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  1. Are 1963 and 1964 Riviera front inner and outer fenders inter-changeable?
  2. Of course, I wouldn't pull the trans since driving it prevents this from happening. I'm just curious about what causes this to happen. "converter is draining back and overfilling the pan" Was the car designed to do this, i.e pour out all over the floor, (doesn't seem likely) and if not what exactly is it that causes it other than not driving it for an extended period. Thanks.
  3. Jim, do you think it is a stuck check ball/valve (iow, something is malfunctioning) as retired mechanic74 thinks or is this normal for this car?
  4. Don't know whether or not it takes a minute or two to start moving after shifting as I'm getting it road worthy after years of being parked and the brakes aren't done yet. I assume the transmission has to be dropped and opened up to get at the check ball/valve. Is that right? Thanks.
  5. 1963 Riviera w/dynaflow . I searched for this but couldn't find it. Would someone remind me of why a pool of trans fluid will get burped out onto the floor from a car that hasn't been run in a while? Thanks, Tim
  6. 63 Riviera. The oil seals are inboard of the bearings. How do the bearings get lubrication? They aren't meant to operate without lube, are they? Thanks, Tim
  7. No clunk in the forward gears. As to the flex plate. Not sure but this noise seems to be coming from behind me rather than from below.
  8. Thanks. Do you think that excessive pinion gear lash clunk would or could only happen when shifting into reverse?
  9. Yes easiest first but dropping the drive shaft seems like a good idea. I don't suppose it will fly out of control if it's stabilized in greasy hands. Or will it?
  10. When you had the problem with u-joints did the noise happen only in reverse? The car has been parked for awhile but this noise was happening when I was driving it regularly. Thanks.