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  1. Dating a Fort Collins, CO Postcard

    My breakdown left to right is '57 ford red car behind it a '55Buick, '61 Olds convt, '61 Pontiac, '64 chevy truck,'56 dodge(center),red Falcon '61-62, '57 pontiac and a '61-62 Ford pickup. The oldest this picture could be IMO is '64 based on the Chevy pickup.
  2. New here- 1st Post: what is it

    I believe the last picture with the exhaust ports is the right configuration for this motor. I see no hole in the block surface for a distributor to be set into or driven by the camshaft. Therefore the head must have had the intake ports,passages and carb mount. I also do not believe this to be a Studebaker light 6 block based on the length of the studs to hold the head on.The outer rows of studs seems way to long unless the head was held on by a spacer and nut system. The center row of studs also seems to short based on the picture in post 13. All these studs look to be the same length. I am not familiar with these particular motors. These observations are strictly from almost 60 years of turning wrenches do with them what you will.
  3. This weekend Das ( Ouch! ) Fescht, ( Bad Vendor)

    A T , If this event were held in a public venue you and your friend have every right to tell the over active vendor or his/her employee to go take a flying stab at a rolling pastry. I'm with you that this individual need to be told they were over the line .......way over the line. Even if it only served to put the event promoter/sponsor on notice of the vendors actions. One would hope that future events won't leave a bad taste in the attendees mouths or spoil their good time. We oldsters know or should know by now that what goes around comes around even if we aren't there to see it .
  4. Looking In All The Wrong Places

    Bon-Ami or Bartenders-Friend works well or at least has for me over the years. It's inexpensive and you can find it almost anywhere.
  5. Chavis garage

    K C They make a valve box for behind the fridge. You can run 1/2" copper pipe to it with a 1/4 turn angle stop on the end of it and then run a soft copper or a neoprene pre-made line to the back of the fridge. I did mine 10 years ago or more and it sure makes it easy when servicing or replacing the fridge or ice-maker.
  6. What Ford is this?

    WOW !! just when you think you've seen it all something else comes round the corner. I'd call this one a unique one of a kind.
  7. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    Uh Oh is right ! This should be worth watching so I'm standin-by...........
  8. 1958 Ford Fairlane Skyliner trany

    Ford used two transmissions in that era. A Ford-O-Matic (2 spd) and a Cruise-O Matic (3spd). The trans dipstick should tell you what trans fluid to use. Back then it was a suffix F type fluid. Be careful about the amount of fluid you put in. Those old Ford transmissions did not like to be over full and could cause a big mess if they were. Good Luck with it
  9. Straight 8 top speed

    Ben, I prefer to think "chickened out at 93" as the beginning of wisdom arriving in your thought process while you were cruising along. One of my problems is the "Someday" even after a good dose of wisdom arrives. Be safe. A little wisdom is better for the car and you as well.
  10. What model car is this?

    The Chevrolets are both Deluxe models and clones by the looks of them. The 1st one is a '51 and the 2nd one is a '52 ,note the parking/turn signal lenses of both cars. That was just one of the small changes between the years mentioned. If you look closely the rear quarters on both cars are of the '49-50 year models body design. The 1st car has just the grille replaced notice the hood line to grille while the 2nd car seems to have had the whole front clip replaced. 49 through 52 you could swap almost all of the major body pieces with relative ease on GM car models with the exception of Buick and Cadillac. They were their own breed of sheet metal parts.
  11. Gongrats Mr. Earl

    I received my Buick Bugle in the mail a few days ago now an excellent publication all round per usual. I would draw your attention to the "Barn Find" article by our own Lamar Brown (aka Mr. Earl). An excellent story with great pictures. The outcome of the quick turnaround on the cars was amazing. The crown jewel of course being the pre-war sedan which I know will be well taken care of by one of, if not the newest member of the pre-war forum under the Buick heading. So now we can add to his already impressive resume the title "pre-war correspondent". KUDOS to you Lamar for saving these fine Buicks, finding them good homes and writing a great article about the whole adventure. Oh and thank you to your understanding missus as well.
  12. '57 Dynaflow

    buick man PM sent
  13. '57 Dynaflow

    Thanks Leif and RivNut the info you gave is great. Saves frustration all around. That's just one of the things I like about this forum the willingness to share what we know.
  14. '57 Dynaflow

    Ben, Sorry for the time lapse. No, the 364 still sits on a stand at my sons place awaiting tear down and rebuilding or a new home for the right $$'s. Right now a certain 401 has my attention. Man-oh-man this Buick disease is serious stuff but I'm not lookin fer a cure.
  15. '57 Dynaflow

    OzBuick Yes I still have the trans and it's still for sale. I can get you some pictures in a couple of days if you are still interested. Regards, Mark