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  1. This is a complete 263 inline 8 with it's dynaflow attached. The only pieces that are not there are the air cleaner and oil filter. It comes on a rolling stand made for this unit. $550.00 plus shipping from San Jose, Ca.
  2. This trans was on the back of a '57 364 cu. in. 250 hp version. I have no need of this trans fluid looks good. $200.00 plus shipping from San Jose, Ca.
  3. I have a complete '34 Buick 233 motor (disassembled) complete bell housing,flywheel,clutch and transmission. All or parts. Parts will be plus shipping. I'm located in San Jose, Ca. What do you need ???
  4. dalef62-- How many times have I seen the look in the first photo in post 98. A crud-ed up brake assembly with a broken hammer handle in the general area ? To many to remember ! I agree with your assessment of over restoration and think the judges could/should be a bit more aware of the true way these vehicles rolled off the assembly lines of their day. I've owned a lot of classic cars and worked on them as well as many others for fun or profit and NONE were as perfect as Amelia Island or Pebble Beach would have you to believe that they were when new. . I think that people who restore cars,clocks or whatever should work to the the level their tools,time and abilities permit. I like to have fun with what I'm working on at the time. Such as the project that I'm now involved in with my younger son. Will it be over restored no but hopefully someone will be able to say "so that's what those cars looked like new".
  5. 1934 Buick 233 inline 8 motor complete but completely apart. It came with a project car that I bought years ago. Yes it needs rebuild. $300.00 plus shipping form zip 95111. I have pictures upon request. I also have the transmission and clutch $200.00 plus shipping from the same zip code. Thank you for looking
  6. 1952 Buick 263 inline 8 complete minus air cleaner and oil filter. This motor turns by hand so it's not locked up. It comes with it's Dynaflow attached. It was purchased for a project that didn't happen. Price is $400.00 entire unit. It's setting on a rolling stand made for it that can go with it for $150.00 extra. All prices are plus shipping from zip code 95111. I have pictures upon request. You can contact me through this forum,Thank you for looking.
  7. Can someone over restore a part that is mostly out of sight on a restored vehicle and won't be seen until the the next restoration is attempted? I don't think so. Besides the next guy will jumping for joy at the work he won't have to do. Good job dale 62, keep up the good work !!!
  8. What year is the car in post #210 ? She's a good looking lump of coal and will be a dazzling diamond when done. Wow just wow !!!
  9. You could attach two short 4x4"s 1 each vertically from the floor to your saw horses. The length would be up to you. Drill a 1/2 to 3/4 inch hole in the 4x4 through the center of it and insert a 6 -8 inch long bolt. Tighten it in the 4x4 with flat washers and nuts. Select a hole in the center of the end cross member and mount it to the 4x4 with a flat washer and nut. Touch up on the end cross members would be easy once the the frame was dry and back on top of the saw horses. A cheap twirler for light weight frames. Or two motor stands, one at each end but they might be a bit short for the width of the frame on it's side.
  10. Any trunk hinges and latches for a 1934 Buick model 41? Or a right rear bumper to frame bracket for the same car?
  11. Looks like a late 30's Pontiac at the bottom of the crane and possibly the same vintage Oldsmobile above it to the right.
  12. My guess would be light bulbs for the autos of that time. The picture on the rear(?) of the box seems to bear that out. To me at least.
  13. I can see this roadster in a deep forest green with black fenders and the splashes of nickle/chrome on the pieces that Lief mentioned with highly polished natural wood wheels. Settin next to the Chartruesse(sp) Lady. Why oh why are they always half ways across the country and as Lamar put it just a few dollars out of reach.
  14. Also looks to be left hand steering which probably rules out overseas places but not conclusively. The truck in the background looks to be late 40's to 51 Ford. This may infer it's in the USA.
  15. Okay let's start with the aforementioned trim line. Add to that the steel doors,steel quarter panels. Did anyone else notice the high roof line? This has commercial delivery car written all over it. I'm thinking Hearse, Ambulance, Flower car etc.