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  1. Over the last few months my MPG has gone from about 26 down to 14. Car still runs. Idle is a little rough but I drive it locally. Any idea of things I should check?
  2. So my 89 coupe has always had a bit of an alternator whine that comes over the speaker cables. It's never been terrible but recently whenever the car warms up and goes into closed loop the whine shifts from low and barely noticeable to a loud buzzing that almost drowns out any music that I'm trying to play. I've tried cleaning the ground cables around the battery and checking the ground cable for the antenna but to no avail. Do you guys have any ideas?
  3. I replaced the plugs and wires about 2 years ago and the coil about a year ago and also the ICM about a year ago. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it's not the ICM or the coil and say I'm probably due for some new plugs and wires.
  4. This happens when I'm driving down the road going about 50 and trying to maintain my speed. The car will start shaking as though the engine is shaking. Doesn't happen when I start up doesn't happen when I accelerate hard I end up having to take my foot off the gas and gas it hard and then release to avoid the shaking. I've been checking all of the readings on my CRT but nothing seems to be wonky. Was wondering if any of y'all had any ideas?
  5. What is the symptoms of the drive end bearing failing? When my alternator died I usually just start seeing 9 to 12 volts being put out and nothing else.
  6. Last time I bought one I got it from O'Reilly's with a lifetime warranty. So even if I have to so even if I have to replace it every 6 months I don't think I'll have to pay for another one. I'm driving there now to replace the alternator in the parking lot and drive 6 hours home.
  7. I replaced mine back in February and it looks like I have to do it again. Currently stranded in Blanco tx waiting till Tuesday for the local o'reillys to get the part in. Fun times.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before but I thought this was a pretty good review of our little terrors.
  9. Just bought a headlight bracket off of him. Nothing but good things to say about the man.
  10. Well finally finished, with the cost of parts and the front end alignment coming to a total of about $600. I wonder how much money I saved by not going to a mechanic... I definitely gave part of my soul to that repair job.
  11. Had a similar problem recently. Car would run rough and would die at idle with no codes. After checking/replacing every part I could think of it turned out to be a bad cam (or was it the crank? I get those two confused) sensor that hadn't been tightened properly and had gotten chewed up by the harmonic balancer. New coil pack and ignition module helped too.
  12. Turns out there was a protective cap on the inside of the fitting that I didn't know was there. It took me three days of straight work to have my father-in-law figure that one out. I don't know how I get out of bed in the morning.
  13. Well I don't think I'll be doing it again. But this is doing my head in... This fitting will not thread at all. the old fitting will thread into the new rack. The new hose will thread into the old rack and pinion. But the new hose will not thread into the new rack. I have been trying to get this fitting to thread for 2 days. No joke. It is identical to the old hose in every way. And don't tell me to use the old hose because I cut it to get the old rack out. I'm totally stuck. I worked offshore for 10 years and have had less trouble with hoses and fittings that have been sitting in seawater for 30 years.
  14. If this reatta needs another rack and pinion I'm going to drive it into the bayou. 🙂
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