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  1. Hello all, Thanks for the sentiments; in fact we think alike. While I want to find out everything about these cars, including original colours, I intend to keep the car original and just go over the electrical wiring and mechanicals/brakes and get it back in the road. And replace the wheel bearings - a friend of mine once had a Chevrolet that he kept original. One day on driving to a rally one of the front wheels seized and his car entered the oncoming lane and he was terribly injured - moral of story = wheels got to keep turning. The previous owner of my Chalmers was driving the car around up to the day he put it away about 50 years ago, so it may not require so very much attention. Thank-you to hwellens for the information on models and years. The 35-D model designation seems to place this car firmly in 1918, although as mentioned earlier the owner maintained it was 1916. Had this car been 100 years (1916) it could have been imported as an antiquity, duty free, but as a spritely 98-year-old I have to pay a heap of import duty on it - but that's life. That Cadillac is amazing - what a car. That model has as I remember a big V-8 engine and cost around $4000 against $3000 for the Chalmers limousine. The door handle looks identical to the one on my Chalmers. Thanks again for all your thoughts, Dave.
  2. Hello Bob and others, Thank-you so much for your support. I'm really thrilled with this car. My last car, a 1929 Chevrolet, I bought as a pyramid-shaped pile of rust and rotten wood. This car, a hundred years old, has little rust, good wood and good leather and cloth, and even good engine bearings. It looks like Dave Hammond's book is required bedside reading, although it's not readily available on eBay or amazon. It'll turn up though. I bought a reprint of the 1917 Chalmers catalogue by Regress Press (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chalmers-1917-Quality-First-1917-Six-30-Roadster-Cabriolet-Six-30-Sedan-To-/322283960905?hash=item4b099efa49:g:WGoAAOSwbqpTySXr) in which they list the models, concluding with the town car and limousine. The town car landaulet is not mentioned - is this a synonym for the town car or limousine, but with a drop-down rear top? However, a limousine model was also mentioned in an advert in a newspaper in July, 1916, among reports of polio, pneumonia and other miseries (http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn83030430/1916-07-28/ed-1/seq-3.pdf). "Luxuriously upholstered Chalmers limousine, 1916 model, like new-----". The number on my car, 110124, would indicate 1918 - 1919 according to the list above (if it on this list), although the previous owner maintains it is 1916. Time will tell. I previously asked about getting hold of motor paint from info Bob supplied, FS24201 and FS24087. It wasn't difficult thanks to google. There are places that will mix such colours for you in heat resistant paint and send them either as aerosol or liquid. Then there is body colour. For the extra cash of a town car or limousine you could get meteor blue, coupe green, Chalmers grey and purple lake. That last one sounds a bit dodgy, but the others - if anyone can help with a colour patch or number for them I am very grateful. Meteor blue sounds like fun. Thanks again, Dave
  3. Hi Andy, Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Very helpful. I was sorry to hear about the Chalmers Registry. I won't have good photos until the car arrives, but am including three that have been sent to me. But one thing I did see on one of the photos was some details of the car: Model No 35-D, then number 110124. On another badge: New Haven Carriage Co. Coach Builders, New Haven, Conn. No: 18107 (I think). The previous owner always maintained that is was a 1916-car. All the best, Dave
  4. Dear list members, This is an introductory posting, in a way, to present myself. I have bought a Chalmers, brought it home and look forward to many hours of frustration and fun in putting it on the road. I have restored two vintage cars previously in Australia, but they were not as old or noble as this one. There will no doubt be questions to ask on the way, such as torque values for big end bolts and such, but I hope eventually to be able to contribute too, not just ask and ask. First question - the previous owner was unsure of its year of make - either 1916 or 1917 probably. I've looked around the web, and ordered some reproductions of original catalogues I hope will help. It is the town car or limousine style - with an enclosed rear section and more exposed driver's section, but with the roof extending over the driver too (no window for the driver, but looks to be clips for side-curtains). Did this style exist in 1916? It has wooden-spoked wheels, and I have seen photos of 1917 models with wire-spoked wheels, perhaps that helps. Another question - the Chalmers Registry. I tried to send emails to the addresses on the page but they bounced back. Is this registry still active? Thanks for your help, Dave.