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  1. I'm interested in learning about brighter bulbs, and I'm curious about any problems other have had m,aking the switch to LED?
  2. Yes, I use the ROJ, frequently as I continue to work on my red white, and blue Reattas. Thank you for helping us all with our lovely Reattas.
  3. Hi Bob, I was chasing "error" and "electrical problems" displays for some months on my blue '91 coupe. The engine would start bucking and spitting at the same time. I cleaned all of the ground connections behind the battery, replaced the IPC under the coils, the problem persisted until I changed the ECM. Now all is well!
  4. I'm counting my lucky stars. I bought my latest, a 1991 Reatta coupe, with 36,000 miles on it, for $1200. The engine has a spun rod bearing, but I've purchased an engine from a '91 in a wrecking yard with 80,000 miles, planning to do the switch myself over the next month. She's a little rough, but ok for my daily driver. I'm planning to sell the blue '91 coupe with just under fifty thousand miles, see it at the show in Denver.
  5. What's that about C.O.D.? They got back to me with a price of $25 each plus $5 shipping.
  6. I bought a set of these with the Sumi label last fall for my 2003 Century (literally my father's car). They have a solid feel on the road, they handle well enough in snow that my snow tires never got installed, and show no wear at about 5000 miles. I think they a are very good looking tires, sexy curves.
  7. Jim, I will take the tan '90, how about a tan drivers door interior? For a 90.
  8. I will be going to the Nationals, commuting daily from my home in Boulder. My '91 coupe Blue/blue on display. That car will probably be for sale..depending on how my '91 coupe white/ tan turns out after I do the motor swap. On a sunny first day of Spring drive, I toured the route of the Thursday Reatta Rendezvous, in my blue Reatta. After a morning sight see in Boulder, and lunch, we will head up towards the continental divide on a very winding paved road for about twenty miles The road is lined with trees and follows a bubbling creek, ending in the quaint little hippy town of Ward, Colorado. In the late eighteen hundreds, the Switzerland Trail steam train brought tourists from Boulder to Ward for spring wildflower excursions. At that point we turn south, on the Peak to Peak highway for some of the most beautiful mountain vistas you could imagine. Next stop, Nederland, a town in a spectacular setting and lots of gift shops, the oldtime Pioneer saloon still functions as a dance venue. From here there are many ways to return to Denver. Back to Boulder through Boulder Canyon, South on the Peak to Peak highway, through the mining town of Central City, now a casino town, and on to the freeway back to Denver. Coming down into Denver is quite spectacular drop with many signs warning "TRUCKERS, You are not down yet". There are also many other winding routes if you are still hoping for more curves. I'm finally finished this tome, I will go outside to take some picture of my Red, White, and Blue Reattas in the spring snow. I look forward to meeting other Reatta aficionados in June.
  9. At last notice, I had convinced myself that the engine knock in my latest Reatta purchase, the white '91 coupe with 36,000 miles, was a harmonic balancer. I had It towed straight to my mechanic and bought a new balancer. The mechanic soon pointed out the error in my optimism, directing my attention to the hammered spun rod bearing and damaged crankshaft. I returned the harmonic balancer. Great good fortune has befallen me, I like to think it's good karma, as I am a lifelong Buddhist. I have purchased a tested and warranted '91 engine from Fair Auto Dismantlers in Denver for $600. The wrecked car has only 80K, and is fairly stripped, but has a very nice red interior should anybody be interested. I'm getting the CD player. Fair Auto Dismantlers had several Reattas in years past, but this is their last one. Waiting for me! I will now endeavor to remove the blown engine, with all of its low mileage components for use as spares. I will attempt to learn the name and function of each engine component in the process. Now I understand my compulsion to buy air tools! I am seeking mentors and generally encouragement, as I have never done an engine swap. I'm planning to attend the Buick Nationals in Denver in June, where I hope to sell my Blue/Blue '91 coupe with 50K, to the highest bidder. I'm looking forward to meeting other Reatta enthusiasts and seeing their cars
  10. I was working on my '90 coupe red/tan, when I locked myself out. All of my imagined solutions involved a locksmith. Then my friend came by, asked for a coat hanger, bent a little hook on the end, and he had the door open in five minutes with no damage and very little struggling. I couldn't even buy him a beer since he's been dry for years.
  11. I am sorry to hear that. I know you really love this car. Do you have a lot of problems with this car? Can you help me get connected with these two websites. Are there instructions on how to create a persona with quotes and car info etc. I am a little behind on computer literacy. I would like to take a more active role in the Reatta community.
  12. To Ronnie, You have first dibs on this car and I will deliver it to you!
  13. It's not that I wanted to, I was seduced! I lost my head! I was taken in first by my shiny 1990 RED Coupe, a beautiful car, the man had died, and his brother was just trying to get rid of it, so I bought it for $700. Who could resist? All it needed was a windshield, a little brake work, and the heater&A/C repaired. Oh yeah, one headlight didn't work, and the windows were sticking, smoke poured off the manifold on startup, but that's just a valve cover gasket, right? When I got it home, I found a few more things wrong, Like the sub frame bushings being shot, the windows don't work, the interior is worn. 155K and little maintenance. The Clearcoat is peeling in several places. But I loved how it drove, how my little frame fit in it, and the ways guys eyes follow me down the road. One guy even tailed me home wanting to know all about it. That was my first week. This car may be for sale. I started looking for a nicer Reatta, one with fewer problems. So back to Craigslist, Autotrader, and here in Denver, A shiny BLUE coupe with 46,000 miles, new tires, brakes, everything works. The widow is selling her husbands dream car. Asking $5000. Gorgeous. How could I resist? I have been driving and fixing this car for the past six months. In future posts I will detail my experiences with this beautiful car, nearly perfect in all respects. This car may be for sale. Today I am going down to Denver to buy my third Reatta, a WHITE 1991 coupe with 36k and a clean Carfax. His grandfather gave him the car when the engine developed a terrible knock. I'm certain that a harmonic balancer will fix this problem. I am excited about this car even though the paint job is bad in several places. This car will be my daily driver. To be continued
  14. I found this car on Craigslist last week. I stopped by to check it out over the weekend. No body damage, interior looks good (tan) 16 way seats.
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