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  1. Mark Simmons

    1935 Buick S40 torque specs

    Curti is right about the time frame of torquing specs for most car companies. My '34/'35 Buick manual uses the terms of size and length of the wrench and the amount of muscle power to be used in tightening (torquing) some bolts. The rest are given to "common sense" versus the size of the fastener and what it is holding down/up or on. Of course "common sense" is a very rare commodity these days.
  2. Mark Simmons

    A little overpriced?

    While I'm thinking this car is a gold mine when finished at the present price all you'll get is the shaft.
  3. Mark Simmons

    1935 buick S.40

    I own a '34 series 40 model 41. I'd hit the local hardware store unless you have a concours level car.
  4. Mark Simmons

    Need ID

    House or railroad Jack. This one looks to have the lower lift pad or possibly it's the base pad. From this angle with the broom in the way I can't give you more than that.
  5. Mark Simmons

    New Scheme: second sway bar on a 55

    I've come to believe after hanging out here with you other old Buick owners that there ain't nothin that that can't be thought up and shade treed together to make our beloved Buick(s) better than when they left Flint. You go for it Old Tank.
  6. Mark Simmons

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Wow Gary this is great news !! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on this great project as it gets completed. Mark
  7. Mark Simmons

    8 CYL 263 ci 1950 through 1953 Buick rebuild able engine wanted

    Jerry, I've been trying to get this machine to cooperate with sending you these pictures and finally managed to do so. Sorry for the delay! Anyway here it is. Mark
  8. Mark Simmons

    8 CYL 263 ci 1950 through 1953 Buick rebuild able engine wanted

    I have a nearly complete 263 with it's Dynaflow still attached on a rolling stand I made for it. It came out of a '52 Buick wagon pictures and price if your interested. contact me through this forum.
  9. Mark Simmons

    1950's Chevy Rear Light ?

    1951 Chevrolet Parking/turn signal light.
  10. I have a 263 cu in '52 Buick motor with the Dynaflow still attached. Motor is complete minus the air filter and oil filter cannisters. Thransmission is missing one valve?/band adjustment cap.$500.00 + shipping from California. I have pictures if you are interested or know someone who is you can contact me through this forum. Thanks for looking. Mark
  11. I have a complete 1934 Buick 233 cu in motor in pieces that came with a project that I bought. I would prefer to sell as a lot $ 300.00 + shipping from California. I have pictures if you're interested.Also the transmission,clutch, bell housing &flywheel from the same project. If you can use or know someone else who is in need of these parts please contact me through this forum. Thanks for looking. Mark
  12. Mark Simmons

    What's your Dream Buick?

    Hey Stuart, anymore pictures of the '34 96S in your mates shed ? Oh and a few of your beautiful '34 roadster?
  13. Mark Simmons

    What's your Dream Buick?

    Mine would be a '49 Roadmaster sedanette with all the bells and whistles of the day. The epitome of Harley Earl styling in my mind.
  14. Mark Simmons

    Jonesborough, TN, when it was Jonesboro

    I agree with Pete new '54 Ford patrol car, '49 in the background and an early ' 50's Jeep in the driveway. I would say photo date is mid 50's at the earliest.
  15. Mark Simmons

    1949 Chevrolet 3600 engine question

    Other being manufactured by the same company and having 6 cylinders in a row the Chevrolet and GMC 6 cylinder motors have little in common. The external differences are immediately apparent even without looking for the for the badging. While I'm a diehard fan of the old 216 stovebolt until the '54 235 Chevrolet motor was introduced the GMC engines were light years ahead of their counter parts at Chevrolet. I've never understood why Chevrolet chose to stick with the poured babbit bearing rods and the splash and spray oil systems as long as they did versus the full pressure crankshaft oil system and insert bearings that GMC used.