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Delco information needed for 1915 unit.

Dandy Dave

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I have a problem with a 1915 Delco Starter/Generator/Ignition system. There is a Regulating resistance coil in the Delco system of 1915 that was used on large 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder cars. C-36, C-37, C-54, and C-55's. From what I have read in a 1915 Dykes Auto Repair Book, these coils came in different values depending on the application. The values are however not listed. This coil is missing from the unit that is on my 1915 Buick C-36 so I have nothing to work with. Does anyone out there know what gage and type of wire/olms per foot was used for these coils. How many winds around how big of a spool or core for this. I've looked around for a coil and have not had any luck finding one yet so it seems I may just have to make one. This system was also used on Hudsons and some other makes from what I have read. I have included a photo of the unit exposing the area under the condenser where this regulating resister goes. I would even appreciate a photo and some dimensions if possible or even a bad unit so I could see how it is made. Thanks, Dave!


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Mark, Thanks for the photos. smile.gif It is not the ignition coil that I am in need of. Your units are different than mine. I have learned that there were two different types of Delco units. The 1915 Dykes book that I have shows these as Delco No.1 which was used on the larger cars like mine, and Delco No. 2 that was used on the smaller cars like yours. If you take a look at the photo that I have posted at the top of this post, you will see the difference in these. What I am after is a regulating resistance coil which is in the charging circut which was not used on the units that you have. Another difference is that your commutators are both on one end. My commutators are on opposite ends of the armature. Thank you very much for your time. These things seem to be a learning experience for all of us that dare to venture where few have gone before! ooo.gif So all is not lost. It just leaves me still searching for answers. confused.gif Dave!

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For those following this post, Today I hit on some information that has put me halfway home and I'm sure it could help someone else. Yesterday I could not have told you this, but thanks to a Delco Book that I just recived in the mail today from an e-bay purchase, I have the right unit in my car. The book says the proper unit for my car is a No 51 which is what I have. It even gives me the different Nicrome wire gages used in the part that I need to reproduce. I'm half way home. I just need to find out about the spool now. There are 6 different regulating resistance coils used for the type that I have. This book covers about 15 different makes that used Delco systems up to 1916. Almost every make had a different number for different cars and applications. The book also says that some of the armatures look the same and will fit but will not work because they are wound according to the speed that it turns. When I get done with this I'll be an expert!(Hee Hee).If anyone has a 1916 or older stray Delco Starter Generator and would like to know what it fits send me the model number and I will look it up for you.

Keep on smileing, smile.gif Dave!

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I though some of you Buick owners would like this information. The wire gages for the resistance regulating unit are listed as 21 Thu 26 dependin upon the application. The most common is a No. 702 which is 23 gage nicrome wire .022" Two of these I will not need at all as they are for units 52 and 58 which turns one and one-half engine speed. As listed, the following automobiles used this regulating resister with the Delco unit.

Buick C-36-37-54-55

Alburn Six-40

Cadillac "8"

Cole 650

Hudson Six-40

Jackson Six-40

Moon Six-40-4-38

Oakland 37-49

Olds 42

Paterson Four 32, Six-48

Westcott "U" Six

This book also has information on wireing diagrams/ Unit number for application on many other models that used the Delco system from 1916 and before. If any one wants this information let me know and I will look up your car model for you and give you the information. smile.gifDave!

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