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  1. Findareatta

    Gasoline smell when parked

    Thanks much for the helpful comments. 🤩
  2. Findareatta

    Gasoline smell when parked

    I have owned my 1990 coupe for over two years now. At first I would park in the garage with no noticeable odor but now it has a strong gas smell that lasts until I move the car back outside. There is no gas puddles. Does anyone know the common reason for the odor? I'm concerned for safety.
  3. Findareatta

    Battery drain when parked

    I have noticed my battery is 12.00v and i charge it back to 12.70v and it seems to drain just by parking for a few days. Sometimes it will not start. I have watched videos saying that a 50 milliamp draw is ok when everything is turned off on most cars. Does anyone know the acceptable draw from the battery for my 1990 model? Any comments? 😃
  4. Findareatta

    Wheel center cover cap

    Is the a compatible wheel center cap other than originals? I want to save my original caps but just use alternative covers while parked outside. Any comments?
  5. Findareatta

    Where do most of the Oil Leaks come from on a Reatta?

    I was advised to change the intake manifold gasket but I also see a small amount oil sitting in the plenum area. I will have the mechanic change that gasket.
  6. Findareatta

    Power Window woes

    I replaced a passenger window regulator and switch but it will only go down and not come up (I had to hotwire the motor to go up). I read on another forum that this may indicate a bad power window relay. Where is the power window relay for a Reatta? Any comments are appreciated.
  7. Findareatta

    Battery drain or bad batt

    I had installed a new battery (correct size) but after less than 2 years it is weak and had to be jump started. Took it to auto parts store and it checked as a bad battery and got a new one- no charge. I still wondered how it could wear out that fast and did a test for any current drain. My multimeter set at the 10 amp setting mode showed 6.0 amp at first then settled down to .001 amp it 30 seconds which should be good no drain. Does anyone else have a current drain condition?
  8. Findareatta

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    By the riverside!
  9. My cruise works fine but I've found the vacuum hose and fitting has came out of the servo unit. I will push it back in tight but in about a month it will come out again. I have tried gluing the fitting in the servo unit with super glue but seems to come out again. Is there a lot of air pressure that makes this vacuum line disconnect or is there a method to keep the vacuum hose and fitting stay in the servo unit for the cruise control? Any comments?
  10. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    Another headlight question: where can you buy headlight connectors? I noticed that the drivers side has a 4 wire connector and the passenger side has the normal 3 wire connector. I can find the 3 wire connector but it seems no one has a 4 wire connector. Can I modify the the 3 wire connector to make a 4 wire connector? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  11. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    Repairs I did for the headlight motor are for a salvage headlight assembly and motor I bought but it was not in working order so I had to fix it. The taking apart was done ok and used some wd-40 soaking for 24 hours. Opened the gear assembly and found shavings. Cleaned everything, lightly coated everything with lithium grease and the three bushings from a kit from Barney. The bushings fit snug and tested it and running good. Thanks everyone.
  12. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    It looks like I successfully replaced the small plastic bushings in the gear unit but I still don't know what these bushings do. My guess is they damper the movement of the headlight assembly when they go up or down? Any comments are appreciated.
  13. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    I took out there finding shavings of plastic, installed new bushings,lubed the bronze bearings and hope there is a improvement. Thanks Ronnie.
  14. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    The bellcrank looks good and not stripped out. I suspect the plastic round bushings in the motor "gearbox" are bad so i went as far as taking off the motor/gearbox and took off the cover for the gearbox and see the white nylon gear with driveshaft but will not come out. I tried a large plyers and tried to pull it out but could not. This is the passenger side headlight unit and wondered if there is a method to take out the gear/driveshaft unit? I want to replace the bushings if that is the problem. Thank you for any advice.
  15. Findareatta

    Headlight behavior

    When i raise my retractable headlights they seem to go up fine but one of them will just drop down with a bang. I wondered if this is a sign of bad bushings or maybe the bell crank? I don't know if i should buy a repair kit or just get a salvage light assembly. Any comments are much appreciated.