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  1. Evenin everybody, The weather has been wonderful and the Chalmers has been out and about a lot, I called into our local Mill Meece pumping station car show and had lovely tea and cakes, on Sunday I was invited by a great guy who owns The Bulls Head pub in the village of Alton in Staffordshire for the Alton festival, this used to be a bikers pub that I was a regular at back in the '80's, I parked the Chalmers in the same spot I used all those years ago, after I parked David Leigh rolled up on "Spider" one of Basil Davenport's famous Shelsley special's, the High street was closed off and a superb display of vehicles arrived through the day, a strong looking Dodge Bros saloon, a beautifully presented Armstrong Siddeley 14hp tourer, more modern but so iconic, this Porsche 60, the view along the High street was magical and so English, with over 1200 miles now I will give the Chalmers another oil change and a check over ready for Shelsley Walsh in a couple of weeks. Andy
  2. Afternoon everybody, A last minute change in the weather got lot's of car enthusiast's out at The Wharf classic car night, the amazing range of car's and bikes is always a treat, an absolutely beautiful BSA Rocket 3, a lovely early Citroen, a great pair of British sporting car's, a Riley 9 special and a Bristol 403, by the time I got home the Chalmers had travelled over a 1000 miles this year so far. Andy
  3. Afternoon everybody, Thanks to a nice week the Chalmers has been out regularly with some very enjoyable drives, a lunch stop in Eccleshall, another wonderful piece of canal architecture, I spotted this on my run home, Today I drove out to the Klondyke steam party for my heavy engineering fix, there was a wonderfully restored 1946 Foden winch tractor, the final assembly of a huge restoration of a traction engine, this will be running by the end of the month, I left the steam party and travelled south to a small engine rally for Gardner diesel engines, these are known for their reliability and high mileages achieved, these 2 engines are marine types, this huge 3 cylinder from a motor yacht, and this highly polished canal boat engine, today's trip out notched up another 93 miles giving us nearly 1000 miles this year so far. Next Thursday is "The Wharf" classic car night, hopefully it will be a decent night, I will give the Chalmers a check over tomorrow. Andy
  4. Evenin everybody, What a great weekend we have had at Loton Park hillclimb, a slightly damp practice day went well and a warm dry final day gave us loads of fun, the Chalmers was trouble free and went extremely well and we ended up nearly 5 seconds faster than last year, the flywheel machining has made a huge difference in the cars performance on track, a wonderful Mitchell racer was out and it was very quick, it was a slim car in comparison with the Hudson super six, Annie Walker was driving at Loton for the first time in her Peugeot Bebe, arguably the cutest racing car ever ! we ended up 1/100th of a second quicker on handicap than the 1917 Buick of my friend Ron, I hope he speaks to us at Shelsley Walsh, next time out ! I need a rest after that weekend. Andy
  5. Evenin everybody, The weather has been wonderfully sunny and several trips out on the Chalmers have been enjoyed since the weekend, I checked the car out but couldn't resist getting back out on the road, I had a great run out to Sleap airfield near Wem, luckily there museum was open, the museum has some wonderful and some haunting display's from WW2, over a dozen beautifully conserved crash recovered engines are on display, along with the engines are aircraft component's and pilot's history items, after leaving Sleap I called at Moreton Corbet castle, significant houses have been on this site since 1086 and the last house, now ruined, was last inhabited in the 1800's, a warm evening so a quick run down to the Shroppie Fly for a half, just over 800 miles now, fingers crossed for a sunny Loton. Andy
  6. Evenin everybody, The sun has been out and the Chalmers has been going well, I have examined the distributor pick up's to check for wear and they look great, the oil has been changed and I have fitted a 5 litre coolant catch tank ready for Loton Park next weekend. My father has decided to sell his 1914 Daimler TW20, so I gave it a checkover and the car was photographed for the auction catalogue, it is the only TW20 we know of, it is a sleeve valve engine with a transaxle type rear axle, it has an electric starter that operates by a rubber and leather wheel that drives on the outside of the flywheel, Today we had a really nice drive out to the Foxfield railway military weekend and met up with old friends, the Chalmers became part of a photoshoot, Netty found one of her favourite vehicles, a Kettenkrad, at Foxfield railway they are involved with all the heavy aspect's of steam locomotive restoration, as could be seen on the siding's awaiting work, with other project's nearing completion, on the way home we called in to Mill Meece pumping station, another local show we like to go to, these small group's of volunteer's that preserve our history deserve some recognition, they work so hard, I found this wonderful old Case with a Perkins engine ! I will give the car a check over ready for the weekend's sport. Andy
  7. Evenin everybody, We have had a beautifully sunny week and the Chalmers has been out and about nearly every day, today we first of all went to our local biker café for a brew, all the biker's wanted to see the engine, on the way to the café I bumped into my mate Peter on his Kawasaki Gpz900r, he had his helmet cam running and this what it recorded and he just sent it over to me, After the cafe I called at my favourite pub for a swift half, while looking through the interenet this week I found 2 great shot's of the Harley twin engined special that was at Curborough last Sunday, it was wonderfully mad, The Chalmers has now clocked up 500 miles this year, it will have a short rest as I am travelling down to the Beaulieu spring autojumble next weekend to hopefully find some old car treasure. Andy
  8. Evenin everybody, The Chalmers has been out on many trips over the last few week's and is doing well, today we competed at the Vintage Sports Car Club twisty sprint at Curborough, the weather was ideal and the course was perfect, parked next to the Chalmers was the cutest car I have seen in year's, it was a Peugeot Bebe with sport's bodywork, it was driven by the daughter of the Darracq V8's driver Mark Walker, it was her first sprint event, it was tiny ! several special's were in attendance, including this Anzani V-twin engined cyclecar, and JD's twin engined Ariel square four special, the only car I know with 4 crankshaft's, We ended the day with a best time of 53.66 seconds, 3.4 seconds faster than last year ! the work on the flywheel was really worth it. 350 miles and Curborough sprint so far and looking forward to a lot more. Andy
  9. Evenin everybody, A great weekend out and about on the Chalmers, a nice pub lunch at the White Lion on Saturday, and we had a great time again at the Raven café Bikers breakfast on Sunday, the Chalmers was the oldest vehicle we could find at the breakfast, the star bike of the morning was a Vincent Black Shadow, on the way home I called in for fuel and found a mate of mine in his Jensen CV8, a wonderful mix of American and British-ness, The Chalmers feels good, I am looking forward to Curborough sprint in 3 weeks time. Andy
  10. Evenin everybody, We had the chance to drive out on the Chalmers to Hack Green secret bunker, a place I have been before but didn't get the chance to take a tour, the place is very unusual, quite claustrophobic and with constant reminder's that nuclear war is basically THE END, this place was still in use in the 1980's. On a lighter note they make a good cup of tea and have nice biscuit's ! Andy
  11. Afternoon Barry and everyone, Barry, the mill is Audlem mill, a fairly recent canalside mill from the WW1 period. I gave the Chalmers a bit of a wash ready for the sunshine and warmer weather. Andy
  12. Evenin everybody, The temperature has risen a little so I have been out for a few drives on the Chalmers, the flywheel machining and valve lapping has made a positive difference to the performance, the engine feels much sharper, I may have to add a little more engine oil to the clutch, I have used a greater amount of kerosene than previously which allows the clutch to clear easily but gives a judder on release, hopefully that will get the right balance. The "Cheese barge" was at the Shroppie Fly in Audlem, the next narrow boat along made and sold jewellery crafted from silver spoons, there is always something going on by the canal. Thanks for the interest in the Chalmers and the places we visit. Andy
  13. Evenin everybody, More time has been spent getting the "modern" Sierra touring car checked out as we were invited to the Goodwood 75th Members Meeting to take part in some "high speed demonstration laps" of Group "A" race car's from the late '80's, the event was exceptional in every respect, from the range of cars to the incredible entertainment for the driver's and spectator's alike, The Sierra looked good on the Goodwood grid, There was a great selection of Edwardian car's out in the S.F. Edge Trophy race, the famous Blitzen Benz, The Curtiss V8 Monarch, the mad Mors, another Curtiss engined car, the GN, the Fiat S76 is jaw dropping ! I was lucky to be close by when it was started, it went around the circuit very well for a land speed record car, the Edwardian version of a paddock bike, Last week I did see a quick ray of sunshine and went around the village on the Chalmers to make the most of it, Andy
  14. Evenin everybody, Well we got a warmer day so a short trip was in order, the Chalmers felt good and went very well, the lighter flywheel was noticeably better which made the machining job worthwhile and the valve clean up made for another good bit of winter work, I drove a few miles down the road and stopped at the Maer Great War memorial for a couple of photo's of the year's first trip out. The temperature is now back to it's usual February chill ! Andy
  15. Evenin Barry and everybody, Barry, I looked at "O-rings" but the actual lifter doesn't have a good enough surface finish in that area to give a good seal with the rubber, maybe a little mod on the lifter's would help with that idea, I will have some more thought's and let you all know the outcome. I think an upper cylinder lubricant of some sort would help, I am looking into this. The Louwman museum is definitely a must see, not far into Holland from the Belgian border. http://www.louwmanmuseum.nl/?sc_lang=en This silver Napier Bluebird was given to Malcolm Campbell by D.Napier and son for his land speed records The weather looks like being warm for a few day's so hopefully a short run out on the Chalmers to start the year. Andy