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  1. 8 CYL 263 ci 1950 through 1953 Buick rebuild able engine wanted

    I have a nearly complete 263 with it's Dynaflow still attached on a rolling stand I made for it. It came out of a '52 Buick wagon pictures and price if your interested. contact me through this forum.
  2. 1950's Chevy Rear Light ?

    1951 Chevrolet Parking/turn signal light.
  3. I have a 263 cu in '52 Buick motor with the Dynaflow still attached. Motor is complete minus the air filter and oil filter cannisters. Thransmission is missing one valve?/band adjustment cap.$500.00 + shipping from California. I have pictures if you are interested or know someone who is you can contact me through this forum. Thanks for looking. Mark
  4. I have a complete 1934 Buick 233 cu in motor in pieces that came with a project that I bought. I would prefer to sell as a lot $ 300.00 + shipping from California. I have pictures if you're interested.Also the transmission,clutch, bell housing &flywheel from the same project. If you can use or know someone else who is in need of these parts please contact me through this forum. Thanks for looking. Mark
  5. What's your Dream Buick?

    Hey Stuart, anymore pictures of the '34 96S in your mates shed ? Oh and a few of your beautiful '34 roadster?
  6. What's your Dream Buick?

    Mine would be a '49 Roadmaster sedanette with all the bells and whistles of the day. The epitome of Harley Earl styling in my mind.
  7. Jonesborough, TN, when it was Jonesboro

    I agree with Pete new '54 Ford patrol car, '49 in the background and an early ' 50's Jeep in the driveway. I would say photo date is mid 50's at the earliest.
  8. 1949 Chevrolet 3600 engine question

    Other being manufactured by the same company and having 6 cylinders in a row the Chevrolet and GMC 6 cylinder motors have little in common. The external differences are immediately apparent even without looking for the for the badging. While I'm a diehard fan of the old 216 stovebolt until the '54 235 Chevrolet motor was introduced the GMC engines were light years ahead of their counter parts at Chevrolet. I've never understood why Chevrolet chose to stick with the poured babbit bearing rods and the splash and spray oil systems as long as they did versus the full pressure crankshaft oil system and insert bearings that GMC used.
  9. 1950 Buick 56C Moscow

    Welcome Ivan 76. Be sure to join the Buick Club of America. There is a lot of good information in the once a month Buick Bugle they put out. There is also a wealth of information to be had on this forum from the Buick members here who are ready to help with all phases of your restoration of this good looking Special. Looks like you have a really good car to start with. Good Luck with your project.
  10. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Ah mechanically willing and able sons are a blessing and a bother. The blessing is they work on their own cars in your shop/driveway thus the tools and the mess are yours when they are done. That is if you can find all the tools they've used and put back in the wrong places or didn't. The bother is the mess left behind after the car has repaired and has been for a few days or weeks with the promised cleanup waiting until they get a chance to do it. Back to the tools. My oldest son and my nephew a couple of decades ago worked on one of their cars at my place. A few days later I discovered a wrench that I'd gotten from my dad at his passing was missing a double end box wrench. So I took them both to task about the wrench,both said it was put back. Fast forward about a year or so and while digging along the parking strip on the side of my place I found the "returned" wrench buried in about 3 inches of dirt. The finish a bit worse for the time in the dirt but cleaned up it functions well to this day. Yes as most of the rest of us I have several boxes full of tools in my shop/garage, truck box, at the place of one of my project cars rests and that's just hand tools. This in no way includes the power tools electrical or air operated. This tool thing I have is like an off shoot of my old car disease I just can't seem to stop collecting them. I echo the saying of " I never met a tool that I didn't like" I'll add or possibly might have a use for.
  11. 1941 Chevy 216 cylinder head question

    Okay from my experience your motor is a long side plate motor "216" As Spinneyhill quoted from Hollander '37 thru 48 should be a direct fit. Check the casting #'s to be sure. Early 235's had a long side plate this is the reason to check the casting #'s. After late '49 the 216 had some changes which stayed in place until the motor was no longer produced in late '53 if memory serves. These motors are great and will run smoothly forever almost with minimal of upkeep. Good Luck on your search.

    Been away a few days and just got back to lookin at this here topic includin the L E gant Deescriptshun by Lamarr of thee "fiddy-foe" in post 2272. No offense to you Lamarr but my choice wood be the lines of the beautiful model in post 2269. The car not the girl. Fotty-Nines is the height of the amal ga matshun of Buick deesign and stylin in my view. Oh unless we talkin pre-war then thuddy-foe is the best then. Jest my own 2 sense worth.......
  13. 34 5-Window Coupe ?

    Hello and welcome Ray34. You might want to contact 50jetback who frequents this forum. He has a beautifully restored '34 Buick roadster. He is in Australia as well and has a wealth of Buick knowledge. I have a '34 Buick as well it is a 41model. You have a great looking start there in that car good luck with it. I don't believe the trunk badge is either "34 or Buick. Cheers, Mark
  14. 1 - 1/4 inch NPT pipe die wanted, buy or borrow

    David, if the HF tool is the way you wind up going be aware of the of the multi set of dies. I purchased a set in the range your talking about they looked really like they were up to the task I had for them. I got about three complete turns on the 3/4 die and two of the cutters came loose and butchered the job. Not a fun experience for sure. It may have been just the set I got. Just trying to get a word to the wise here.
  15. Finishing my Buick Shop

    Joel, no offense was meant by my comments. These are two different types of concrete slabs needing different types of anchors for their walls. I hope your hand is well on the mend from the nail gun accident. Been there done that also with an air stapler for putting lath on walls. Two great shops by the way, keep up the good work. M