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  1. Good evening Barry, Wayne, Carl and all, Yes, I am still around, I have too apologise even more than normal due to my late updates, I have been doing various projects and non Chalmers stuff along with Life ! Since my last update ( just after the last century ) the Chalmers has been here, there and everywhere. We went on a lovely trip to Jersey to see family and friends and found a great museum, won the local pub's car club's best car award, Curborough sprint went well and I was a second better than last time, I put my Ferrari on the road after all the work earlier in the year, it is so good to be driving it again, Dave turned up in his stunning Riley special one morning, Harewood hillclimb was just as good as ever, although I didn't improve my time I did get the Chalmers very sideways a couple of times, We have attended many pub meets, and have been on lots of trips and the Chalmers is doing well with over 1500 miles so far this year, Shelsley Walsh is alway's special, such a long motorsport history, the Chalmers went 3 seconds quicker up the hill mainly due to fitting the spare carb, the downside is terrible mpg although I still couldn't get even close to this Le Zebre with a Curtiss OX-5 ! I was invited to the Chateau Impney hillclimb near Droitwich to run the Napier Lion engine for everybody, I had the assistance of Jack to help start the engine, the event was one of the best motoring weekend's I have been to, I found this great piece of footage on Youtube, thanks to the poster for his great camera work, I found this wonderful 2 owners Brough SS100 outside the Saturday night party, we had a flyby on both day's from the Lancaster, and in true supercar fashion the Fiat S76 "Beast of Turin" outshon a Bugatti Veyron, I will try to get my update regularity back to normal, thanks to everybody for their messages, I am still here ! Andy
  2. Evenin everybody, Happy New Year to you all, yes I know I have not posted an update in ages but that doesn't mean I have been sitting around doing nothing, well not all the time ! Since my last update I decided it was time to go through a car I have not used in 15 years, it is my 1988 Ferrari 328 GTB, I have gone through the car from indicator lenses to cam belts, injection metering heads to brake disc's, as soon as the sun comes out I will have the car back on the road, I have been spending most of my time on the spare Chalmers engine I am rebuilding, I have modified the spark plug carrier's just like I did on the first engine, it allow's the electrode to be in the mixture rather than up inside the thread's, I have again used Caterpillar D9 engine valves, I shorten them to suit and add a new collet groove, I have also used new valve spring's, I cleaned up up the camshaft bearings and gave the camshaft a little "run in" on the lathe, The spare crank has had a light grind, new bearing's and has been pressed back together with the help of my Riley driving friend Andy in the next village who has a 100 ton press, the timing gears are all lined up and the lifters fitted, the con rod's have been re-metaled and I am making new big end bolts, I am waiting on suppliers of wrist pins as the original's are pitted, I have yet to modify the pistons. Again sorry for the delay in updating. Andy Sorry I forgot to add that my friend Dave came round in his model A.
  3. Evenin Barry and all, Sorry again for the lack of updates, life seems to take over sometimes, Barry, the Alton I was in is the Staffordshire Alton, this is where the famous Alton Towers theme park is based, it is a really nice village with several pubs including my favourite the Bulls Head. As usual I have been working on various projects including removing a set of pistons that were seized in their bores, this an engine for another project but I thought I would show you how I managed to pull the rusted-in pistons from the block, I put the block in the bonfire and got it nice and hot then used the ram from my press along with a few laser cut plates, my assistant Jack and out they came. A couple of weeks ago we took a ride out to Great Haywood for lunch near the canal, it was a lovely day but the Chalmers wasn't happy on the road and seemed to get very hot and ran quite erratically, when we came to leave the engine would not start, I did just about everything I could think of, when I tried to flood the carb the fuel seemed to "boil" in the float bowl, very concerning indeed, I removed the plugs that were very overheated with gaps way to wide, I re-gapped the plug's and after letting the engine cool down I managed to get it started, we headed for home with a rather unhappy running engine. Thinking back to when the problem started I realised that I had filled the tank with fuel just before the poor running started, when we got home I drained the tank and refilled it with fuel from a different petrol station, after this had been done the engine started and ran beautifully and has done so ever since, I have sent a fuel sample away to be checked, watch this space for the results and always be aware of poor fuel. Today I drove out to Audlem which is a favourite even now when the temperature has dropped, on my way back I stopped at Woore church to look at the sculpture of a WW1 soldier that has been made to commemorate the end of The Great War, with over 3100 miles traveled over the year I think the temperature has now beaten me, the warm workshop beckons with the rebuild of the spare Chalmers engine up first. Andy
  4. Evenin everybody, We had a sunny Prescott long course meeting last Saturday, the Chalmers went well, 1.6 seconds faster than last year, there was a good selection of Edwardian's, a varied selection of racer's, and some great "homebrew's", the long course is a very flowing track that is wonderful to drive, We have been out and about since the last update, a nice lunch stop in Alton, with it's round lockup, and beautiful bridge, and as usual we have to wait at the railway crossing on the way home, you may have spotted my Chalmers "ECU" ( Elastic Control Unit ) it holds the advance for me ! we have now traveled over 2800 miles and hopefully we will have a few good day's left. Andy
  5. Evenin Barry and everybody, Barry, I don't think I will get an award for having fun driving the car but I feel more elderly ! The Chalmers has been on more adventures around the countryside, the great weather we had gave us many enjoyable drives, which is basically lot's of runs out for tea and cake On a trip to Derbyshire I pulled in at Osmaston Park, the drive up the park didn't seem to end, in the village they had a scarecrow competition, this one was brilliant, I found another place by the canal, this the flint mill in Cheddleton near Leek, they have 2 operating wheels, this mill ground burnt flint for the pottery industry, the old control tower at Sleap airfield has a great cafe overlooking the runway, it is a typical WW2 building, last weekend was Loton Park hillclimb, we had rain on Saturday and a dry Sunday, on Saturday the Chalmers was the 2nd quickest in the Edwardian class in the wet practice and went on to get 2nd handicap in class, on the dry Sunday we tried our best but were back to slowest in class, as with all VSCC events you see some gems, this Peugeot was beautiful, Mark Walker's "Thunderbug" is motoring art, The Chalmers clutch fluid needed changing after Loton as the extra heat from hard start's tends to overheat the lubricant and makes the clutch drag, a new kerosene and engine oil mix and we are back to normal. with Curborough, Harewood, Shelsley Walsh, Prescott short and Loton Park done we have Prescott long course in a couple of weeks and that will finish the competition for the year, along with about 2700 miles so far the Chalmers is doing well, I will be starting on the spare engine rebuild soon. Andy
  6. Evening Barry and all, Barry, you are very observant, the weather has been superb which has given us lots of days out ! On one of our trips we went through Oakamoor near Alton Towers and found the old station platforms, the railway went along time ago, not far away we stopped by a reconstruction of Joe Bamford's ( JCB excavators ) first factory, on one of our VSCC pub meets a great looking Morgan Aero turned up, the owner also has a race version, now we move onto Prescott hillclimb and again I found a great looking Morgan, although a little older, Prescott always brings out superb car's, this outrageous Salmson was the only saloon of it's type and spent years in a Swiss ladies clothes shop, this Amilcar was stunning, then when you think you have seen everything a Bugatti engined Frazer Nash turns up, the Chalmers went very well, we took 2.5 seconds off our time from the last visit, the VSCC start crew's are always smiling, Prescott is a wonderful place, so far this year we have traveled over 2300 miles with very few adjustment's or issues, in fact it has began to feel " normal" to drive the Chalmers than the modern car ! Andy
  7. Evenin everybody, The fantastic weather is still with us and the Chalmers has been all over the place, on a lovely trip around Cheshire I stopped off at Oulton Park race circuit, I had my first race win at this track, it was way back in 1995 in a Ford Sapphire Cosworth, a few people were out testing in the heat, I then went on to Stretton Mill which is the oldest water mill in the UK with it's original working's, the caretaker started up the mill for me, one night I drove over to see a mate in Denstone which is near the huge JCB excavator factory in Rocester, we drove up the road to Denstone college for a photo, in the week I collected some of the spare Chalmers engine parts that had been worked on for me, the crank had a light polish, and the rods have been re metaled, today we had a great trip to Wales, in fact the route we used took us in and out several times, we stopped for lunch at The Boat at Erbistock, a really beautiful spot down by the river Dee, we then carried on to Llangollen, we went along by the canal, to the motor museum, which was closed, maybe another day, we have now covered nearly 1900 miles this year and will be soon getting ready for the VSCC event at Prescott at the start of next month. Andy
  8. Evenin everybody, We are a couple of weeks into a period of stunning weather and the Chalmers has been out and about a lot and I have been getting through the factor 30 sunscreen, Shelsley Walsh is the steepest hill we go to and is always great fun, a little quieter than usual this year and very hot, this GN was beautiful, the Chalmers went 2 seconds faster than before which is a good indication the engine is in good order, our local VSCC pub meeting had a superb car park this month, including 4 Riley's, 2 XK Jaguar's, a wonderful Humber special, and a pristine 1934 Moto Guzzi, This week I have made a bit of room by selling my 1943 Pratt & Whitney R-985 engine, it is going to a new owner who will ground run the engine, with over 1500 miles this year the Chalmers is feeling strong and we are enjoying the sunshine. Andy
  9. Evening Wayne, Barry and everybody, Gentlemen, thank you very much for your kind words and interest in the Chalmers adventures, we are having so much fun getting around on this old car, last week we took the Chalmers up to the Lake District for a short break and then to a friends birthday party, our camper makes towing the Chalmers on the trailer look easy, we stayed at the excellent Black Beck camp site which I would recommend to anyone wanting to stay in the Lakes, on the first day we drove only a few miles up the road to nearby Newby Bridge and the Lakeland motor museum, https://www.lakelandmotormuseum.co.uk/ this museum is a wonderful place to visit, we were about to park in the car park when Edwin who is one of the museum director's spotted us and ushered us into the museum concourse area by the main entrance, we were then shown around the museum by Chris who is another one of the directors, these guy's made us feel so welcome, they have a great collection of car's, bikes and motoring items, four hours later we carried on our drive ! we drove around lake Windermere and onto Coniston where Donald Campbell attempted the water speed record, we stopped for lunch with Coniston in the background, the next day we called in to Old Hall farm, http://oldhallfarmbouth.com/ to see Alex and Charlotte who seem to work about 30 hours a day building steam engines to rearing abandoned deer fawns ! Alex now has the Fowler name and is building and restoring steam traction engines, we saw a large traction engine in mid rebuild alongside a special boiler repair, a rebuild of a Sentinel steam lorry was nearing completion and was one of a selection of the many steam powered vehicles being worked on, they also run steam traction engine driving courses which look very interesting, this was the end of a run out and the steam was being released, it was very exciting to see and hear, on our third day we drove out to Cartmel which is the home of "sticky toffee pudding" and is a beautiful tiny village, the last day was a drive to our party, it was a typical biker do with a lot of beer and loud music, it was a great night, happy birthday Ken. We have now covered about 1400 miles and I will give the car a check over before this weekends Shelsley Walsh hillclimb. Andy
  10. Evenin everybody, We have been out and about a lot recently and have had a great time meeting up with loads of petrolheads, We had a fantastic reception when we called in at our local Shires Bikers weekend party, this BSA was very sharp, The annual Wharf pub classic car night has an amazing range of car's with over 200 in attendance, and also many bikes, Netty found her favourite bike, Mill Meece was open again and the Chalmers always has new fans, We have now driven over 1200 miles this year and it was time for a new set of tyres, the front's lasted over 12,000 miles and the rear's about half that, the hillclimb's really take it out of them. I hope to take the Chalmer's on a short tour soon, weather permitting. Andy
  11. Evenin everybody, It is always good to go to Yorkshire and this trip to Harewood Hillclimb was no exception, even when we had rain through the night and through into the afternoon, the course was wonderful to drive on, the map gives you an idea of how twisty and diverse it is, you even go through farm building's on the way up the hill ! the Chalmers performed really well in the wet and I actually got to the point where I could start to drift the tail out, this was so much fun, of the 2 Edwardian car's in the class the Chalmers was fastest in both wet practice's and damp 1st and 2nd runs then on the dry 3rd run we were beaten ! it was still the best hillclimb I have had in ages, I have not thrown the Chalmers around like that before, Harewood hillclimb has to be on your "things to do and see" list. in the afternoon I assisted Chris Williams when an oil leak appeared on the Lion engine, we found a tiny crack on a camshaft oil feed pipe, with lot's of people offering tools, blowtorch and solder we had the repair sorted and the mighty Napier Bentley was back out on the hill, after a great weekend I will check the car over and then take advantage of the good weather. Andy
  12. Hi Falconriley and all, The only time you have to watch out is puddles of water, other than that nothing at all. I have really enjoyed my times in Queensland, I raced at Bathurst with a team based on the Gold Coast, we tested at Lakeside, we finished 19th in the 1998 FAI 1000. A few years later we were with Dick Johnson at his place at Stapylton, he showed us all round and we saw the sister car to the DJR Sierra RS500 I used to own and race. Thanks for looking. Andy
  13. Evenin everybody, Sorry as usual for the late updates. The weather has been good and the Chalmers has been out and about to all the usual haunt's, It was great to see Clive and his Chalmers again, a set of the valve spring's will be on that car as very soon, our trip to Foxfield railway's military day is always fun, it has a great atmosphere, good food and old stuff everywhere, on an evening's drive out to the Raven cafe Bikers night I found this beautifully built special, a dream of what could have been ? on Monday a quick run out to the Audlem festival and parking up in our usual canal side space the Chalmers found two new admirer's from the narrowboat next to us, while looking for Chalmers stuff online I found this photo from Curborough with the caption, " like wrestling a bear " With 900 miles traveled this year so far it is time for a check over ready for Harewood hillclimb this weekend. Andy
  14. Curborough was hot, fast and lots of fun, I was 0.02 quicker than last year ! that really isn't an improvement, although I was still running the old carb as the bigger one still gave starting problems, This wonderful 1907 Humber turned up, a real little gem, unfortunately it had some troubles but will be back at the next meeting, A friend turned up on his Henderson, it sounded really good with the exhaust cut-out, Just before Curborough a special delivery arrived, new Chalmers valve spring's, these have been hand made for the current engine and the spare, with 105 years and some rust pits I thought it was about time for a change, A good warm spell has allowed the Chalmers to have done over 600 miles, a new set of tyres has been ordered ! Andy
  15. Evenin everybody, The sun is out and the Chalmers is flying along, I have been able to get out and travel quite a few miles recently, Audlem again always a nice place for lunch, The Shroppie Fly was also good for lunch, more to follow.