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  2. AVGWARHAWK Dad had a 54 Super 2-dr hdtp and a 54 Century 4 dr. He bought the Century around 1964, the seller said it had a brand new 4 bbl carb that cost $70. That sounded like a lot of money at the time. I drove the Century when I turned 16 that same year.
  3. I now have the windshield washer jar thanks to fellow member here.
  4. Tahiti Coral/Dover White. Thanks everyone. It's strange - some don't even look twice, some can't seem to tear themselves away. Black/white interior would not have been my first choice, but it's growing on me. Has tissue dispenser under dash.
  5. I bought the car in January. Anyone recognize her? Needs brake work but I'm happy so far.
  6. Do you have pic of washer jar?
  7. thanks all
  8. thanks
  9. thanks
  10. Are bushings available?
  11. Arizona Vintage Parts $79.99 - anyone have experience with them? Also need speedometer.
  12. Odometer works but speedo is bats--t crazy !
  13. Thanks all
  14. Anyone offering custom fit carpeting for 1956?
  15. The two boys on the trike are in or on the '57, can you pick them out?