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Our regional website was just moved and I have a few questions

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In February our club paid for someone to migrate from our old site traaca.org to our new site tally.aaca.com.

Recently I have taken on the webmaster role (I'm free of charge :) and am trying to play catch-up.

I have managed wordpress ,webservers and other unix and windows servers in the past(now retired).

Below are a few questions I am trying to get the answers for.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Access to cpanel or plesk; or access to a hosting account with a file manager to be able to enable and examine system log and error files.
That or,FTP is not enabled to manage this site If I am to use FTP to enable logging and then view the error and system logs.
Can you tell me which plugins were installed when this site was handed to our previous webmaster?


Who is the hosting provider and can I contact them directly?
    Mainly to get a description of the service so I know what is provided or if they block/disable things like SMTP( because of abuse or whatever.
        Like do they provide site backup space/resources or are you on your own?


What is provided by aaca for no cost ; such as the DNS administration; etc.
    Any other for cost ( one time, per event or recurring ) services or software?

Is there a mailing list I need to be added to as the technical contact for my regions website?


Retiring the old web site Traaca.org and domain; and redirection to the new site via html redirect or changing A records or CNAME records at the name server.


If there are any other documents or emails or links you shared with him; if you could share that with me, I would be very grateful.


As an example, the document at the link above does not mention backups or upgrading WordPress; is that something taken care of by your staff?


I would like to contact and maybe coordinate with the other AACA regional webmasters.
    Maybe to be able to share newsletter templates, and other things.

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Fred, if you go up to Forum Questions and Answers that is under the mast head Forum Support and Administration you will see Administrator Peter Gariepy’s phone number.  




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The national office is aware of my being the new webmaster, and in fact have a call and a couple of emails to them already; just waiting on the response; Thanks Much.



Thanks for the additional contact: wasn't aware and will likely give him a call ASAP; thanks Much.


I'll post back the answers here as soon as I get them so others may benefit as well.

Thanks Everyone for listening.


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