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  1. What is the benefit of this? What is the price for your constant ratio gear box?
  2. Thanks, Ed. Can you tell me how to contact them?
  3. Anybody know where to buy one of these? It's the round rubber piece that fits in the top of the aluminum water pump housing and the lower tube of the T-shaped thermostat housing fits into it. Thanks, Tim
  4. Anyone have any experience with Walmart's ValuePower budget battery?
  5. Yes, it's probably past the point of no return. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone been successful restoring hazy, dull chrome? No rust, not dirty. Hazy and dull and the rear bumper has lots of green specks in the chrome (copper?). Have used soap and water and rubbing compound followed by blue magic metal cleaner then a cotton polishing wheel with white rouge abrasive for chrome on a high speed drill then blue magic again then a cotton buffing wheel. Nice and clean but not much shine.
  7. Are 1963 and 1964 Riviera front inner and outer fenders inter-changeable?
  8. Of course, I wouldn't pull the trans since driving it prevents this from happening. I'm just curious about what causes this to happen. "converter is draining back and overfilling the pan" Was the car designed to do this, i.e pour out all over the floor, (doesn't seem likely) and if not what exactly is it that causes it other than not driving it for an extended period. Thanks.
  9. Jim, do you think it is a stuck check ball/valve (iow, something is malfunctioning) as retired mechanic74 thinks or is this normal for this car?