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  1. Inner lower tailgate, there are 4 chrome strips. I listed these on Ebay five years or so ago, no interest. Now?
  2. Wagon Tailgate

    Awaiting delivery of 1958 Custom Safari, haven't laid eyes on her yet. Any clues on what's going on with the bottom, full length chrome strip on the tailgate? Looks like a number of attaching clips?
  3. 1958 - just bought it !

  4. 1955 - 1958 Power Train

    I guess what I am saying is I would jump all over your engine/trans if they were complete. Would pay a premium for complete unit/ - $750 for complete or tell me complete price if you would consider such a deal
  5. 1955 - 1958 Power Train

    Installing into 1958 Star Chief Grand Safari wagon - engine and trans. I guess I would be out searching for parts to make complete unless you know where I could get the missing parts. Price is good though. I am in southern Illinois so reasonably close/
  6. 1955 - 1958 Power Train

    Would the mounts be compatable, or have to fabricate new motor mounts (using the 1955 motor)? Is motor complete, Any idea of price?
  7. Oh those new Buicks !

    Don't remember where I found this photo originally. Hopefully it wasn't on this forum. If so, you can enjoy it again!
  8. 1955 - 1958 Power Train

    Thanks, great lead
  9. I am told elsewhere on these forums that 1955 thru 1958 would be best to install. I am in Illinois.
  10. 1958 - just bought it !

    New adventure, need engine/tranny
  11. Evanston IL dealership

    I accompanied my Dad in early 60's on a business trip to Chicago area. I remember seeing on the side of a building, in Evanston I believe, the proclamation: WORLD'S LARGEST BUICK DEALERSHIP. Can anyone confirm my memory?
  12. 1955 - 1958 Power Train

    WTB - I am told 55-58 engine/trans are unique and that 1959 and up would be different. Looking at a 1958 Pontiac without engine/trans.
  13. Wonderful input, thanks everyone. The TV show always add a drop-dead "deadline" to infuse some drama ! The advice that 55-58 would work, and 59 and later more troublesome is great. This car is so unique for me that I would want just for yard art if nothing else. Thanks again for your hard-won practical advice !.
  14. Tractors

    I am an Oliver tractor enthusiast
  15. I am very much lacking in experience and general horse sense in getting an older car running. 1958 Pontiac with no engine or trans. - Am I way wrong in thinking the most avail combo would be from a junkyard pickup truck? The TV restoration shops usually use the 350 Chev. it seems. I am open to Ford or Dodge as well. Truck trans any bigger than TH 350 ot 400?