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Greetings to all!

I have the opportunity to buy a '37 coupe, which I've been looking for, for quite awhile now. The owner had originally described it as "rough" but not too rough. After looking at the car I pretty much concurred. The car has some rust in the lower areas, the engine compartment lid has some rust holes as do the rockers, running boards,cowl,lower doors, some in the trunk floor. The engine in the car is a '41, and not running, probaly frozen. It is mostly complete but a lot of the trim is pretty dinged up. The original dissasembled engine is included, but is basically boxes of junk.

I have made an offer, Which has been accepted, but now I am thinking I am paying too much. I dont want to influence peoples thoughts, so I will keep that to myself for now. Also, I keep going back and forth over which model. '37,'38 or 39 appeals to me the most. I was curious as to differences in values between the three years. I would think the 38 -39 years were more valueable, but I wonder now because the 37 is the most true to the original streamlined design put out by Briggs.

Any input would be appreciated as I have to move on this in the next couple of weeks.

ps I know I would be better off finding a car with less rust, but at this stage I dont think I can afford one.

Thanks in advance!

Phil Wimbish

Annapolis Md

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Dear Phil,I also went back and forth on 37s or 39s,guess what swung it for me was the overall styling of the 39,IMHO i think the 39 is alot smoother looking.Examples would be the head and tail lights,that being said i really like the 39 console and shifter.As you know a GOOD metal man is VERY expensive.Good Luck whatever you decide.diz smile.gif

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Congrat, Phil!

Regarding value, this sold a couple of months back on ebay, you can take it from there:


I suspect whatever you paid will look *cheap* in a couple years. These cars are beautiful enough to continue going up in value for a long time.

Regarding style, it really boils down to what you like. I started off looking for a '39, but over time really fell for the '37's distinctive style -- the hood emblem and chrome wings on the front fenders, the "rocket pod" taillights, and the way the profile of the front fender keeps its curved shape all the way to the running board, making it nearly match the rear fender.

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