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  1. '46 76-S - New to me, needs some love!

    TYLER, I totally agree with Keith on this. I do not believe that your transmission is a one year specific unit. Buy and sell would be my next step. One of these Buick guys will be sure to have what you are looking for at a reasonable price. Did you ask the guy with the case only if the GOLD plating on the inside was still intact? Good Luck on your hunt.
  2. 1956 Century 4 door - $900 on CL

    Why are these things always half way across the country? Great price for a starting collector or adding to the herd. Let's see price plus shipping, oh yeah she'd have me sleeping in it after it arrived.
  3. Glenn Miller's Buick

    I read a few,some years ago now that a search was on to find Glenn Miller's '41 Buick (coupe?). I was just wondering if it was ever located and if so where and in what condition it was in?
  4. Outstanding Artwork

    I second that Keiser31 !!!
  5. Straight 6 GM 235 Chevy '54 engine help

    Okay I'm back but without my books. The 2nd set of photos show a long side plate motor. Making it earlier than a '53 powerglide motor and definitely not a '54-62 235. Possibly a 216 or early 235 long side plate motor. If memory serves the old long side plate motors weather 216 or 235 had timing marks on the flywheel with the indicator above the starter. Yes I do know of people who swapped heads 235 newer to 235 older but not to 216. Also the 235 blocks from '53 powerglide through the '62 had different mounting options cast on them. I'll make a note to get my books, hopefully this week. They should narrow this whole thing down.
  6. Straight 6 GM 235 Chevy '54 engine help

    Fredsaad-- From the pictures of the motor looks like a later "235" cu in motor. Give away points are the short side plate over the lifters and the flat valve cover with 4 screws to hold it down. These were easily adapted into these trucks with the parts needed off the old motor they were replacing. Most if not all the parts were direct bolt on. You got more hp and a superior oiling system with these motors. This particular "235" ran from '54 thru '62 in both cars and trucks so parts are still relatively easily come by. I've done this swap many times and and always with good results. No cobbled up job here, looks to me like you have a good looking good running truck. Nice it has the chrome accessories. Sorry I don't have my books close by so I could date your motor closer.
  7. 350 chev engine & trans into 1961 Buick lasabre

    Okay here's my 2 coppers worth. In my time we stuffed Buick,Oldsmobile, a few Pontiac motors into as many Fords as we could find. They all seemed to run like the striped a-- monkeys that they were meant to be, and stayed together as well. Then somewhere in the late 60's(?) the SBC craziness started. I don't believe them to be any stronger or more reliable than the other GM motors mentioned above it's all in the setting up of the car. To be sure the SBC has a huge after market industry that's been built up over the decades where the others don't. If you want semi easy get the SBC me I'd hunt down a genuine "nailhead and let that Buick really live again.
  8. I was told by a wise old mechanic many,many years ago you don't replace just the chain or sprockets/gears in the timing setup on these old Buicks. Nothing wears in the same, new against old. The 3/4 of an inch is far from where I'd like to see that set up if it were me. Remember those chains stretch two ways length and width wise. So if it's me I'm replacing the whole set up sprockets/gears and chain. Just my opinion. Good Luck with project........
  9. Crankshaft crack evaluation?

    Well said Matt ! With the availability of all Model "T" or "A" parts it's an unwise move to not replace the crankshaft at this point. This is a case of when not if failure will happen. Better safe than sorry !!!
  10. Chevy 350 bellhousing (for 4 speed Saginaw)

    Also the motor mounts were cast different on some truck versus car bell housings but they all with rare exceptions should bolt to the block.
  11. 57 caballero project transmission

    Great question Beemon and a personal pet peeve of mine. If I'm paying a shop to do a job whatever it is do a COMPLETE job. Then I'll completely pay the bill.
  12. 1954 Special 2dr $1600 not mine

    This looks like something that Mr. Earl could use to increase his parts inventory. And it's only a short ride away, waddya say Lamar? I'm sure you could charm him into a much more reasonable price.
  13. I would add to this as alsancle said the condition of, type of, and year of the car that is being restored,modified,etc. A Ford model "A"versus a Packard or Buick is a world of difference. Also the level of work a shop has produced in the past(reputation) can add to the price or not depending on what level the owner is willing to accept. Quality always takes time and time equals dollars.
  14. Please Identify This

    I'm with JohnD1956 on this. It looks to be an after market whistle but I don't see the trip mechanism on it.
  15. Just to throw this in the mix I talked to Dave Entler for some time on the phone a few years ago now. A really nice guy who put forth the possibility that the wood I needed for my Buick Special may have been the same as the Chevrolet Master series. So the possibility may exist that the patterns for one line of GM cars could fit another. Just wondering what anybody's thoughts were on this possibility.