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  1. Thank you - education is your name !!
  2. I watched a YouTube regarding removal of speedometer from a 1956 model. The guy claimed most efficient method was to remove the top of the dash, as there was too much in the way on the underneath, anyone with experience?
  3. No, certainly didn't trade every year. Dad never had a new one. These showed up on local used car lot I guess.
  4. I'm on extreme left - no twins. thanks
  5. Doggone it, couldn't find the '54's, but found two earlier ones - '51 and '53 my guess - you experts will set me straight !
  6. Tonight I will look, think I have one of the Super.
  7. Just read your impressive list of cars. I learned to drive on a 1954 Super 2-dr hardtop, burgundy with white top. Got my license and then Dad had a 1954 Century 4-dr sedan, 2-tone green, the seller said he had just installed a brand new 4-bbl carb, all of $70 !!. I mentioned the Century as a major part of a remembrance on a Facebook family page which I called "Once We Lived Large", in 1964 we went to Chicago and stayed at a major hotel - Goldwater's VP running mate was staying at this hotel !! My one strong remembrance of the trip was a uniformed doorman driving our 10 year old car away from the front door area. (We were more of a Super 8 family). And the car was a bit weather beaten looking.
  8. Very first load in his brand new trailer (last week).
  9. Thanks, mine is the coral - wondered about the difference
  10. My son-in-law, he's in Missoula, that area is his usual. Big Sky Shipping & Recovery 406-396-4291. He is very careful.
  11. Not all same: 1956 Roadmaster (orange) and 1956 Special (coral)
  13. AVGWARHAWK Dad had a 54 Super 2-dr hdtp and a 54 Century 4 dr. He bought the Century around 1964, the seller said it had a brand new 4 bbl carb that cost $70. That sounded like a lot of money at the time. I drove the Century when I turned 16 that same year.
  14. I now have the windshield washer jar thanks to fellow member here.
  15. Tahiti Coral/Dover White. Thanks everyone. It's strange - some don't even look twice, some can't seem to tear themselves away. Black/white interior would not have been my first choice, but it's growing on me. Has tissue dispenser under dash.