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  1. McMaster Carr caries the mesh. Standard stuff. Jay
  2. Richard - I have one for a 1930 Packard 726. The mesh will have to be replaced. Jay Novato, CA
  3. Highlander - Negative. I look everyday on Ebay, but to no avail. J
  4. What a great thread this is! Thanks Mr. Earl for starting it!! Jay Novato, CA
  5. Carl - I did go back and re-read each post as you suggested. Quite interesting dissecting each post and collecting the information. Good idea of yours! Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the style of tire I have, and prefer, on my classics, is bias and tube. For me, the radials just don't fit the part as I like to keep my cars original, down to the last nut and bolt. When I mentioned about bringing the car up to speed, well, that would be no more than 40 MPH for me unless I'm on the freeway going to or coming from a show, which are few and far between these days in the Bay Area. At that point, I may be doing 50 as I have had a pace car follow me and give me the lights and horn when I do reach that speed to make sure that I can sync my speedometers at 50 MPH. My Buick is off by 12 MPH, so I when it reads 40, I know I'm going 28 MPH. For the Packard, pretty much right on, though It may be off by a mile or 2. Maybe, one day, I will try radials, but for the time being, having owned classics since I was in my 20's and am now 54, I'm content with the original style that the car was intended to have when built. I guess it's just a matter of preference any way you look at it! Jay
  6. The 32 Buick 8-86 Travelers Coupe at the Marin-Sonoma Cheese Factory here in Marin County, CA. Jay Novato, Ca
  7. OK.......................... I went ahead and put 45psi in the front and 40psi in the back and drove the car around town. The car steered a lot easier, more control, but definitely a harder ride. I wanted to bring her up to speed a bit, but my normal driving routes are either washed out, now full of potholes or still closed after a week due to flood waters which have yet to recede. Any thoughts at leaving the PSI at this poundage or lowering it back down to the 40/35 where I had it? Jay Novato, CA
  8. West - Too funny! I got a good laugh out of that one! I'm still laughing. The Forum is always a fun and informative place to go on rainy days like today, tomorrow and into next week according to the stormy outlook for CA. From drought to floods, no happy median out here! Always interesting topics to look forward to reading! Jay Novato, CA (just over the Golden Gate Bridge)
  9. Thanks, West- That's an honor coming from you! The car just jumped in value and provenance! Jay Novato, CA
  10. James - Glad you made this point as I did not want to jump in earlier in regards to Buick vs Packard. I currently have a 1932 Buick 8-86 Victoria Travelers Coupe and a 1934 Packard 1100 Sedan. Both completely restored. Both completely different. I agree with you on all points. Though the Buick does have the power, the Packard construction is superb and definitely surpasses the quality of other cars I have and have owned. That goes for my 1931 Cadillac, too, though the engine on that car would run in 100 degree heat without a hiccup! Jay Novato, CA
  11. Thank you, Owen. You are correct, my mistake. J
  12. I've posted about what type of jack is required for a 1934 Standard Eight and am now looking to by one along with the handle. It would be a Walker 515 C. Thanks again for the help in learning about this car! Jay Novato, CA
  13. Thanks, Don. Now I know what to be on the hunt for in looking for the jack and associated parts. As they saying goes........A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks, again! Jay Novato, CA
  14. So........................... I put 40#psi in the front and left the back at 35# psi as suggested by Ed in Mass and Carl, though they said 45/40, and it seems to have helped out. I'm still hesitant on going to 45 pounds in the front and 40 in the back, but might just give it a shot when the rain stops out here in the SF Bay Area. It helped out quite a bit on the steering aspect and seems to give the driver of the car more control and less wobble. Stay tuned. Jay Novato, CA