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1936 Model 80-Need Carb-Toque Ball /Parts Help/Advise


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I have a 36 Model 80 with the 320 motor. The "flapper", shaft and bimetal spring are gone from the bottom section of the exhaust manifold. Several folks say I don't need them working on a car only driven in the summer, but reading old Buick service manuals seem to indicate that the 22 Series Stromberg carb on this set up works in conjunction with this flapper system and the Delco Remy Choke set up especially at mid ranges for the carb. Is anyone parting a car out that would like to sell these loose parts or portion of the exhaust manifold. ALSO-can anybody suggest a latter year/series of carb that would retrofit to my motor with simple modifications to linkage etc and maybe have a more conventional style choke. I have heard from some that the twin carb set up is the way to go but others tell me that it won't clear the steering box in my 36 unit. Also-I can't find anyone/supplier that has the Torque Ball seal set up for the 36 model 80. Some say the seal from a 37 seal can be modified. Any help is greatly appreciated as 36 seems to be a odd year for some of these items.

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Guest imported_daydreamer

try al bell in sarasota fl . i dont have his # right now but i will try to find it. all so try jim peters 1 540 980 1978 he has had a lot of 36 buicks.

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The Stromberg EE-22 doesn't care if the heat riser is present or not; and can easily be retrofitted with a manual choke.

A 1939 or later A series Stromberg or WCD series Carter from a 320 could easily be adapted to the engine, and a heat stove fabricated to drive the hot air choke on any of these.


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