping is always expensive from the US Cheers Paul
  3. Hi all, How much success do you think I have had trying to secure a rubber mat for my RHD '36??!!! Can anyone help? Cheers Paul PS: Good to see things are starting to move forward again Gary!
  4. Paul White

    1936 Buick Series 40 oil bath air filter

    Thanks for the suggestions. I suspected as much that the unit cannot be pulled apart. The sand blasting sounds like the only clean up option. I also thought the unit was also an oil bath because of the conical base similar to the non-period oil bath unit that I have on the car. The fact you can't pull the '36 unit apart would explain why it is not an oil bath..I have been scratching my head about how the oil would go in! Tom, if you have the time to send me pictures I would really appreciate it Cheers Paul
  5. Hi all, I recent bought a model correct air filter for my 1936 Special when I was at the Denver Nationals. I am wanting to clean it up and put in a new copper filter and fill the oil reservoir but can't seem to find out how to pull it apart. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Cheers Paul White
  6. Hi all, I have a 1936 Buick Series 40 with twin side mounts. I have the front plate and the curved cover but am looking for a pair of the backing plates, the part of the cover on the inside of the side mount closest to the hood. I am located in Sydney, Australia Cheers Paul
  7. I was lucky enough to meet Ben yesterday for a chat at the swap meet
  8. A big hello to every one from me at the Nationals in Denver. Having heard of Gary's difficulties with receiving his replacement interior, I have decided to hold off ordering until things sort themselves out. Cheers Paul
  9. Hello from Denver I was kindly given a ride in this fabulous chain driven Buick today, what a privilege! Does that count??
  10. I am looking forward to my first US Buick Nationals. I am sitting in Denver Airport at the moment waiting for connecting flights to Maine. will be back in Denver next Tuesday night.
  11. Paul White

    1936 Buick radio and speaker

    Thanks all for the information and photos, this will help with the fitting of my speaker! Cheers Paul
  12. Hi All, We just returned from our Club President's weekend in he Hunter Valley wine region which is about 110 miles north of Sydney. My '36 is off the road for the moment for repairs so I had a chance to drive a '83 Riv and a '64 Electra....quite a deal different from my '36 Enjoy the few photos....the young lady in the last photo was quite taken with the 72 Riv and asked for a photo. The owner, one of our older members was quite excited! 2 and a 1/2 weeks until I fly to the State, Maine first stop to see an old friend and then back to Denver for the Nationals Cheers Paul
  13. Paul White

    Idler arm for a 1936 Buick

    Sorry for the delay in replying Thanks everyone for your responses and assistance. pont35cpe, your suggestion might just be the answer Cheers Paul
  14. Paul White

    1936 Buick radio and speaker

    Hi Stuart, Thanks for the info. I understand that the Holden bodied models had the smaller speaker mounted in the headliner immediately above the rear view mirror with the American models under the dash as per the images you have posted. All of the Fisher models I have seen seem to show the under dash speaker mounted in the middle of the fire wall but due to the proximity of the engine to the fire wall I cannot see whether there is a pilot hole there or not. Does anyone out there have a picture of a '36 firewall sans engine? Cheers Paul