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  1. Airbag unplug

    My 1990 coupe is a daily driver but I want to disconnect the airbag. I took off the airbag unit on the steering wheel but I tried to unplug the wire but cannot get it undone. It is yellow with a small blue clip or tab.. Does the blue clip have to be removed to disconnect the plug? Is there a release point on the plug? Any suggestions?
  2. Just replaced my Ignition Coil for my 1990 Reatta and the original Magnavox Coil was replaced by a (Magnavox Coil) named Power Select/WPS CDR36. I tested the secondary coil (across the cable terminals on my original coil and it read 12.9 to 13. at 200 ohm resistance on my multimeter. Now i checked the same resistance on my new coil and the secondary read 6.9. Would it be safe to use this new coil? If I used this new coil should the new plugs be gapped at .045?
  3. Where to buy 88/89 rebuilt radio module?

    My 1990 Reatta radio tape player has a cassette in it and it will not eject- it tries to eject but the cassette will not come out. I tried to pull it out, pry it out but still will not come out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.