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  1. Evenin Alastair and all, Well this has been a long stretch between updates, apologies up and above the usual, I haven't got that much to tell you guy's other than the covid hasn't got me yet ! During UK lockdown I have been busy and rebuilt a couple of engines, more recently I have done a bit of work on the Chalmers, the gearbox input bearing was making a small amount of noise, I think several years living in the kerosene and engine oil clutch mix finished it off so I changed it for a sealed unit, I also made up a small oil separator tank for the
  2. Hi Alastair, thumbs up-ers and all, As usual I have to apologise for my lateness of updates, sorry again ! Alastair, when things are nearer to normal and you have made the trip to visit family, please get in touch and call round to see the Chalmers, I am not that far from Manchester. We have been doing the right thing and keeping ourselves to ourselves and that will hopefully help in the reduction of virus transmission, the few times we have been out it has been at some sort of distance, on a particularly hot night we had a great night run and passed Blithf
  3. Hi Alastair and all, I had been looking for a brass / Edwardian era car for a while, they don't come along that often and when I saw it at Beaulieu autojumble in 2012, it was the last car at the far end of the fields, I had to have it, it had potential, I didn't go out looking for a Chalmers, it really found me, there are 3 1913 4 cylinder and a 1912/16 6 cylinder I know of in the UK, there is also a 4 cylinder in Germany. My brother Gareth won the Ace Vehicles "North West Sports and Saloons" back in 2000, he was in his Ford Escort Cosworth in class D, he also won the Ford Sa
  4. Hi Alastair, Small world ! I raced a Sierra XR4i 91-94, a Sapphire Cosworth 94-96 and an ex-Dick Johnson RS500 96 and 97, I did the Ford modified saloon car championship, the Lynton trailers championship which I think became the CNC heads championship, we must have been on track together at some point maybe in the Tony Sugden Skoda era ? I was the Fords champion in 97. I went on to race at Bathurst a couple of times and did the Nurburgring 24h 5 times. The Chalmers is a little more relaxing ! Well done for being in the most wonderful country in the wo
  5. Hi Barry, thumbs up-ers and all, Barry, I use Lister Petter generator pistons, they come in the correct size, are very good quality and are very reasonably priced, I modify the gudgeon pin bosses to give more little end width and weld in an alloy piece to get rid of the diesel combustion chamber, I have given up on re-inventing the wheel ! I use a Colchester lathe, it has been an excellent piece of kit, I have had it for over 20 years along with a Bridgeport mill. I have finished the Splitdorf magneto repair, I made the replica bearing carrier plate to repla
  6. Good evening everybody, I hope you are all being very careful while we are going through this very unusual time in the world, self isolation is the new way to live so we are being told, although I have to admit I have been trying to self isolate for years ! I have been able to be in the workshop a lot recently now my new knee is performing well, I finished modifying the Chalmers pistons and added new gudgeon pins, the repainted block assembly dropped onto the bottom end fairly easily, most of the ancillaries
  7. Hi Ball & Ball carb specialists, I have just found this thread and am also looking for information but specifically on a Ball & Ball type DV9 carburetor, does someone have information of these for me. Thanks in advance. Andy
  8. Good evening Barry and all, Happy New Year, Well as usual I have to apologise for the ridiculously long time between updates and this time it really has been a long time, sorry ! Since the last update loads of things have happened, we had a lovely VSCC Prescott weekend, I took the Chalmers to a very old well known iron landmark along with several trips over to the Welsh border, a great VSCC Loton Park hillclimb, a wonderful holiday in Barbados, a complete computer meltdown and subsequent loss of photo's and info, a total knee replacement and various
  9. Good evening Barry, Wayne, Carl and all, Yes, I am still around, I have too apologise even more than normal due to my late updates, I have been doing various projects and non Chalmers stuff along with Life ! Since my last update ( just after the last century ) the Chalmers has been here, there and everywhere. We went on a lovely trip to Jersey to see family and friends and found a great museum, won the local pub's car club's best car award, Curborough sprint went well and I was a second better than last ti
  10. Evenin everybody, Happy New Year to you all, yes I know I have not posted an update in ages but that doesn't mean I have been sitting around doing nothing, well not all the time ! Since my last update I decided it was time to go through a car I have not used in 15 years, it is my 1988 Ferrari 328 GTB, I have gone through the car from indicator lenses to cam belts, injection metering heads to brake disc's, as soon as the sun comes out I will have the car back on the road, I have been spending most of my time on the spare Chalmers eng
  11. Evenin Barry and all, Sorry again for the lack of updates, life seems to take over sometimes, Barry, the Alton I was in is the Staffordshire Alton, this is where the famous Alton Towers theme park is based, it is a really nice village with several pubs including my favourite the Bulls Head. As usual I have been working on various projects including removing a set of pistons that were seized in their bores, this an engine for another project but I thought I would show you how I managed to pull the rusted-in pistons from the block, I put the block in the bonfi
  12. Evenin everybody, We had a sunny Prescott long course meeting last Saturday, the Chalmers went well, 1.6 seconds faster than last year, there was a good selection of Edwardian's, a varied selection of racer's, and some great "homebrew's", the long course is a very flowing track that is wonderful to drive, We have been out and about since the last update, a nice lunch stop in Alton, with it's round lockup, and beautiful bridge,
  13. Evenin Barry and everybody, Barry, I don't think I will get an award for having fun driving the car but I feel more elderly ! The Chalmers has been on more adventures around the countryside, the great weather we had gave us many enjoyable drives, which is basically lot's of runs out for tea and cake On a trip to Derbyshire I pulled in at Osmaston Park, the drive up the park didn't seem to end, in the village they had a scarecrow competition, this one was brilliant, I found another place
  14. Evening Barry and all, Barry, you are very observant, the weather has been superb which has given us lots of days out ! On one of our trips we went through Oakamoor near Alton Towers and found the old station platforms, the railway went along time ago, not far away we stopped by a reconstruction of Joe Bamford's ( JCB excavators ) first factory, on one of our VSCC pub meets a great looking Morgan Aero turned up, the owner also has a race version, now we move onto Prescott hillclimb and aga
  15. Evenin everybody, The fantastic weather is still with us and the Chalmers has been all over the place, on a lovely trip around Cheshire I stopped off at Oulton Park race circuit, I had my first race win at this track, it was way back in 1995 in a Ford Sapphire Cosworth, a few people were out testing in the heat, I then went on to Stretton Mill which is the oldest water mill in the UK with it's original working's, the caretaker started up the mill for me, one night I drove over to see a mate in Denstone
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