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  1. Evenin everybody, A great weekend out and about on the Chalmers, a nice pub lunch at the White Lion on Saturday, and we had a great time again at the Raven café Bikers breakfast on Sunday, the Chalmers was the oldest vehicle we could find at the breakfast, the star bike of the morning was a Vincent Black Shadow, on the way home I called in for fuel and found a mate of mine in his Jensen CV8, a wonderful mix of American and British-ness, The Chalmers feels good, I am looking forward to Curborough sprint in 3 weeks time. Andy
  2. Evenin everybody, We had the chance to drive out on the Chalmers to Hack Green secret bunker, a place I have been before but didn't get the chance to take a tour, the place is very unusual, quite claustrophobic and with constant reminder's that nuclear war is basically THE END, this place was still in use in the 1980's. On a lighter note they make a good cup of tea and have nice biscuit's ! Andy
  3. Afternoon Barry and everyone, Barry, the mill is Audlem mill, a fairly recent canalside mill from the WW1 period. I gave the Chalmers a bit of a wash ready for the sunshine and warmer weather. Andy
  4. Evenin everybody, The temperature has risen a little so I have been out for a few drives on the Chalmers, the flywheel machining and valve lapping has made a positive difference to the performance, the engine feels much sharper, I may have to add a little more engine oil to the clutch, I have used a greater amount of kerosene than previously which allows the clutch to clear easily but gives a judder on release, hopefully that will get the right balance. The "Cheese barge" was at the Shroppie Fly in Audlem, the next narrow boat along made and sold jewellery crafted from silver spoons, there is always something going on by the canal. Thanks for the interest in the Chalmers and the places we visit. Andy
  5. Evenin everybody, More time has been spent getting the "modern" Sierra touring car checked out as we were invited to the Goodwood 75th Members Meeting to take part in some "high speed demonstration laps" of Group "A" race car's from the late '80's, the event was exceptional in every respect, from the range of cars to the incredible entertainment for the driver's and spectator's alike, The Sierra looked good on the Goodwood grid, There was a great selection of Edwardian car's out in the S.F. Edge Trophy race, the famous Blitzen Benz, The Curtiss V8 Monarch, the mad Mors, another Curtiss engined car, the GN, the Fiat S76 is jaw dropping ! I was lucky to be close by when it was started, it went around the circuit very well for a land speed record car, the Edwardian version of a paddock bike, Last week I did see a quick ray of sunshine and went around the village on the Chalmers to make the most of it, Andy
  6. Evenin everybody, Well we got a warmer day so a short trip was in order, the Chalmers felt good and went very well, the lighter flywheel was noticeably better which made the machining job worthwhile and the valve clean up made for another good bit of winter work, I drove a few miles down the road and stopped at the Maer Great War memorial for a couple of photo's of the year's first trip out. The temperature is now back to it's usual February chill ! Andy
  7. Evenin Barry and everybody, Barry, I looked at "O-rings" but the actual lifter doesn't have a good enough surface finish in that area to give a good seal with the rubber, maybe a little mod on the lifter's would help with that idea, I will have some more thought's and let you all know the outcome. I think an upper cylinder lubricant of some sort would help, I am looking into this. The Louwman museum is definitely a must see, not far into Holland from the Belgian border. http://www.louwmanmuseum.nl/?sc_lang=en This silver Napier Bluebird was given to Malcolm Campbell by D.Napier and son for his land speed records The weather looks like being warm for a few day's so hopefully a short run out on the Chalmers to start the year. Andy
  8. Evenin Barry, Grimy and everybody, A bit of a busy week but very productive, Grimy, I started fitting the felt seals and checking the clearance for the lifter movement, the seal fitted the lifter block well and was easy to fit using a small tool I made up, The thickness of the seal wouldn't allow the lifter full movement, I cut down the seal until clearance was restored, the problem now was the seal was too thin to give any sealing ability, I don't really want to unsolder and lift the lifter cap, a bit more thought and I will have another attempt. The other thing I found was the exhaust valves had gummed up in the valve bore and it had slowed the valve movement enough to blacken and burn the seat's, I got the valve head's ground and I cleaned up the seat's, I will have to keep an eye on the stem lubrication in future. We had short trip to Holland to collect some items for another project and got the chance to visit the Louwman museum, a privately owned museum with the most incredible cars and memorabilia, The 1903 Napier racer is wonderful and still used, The 1903 Spyker 60hp 6 cylinder, 4 wheel drive racer, A beautiful Yale, The last thing I ever expected to see would be a genuine Bluebird tyre with silver Bluebird replica, The Louwman is definitely worth a visit, it can be found in Den Haag. I have now reassembled the valve 's and run the engine, between the flywheel weight reduction and the exhaust valve re-facing the engine feels sharp and strong, a few more little job's then I will want some warm weather. Andy
  9. Evenin Barry, Go to the top of the class for the best description of a job on the Chalmers to date ! I have started to fit the felt seals in the lifter block's, hopefully I will have this done in a few day's. Andy
  10. Evenin everybody, When I replaced the flywheel on the Chalmers last year the new steel flywheel was heavier than the original cast item, this was my mistake and I wondered how I could rectify this without having to completely strip the engine to press the crank out, so I decided to try machining the flywheel in-situ running the engine, I made up a carrier to hold a cross slide to hold a lathe tool, this needed to be set-up exactly in position to give a good finish and a clean cut without vibration and judder, the system worked very well and the only problem I had was the engine stopped due to the battery going flat as I was only running at tickover and the charging doesn't start until higher rev's, the flywheel is now back to the original weight and I am looking forward to seeing how the engine performs, I have now got some felt washer's to try and make the lifter block's a little more oil tight, I hope to get this done next week. Andy
  11. Looking for a 1914/5 Saxon 3 speed axle/transaxle, is this car the only fitment for the 3 speed axle or was it used on other car's of this age ? Other transaxle's may also be of interest, what do you have ? Andy
  12. Afternoon everybody and a Happy New Year, I apologise for the lack of updates, I have spent a lot of time on my "modern" Ford Sierra RS500 touring car, getting it ready for a photoshoot at Donington Park and having it on display at the Autosport International racing show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, the reason for all the work is that the RS500's are now 30 year's old, the show went extremely well with 10 genuine Group "A" sierra's on the stand. Now back to the Chalmers, I wanted to check on a few things after the high mileage we achieved last year, I noticed No3 cylinder was a bit down on compression, I pulled the inlet valve and carrier out and noticed some "blow by" marking at one side of the lower copper sealing ring, this would have gone into the inlet of No3 and No4, I cleaned everything up and added some heavy grease around the seal ring and refitted the assy taking care to align the port's. I also dropped the gearbox to check the new flywheel I fitted last Spring. I want to do something about the oil leaking from the lifter block's, it's not a huge amount but after a long run it is noticeable, at the moment there are no seal's fitted, I am looking to make up some felt washer type seal's to fit in the space in the top of the block's. Andy
  13. Afternoon everybody, Sorry for the lack of updates but the weather has been to bad to get out, basically too cold ! I went out for a short run to my dad's this morning but the roads being very wet made stopping a little bit more than tricky on occasion, so I think that will be the last time out this year. Over the winter there are several thing's I want to get done to the Chalmers ready for next years hillclimb season, hopefully we can attend a few more hill's that we haven't been to before. With 2500 miles covered this year I think the Chalmers has done really well, it is me that seems worn out ! Andy
  14. Afternoon everybody, It is slightly less cold today so a short trip out was the thing to do, the White Lion at Barthomley is a great stop as there is always something to see and they have a great roaring fire ! This lovely BSA was still using acetylene lighting ! It is very noticeable that the oils in the Chalmers feel much thicker in this weather and how they change the operation of the engine, clutch and gearbox, everything was starting to work normally just as I got home ! I don't think there will be many more runs out on the Chalmers this year so I will be getting ready to do a few job's on it in the warm workshop. Andy
  15. Hi Dave and all, Dave, you have found a great car that is so original, have you considered preserving the body condition as it is ? it would be unique. Andy