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  1. Hello Alastair, The fuel delivery on mine (35-D; 1918) is a Stewart Warner vacuum tank. It fits on the firewall. Mine is a model 113-R. These things turn up on Ebay regularly, although perhaps not the exact model you want. They look complex, but are easy to fix. The bottoms of the two tanks may be rusted through, though. Here is the repair manual: http://hudsonterraplane.com/tech/1927/StewartWarnerVacuumTank2-11-27.pdf Here are a couple of places that sell stuff for them, although gaskets you can make yourself. The replacement springs, though, will make it work better: ht
  2. Hi again Alastair. This may well be old news that everyone knows, but there is a Chalmers Registry where you can meet other Chalmers owners, discuss stuff (forum) and there is a buy & sell classifieds too. As of yesterday there were 27 people registered. It may be a good source of info for you. Here is the address: https://www.chalmersregistry.org All the best, Dave
  3. Hello Jason and Kiwi. That book does turn up occasionally. I've never seen it on Ebay, but it does make its way into various antique book shops. Just now there is one on Amazon, but at $500 it is pretty pricy. I have one, which I bought a while back so if you need info from it I can perhaps help. Another kiwi here b.t.w. - my family comes from Kawhia, but I'm not in NZ just now. About style, especially exterior style, there was a progression up through , say 1915 - 1922 so that you can often tell the year fairly readily. There isn't much of Chalmers things turn up on Ebay, but one thing
  4. Hello all, Thanks for the sentiments; in fact we think alike. While I want to find out everything about these cars, including original colours, I intend to keep the car original and just go over the electrical wiring and mechanicals/brakes and get it back in the road. And replace the wheel bearings - a friend of mine once had a Chevrolet that he kept original. One day on driving to a rally one of the front wheels seized and his car entered the oncoming lane and he was terribly injured - moral of story = wheels got to keep turning. The previous owner of my Chalmers was driving the car aro
  5. Hello Bob and others, Thank-you so much for your support. I'm really thrilled with this car. My last car, a 1929 Chevrolet, I bought as a pyramid-shaped pile of rust and rotten wood. This car, a hundred years old, has little rust, good wood and good leather and cloth, and even good engine bearings. It looks like Dave Hammond's book is required bedside reading, although it's not readily available on eBay or amazon. It'll turn up though. I bought a reprint of the 1917 Chalmers catalogue by Regress Press (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chalmers-1917-Quality-First-1917-Six-30-Roadster-Cabriolet-S
  6. Hi Andy, Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Very helpful. I was sorry to hear about the Chalmers Registry. I won't have good photos until the car arrives, but am including three that have been sent to me. But one thing I did see on one of the photos was some details of the car: Model No 35-D, then number 110124. On another badge: New Haven Carriage Co. Coach Builders, New Haven, Conn. No: 18107 (I think). The previous owner always maintained that is was a 1916-car. All the best, Dave
  7. Dear list members, This is an introductory posting, in a way, to present myself. I have bought a Chalmers, brought it home and look forward to many hours of frustration and fun in putting it on the road. I have restored two vintage cars previously in Australia, but they were not as old or noble as this one. There will no doubt be questions to ask on the way, such as torque values for big end bolts and such, but I hope eventually to be able to contribute too, not just ask and ask. First question - the previous owner was unsure of its year of make - either 1916 or 1917 probably. I've looke
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