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  1. Center Console

  2. Center Console

    Looks to be from the 60s any help thanks.
  3. Old Heater

    thanks Alex...
  4. Old Heater

    Can anybody tell me what year this is from thanks..
  5. cowl light

  6. Are These Model T

    any help thanks..
  7. This rim came from a 36 K sedan and it's in super nice shape with little to no rust. Looks like somebody has repainted the two outer sides in the past but the center looks to have the original paint! $100.00 + shipping. 541.890.0914
  8. Clock

    thanks Fleek..
  9. Clock

    any help thanks..
  10. Crankcase Vent Tube

    any help thanks..
  11. Candlepower Meter

    thanks Fleek ...
  12. ford window regulator ??

    I thought this was a 37 pickup regulator looks close but it has an extra gear.
  13. Candlepower Meter

    has anybody ever seen on of these and what did it come from? thanks..
  14. unknown cowl

    tag is not readable.
  15. unknown cowl

    anybody ..