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  1. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    Interior rough, floors solid
  2. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    Any interest? Car right now is in Missoula, MT, my son-in-law will bring it down to me in southern Illinois in May. Asking $5500
  3. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    Thinking of selling. I'm 70, I getting too old. No drive train
  4. 1958 Pontiac Safari

  5. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    Interior rough but floors solid
  6. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    $5500 obo
  7. 1958 Pontiac Safari

  8. 1958 Pontiac Safari

    Thinking of selling. I have bad health problems. Bought it and haven't done a thing yet. It's in Missoila. MT. My son-in-law is going to bring to me in southern Illinois. Any interest? When it gets here I may fall in love again and change my mind, I hope not. No drive train, solid car. I'll post pics in a bit.
  9. Buicks to disappear?

    Yahoo news suggests the Buick badge will disappear soon ?
  10. Haven't a lot of experience, need to load a 1958 Pontiac onto an open trailer. it has no front wheels because no spindles. Seller had to use his forklift in another state. Trailer has a good Warn winch. Other than renting some kind of motorized lifter (tractor with front end loader or forklift ??) any good hillbilly ideas?
  11. caballero wagon

    Click on the attachment referenced above and Check out the 1958 Caballero story. I nominate it for post of the year!!
  12. Is there Interest in an AACA group in the PNW?

    Jumping in on your posting - my son-in-law operates Missoula to Seattle routinely (auto Transport).
  13. Saw this nice Chevy Nomad again....

    Was there a concept car before the Nomad in 1955?
  14. Velocity channel

    Can't stand it when these guys are out in the parking lot, spinning their car in donut circles, smoke from the tires everywhere. And what do the genius always say? EEEEHAW