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Can you ID this car?


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WOW!!!!!!!! That is one great introduction to the Forum! Welcome! That is a Model T Ford based speedster, and a VERY well built one IMO. Note that the tie rod has been swapped to the front to clear the chassis after underslung brackets were installed, the rear has been lowered as well. The car is equiped with an Over head valve head, may be a 16 valve Craig-Hunt unit since they dumped the exhaust out the left side. The Fat Man steering wheel looks like a pre 1914 Cadillac item.Do you have any idea were the photo was taken? Thanks for posting it! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />436711-RaceCar[1].jpg


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Thanks guys

Man that was quick, I'll have to give you a greater challenge next time.

I got the pic from a member on another forum (Club Frontier)and cant give you any more info.

Here's a link.


The thing that threw me the most was the front grill, whats that out of? or is it home made?

BTW I'm from Australia and will look for something more local to post next time to see if I can stump you.

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