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  1. Engine oil leak 1990 Reatta

    i noticed a oil leak spot the size of a silver dollar and looked underneath but could not determine really what was the cause- i have changed oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets and my mechanic thinks it may be the intake manifold gasket. He will look further. Any comments what it might be?
  2. Airbag unplug

    My 1990 coupe is a daily driver but I want to disconnect the airbag. I took off the airbag unit on the steering wheel but I tried to unplug the wire but cannot get it undone. It is yellow with a small blue clip or tab.. Does the blue clip have to be removed to disconnect the plug? Is there a release point on the plug? Any suggestions?
  3. Just replaced my Ignition Coil for my 1990 Reatta and the original Magnavox Coil was replaced by a (Magnavox Coil) named Power Select/WPS CDR36. I tested the secondary coil (across the cable terminals on my original coil and it read 12.9 to 13. at 200 ohm resistance on my multimeter. Now i checked the same resistance on my new coil and the secondary read 6.9. Would it be safe to use this new coil? If I used this new coil should the new plugs be gapped at .045?
  4. Where to buy 88/89 rebuilt radio module?

    My 1990 Reatta radio tape player has a cassette in it and it will not eject- it tries to eject but the cassette will not come out. I tried to pull it out, pry it out but still will not come out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.