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1928 115 Inch Buick Standard-Wanted - Visor bracket

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In the process of re-building my 1928 Standard Buick Country Club Coupe, I have two right hand side brackets that hold the visor from the pillar.  Anyone have a spare left side one?

If so I can buy it from you or trade for a right-hand side. 


Rod Miles

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When looking at the first picture it seems that you can turn it oppside down and use it on the other side? If it`s steel or casted steel you can probebly heat it and bend it to be be used on the other side?

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I'll take a look at doing so.  When I first saw the offset I also noticed two holes on the top that had not been drilled through, maybe this was a factory deal, make the choice and drill.  Thanks for the idea.  I assumed they were pot metal and hadn't considered altering.


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Top side is blind tapped 10/32 and A post end is drilled for countersunk screws that thread into A post.

I have been trying to reproduce these for my 28 model 29.

Could you please tell me what the measurement is from corner to corner of bracket ?

  This is the first one I have seen that isn't broken.


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Rod, If I have the measurement diagonally from sharp corner to sharp corner that would help me greatly.

  I can see where these left a mark on the A post and visor.

                                                                        I really would appreciate this.


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