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auto transport and still looking for...

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Hello to all,

I am still looking for a 37-39 3- window coupe project car and am now considering a sedan due to my lack of luck finding one.

I may have found a car that I am going to purchase that is 1500 miles away, I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on a shipper,hopefully that charges reasonable rates. The car is a '37 Four door sedan. The only thing holding me back is I still prefer the 37-39 3-window coupe, but have only come across one avavilable at an astronomical price on Ebay. I'm probably going to buy the sedan anyway as it has no rust. I'm excited by this car yet frustrated that I have missed out on some near misses on coupes.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Phil Wimbish

Annapolis Md

81 928 Porsche

74 914 2.0Porsche

57 A coupe Porsche

78 Egg Harbor Sportfish

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Hi Phil,

If you need enclosed transportation, I have had two cars transported by "Year Round Transport" of Spartanburg, SC. They have been price competitive, very courteous, careful, and prompt. I can recommend them without hesitation. Their phone mumber is 800 784-7951. Talk to Jean. I'll attach a photo of the rig that delivered my 1939 Zephyr from New York to Texas last September.


Good luck in your search!

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I was surprised to see the raised roof myself. Apparently it's for headroom when loading/unloading cars. It doesn't stay up when driving of course. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when he arrived and it was getting dark after he unloaded the car and the headlights were REALLY dim, so I left before he closed it up. Pretty neat rig though.

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Hey Phil -

Before you make a final decision, call Merv Adkins. He might have something you're interested in. Absolutely nothing wrong with the sedans (and you can get a whole lot more car for your money), but you don't want to be saying "should have..." everytime you look at your car.

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