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  1. I have not, but will. Thank you!
  2. Thanks keiser31, Here is what I have.
  3. In need of a 19 inch split rim fitting a wooden spoke wheel. Will go on a Plymouth 29U. A 30U rim should fit.
  4. frank29u

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Learn everyday. I had to look up. May they be used with lock washers , as on an oil pan?
  5. frank29u

    Ply 1929U Canadian Assembly Month/Year

    Thanks ply33. I appreciate you giving providing the detail to your conclusion.
  6. frank29u

    Ply 1929U Canadian Assembly Month/Year

    Thanks, ply33. I've browsed your page, fantastic information all in one place. I knew it was assembled in Canada, probably early to mid 29? Attempting to determine which month. My sedan was assembled around mid Aug 29. Just fun fact to know about your car. A friend has earlier 29U build and 20" tires like the 28Q; mine has 19." Interesting to see minor differences/changes as they got further into year and between Detroit and Windsor.
  7. frank29u

    Ply 1929U Canadian Assembly Month/Year

    Thank you for looking. Someone may have that info, if it exists. I have no picture from the owner, btw.
  8. Hi everyone, Looking to find assembly month and year for a Canadian built Plymouth 4dr sedan, FEDCO # GP992H. I know Keiser31 has posted pages for Chrysler cars, but my search ability here to find them hasn't been successful. Thanks, frank
  9. frank29u

    I’m back!

    I'm fortunate. My wife can whinge about me, but usually doesn't include my cars. frank
  10. frank29u

    I’m back!

    Rogillio, congratulations on getting your car back. Ray, I, too, have enjoyed your projects and learned many things a long the way, just as with Taylormade's build. I just hope circumstances aren't dictating your sale.
  11. frank29u

    30 cf emergency brake

    Mars, I think Spineyhill has it. Have you tried to disassemble? That may tell you what's up. good luck, frank
  12. frank29u

    30 cf emergency brake

    Mars, Here is the setup on my "29U Plymouth which is a lot like Spinnethill's. The side you see is away from the transmission. Good luck. frank
  13. frank29u

    30 Chrysler Firewall Color

    Here is an original Plymouth '29U 4dr sedan firewall - cowl break.
  14. Amazing collection! Thanks for showing.
  15. For Plymouth, the Finer 30U was fitted with an AC Fuel Pump-Series B after car s/n 151757, according to United Motors Service parts book for Plymouth 1928-1934 models.