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  1. nice find- for sale ?? /S
  2. yep...as the ad says 4dr ht or post car in drivable cond or better pm if you have or know any /S
  3. aha ... the green looks most interesting..please pm me more info and photos on that regards stig
  4. looking for 4dr sedan or hardtop 65-68 bel air or impala in good or decent running cond pm if you know or have one for sale
  5. Well.. hopefully in that cond so you can start use them with 2 weeks work maximum..as a summertime weekend cruiser.. located in Grantville PA ❤️
  6. Helping some friends that are looking for good/decent cond 4dr impalas or belairs 1963-1966 4dr post or 4dr ht..... /s
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